Banks of cellulite: secrets-of-use and reviews

Long ago was the article to your best recipes of cellulite. There is a lot, but one very effective way of dealing with this “pechalka all women” are not mentioned. tested this method to get rid of cellulite on yourself and can say: Yes, banks cellulite work!!! But how exactly? And what should you do? Tell!

What banks and cellulite, and why do they work?

We all know that massage is the most effective remedy for cellulite. In the article about anti-cellulite massage in house conditions described not only the basic massage techniques, and various massagers cellulite.

Why most of the cellulite massagers are not too effective? The fact that they perform only one method of massage is rubbing, and it is not the most effective.

But the Bank of cellulite simulates kneading, which feels great against fat. Only the masseur squeezes and pulls your skin with the hands, and the Bank of cellulite – vacuum.

The Bank of cellulite is made of an elastic material. Squeezing it, we release the air out of it, so the Bank clings to the body. The vacuum draws the area of skin in a jar, thereby intensively massaging the tissue. Moreover, blood circulation is improved not only in the skin but also in deeper layers. Effect cellulite goes away!

The benefits of vacuum massage cans

  • Way cheap and very simple.
  • A lot of time is not necessary.
  • Special preparations are not necessary – just a lubricant and a couple of jars.
  • Bruises from a massage banks of cellulite does not appear (but only if you do not hold the can long in one place).


  • If to do “on conscience”, it hurts. However, it depends on the layer of fat and your personal pain threshold.
  • The skin after the cellulite massage jar very red, so the summer immediately after his mini-skirt will not wear on the beach not going.
  • Yes, bruising does not appear, but the veins “crawl”, that is, be more. So if you have varicose veins or at least a predisposition thereto, the banks from cellulite you must not be used!
  • On the body there are places that self-massage is very difficult, even using banks of cellulite. Therefore, even for this type of massage is recommended to contact the experts.

What determines the effect

  • From the stage of your cellulite. The stage of development of cellulite, you can define here.
  • From your diligence. Miss massage? Feeling sorry for yourself? So, the effect will be less!
  • From additional measures. Remember that cellulite must be fought comprehensively! If you use only one vacuum banks, the effect may be less pronounced or short-lived.

Where to buy cellulite banks, what it happen and how much it cost

Banks cellulite can now be found in almost every pharmacy, they cost about 150 rubles.

Vacuum cans are most often:

  • Silicone or rubber (pack of – pair of transparent cups that need to compress, so they have stuck)

  • Glass with suction Cup.

For reviews, it’s best to use silicone banks.

Than lubricate the skin

The options are actually not much ?

  • Anti-cellulite cream. Do like the pros: mix it with massage oil, as by itself it is too quickly absorbed and gives vacuum to the banks to slide.
  • Purchase massage oil or massage cream. You can find special oils. For reviews, great help pepper oil.
  • Massage oil hand-made. For this you can just buy olive oil extra virgin and use in its pure form, and it is possible to use cosmetic oils, after adding them is essential. Anti-cellulite action have all citrus, cinnamon, black pepper, rosemary, lavender, carrot seed, geranium, vetiver.
  • The shower gel. While showering they lubricated the problem area and lead banks. After – lubricated with cream of cellulite.

How to do anti-cellulite massage banks? Turn-based strategy

  • Lubricates the problem areas with a cream or oil.
  • We take our anti-cellulite jar, compressible or her, or the rubber bulb on top, depending on the model.
  • Leans against to the skin – it sticks. If the Bank is well stuck, must be a bit painful.

  • Now begin slowly led jar on the skin. Usually “draw” vacuum jar straight lines, spirals to draw more complicated. The lines need to be led, shown in the photo:

  • If the Bank comes unstuck with a characteristic “COCOM” means, or you are not lubricated skin, or too weakly squeezed the jar, and it sucked bad.
  • Do not drive a jar of cellulite on area behind the knee and inner thigh.
  • The hard surface is the “problem” — the crease under the buttock. It is difficult to get and difficult to massage because the Bank comes unstuck all the time. The way out is a special posture in which the crease under the buttocks disappears. You can put the massaged foot on a chair, or squat, leaning on one knee.
  • How long to massage? Optimal time – half an hour (15 minutes on each leg), but if you have no time, and 10 minutes to all you will be enough.
  • After a well held vacuum massage the problem areas and red like fire. It is understandable — the blood circulation increased dramatically!
  • How often? Best of all through the day, but every day, especially if you do not stand up for more than 10 minutes of vacuum massage.
  • Massage course can last 1-2 months depending on the stage of cellulite.
  • Banks of cellulite: feedback from readers

    For starters – my personal opinion about vacuum jars anti cellulite. These banks were recommended to me by Eugene, the owner of the site to get Rid of She had long and successfully applies them in his fifth point. A little cellulite appears as she grabs a treasured jar. It says they are way fast, economical and long lasting, and most importantly – no sport, no diet do not need! After 3 sessions of Eugene notices the reduction of the hated cellulite bumps. The most favorite anti-cellulite cream she has with pepper, from the series “Bath, sauna, massage”: cheap (about 40 p), but very effective.

    I bought silicone cupping anti-cellulite, made massage oil (30 ml almond oil – 10 drops essential oils of geranium, rosewood and carrot seed) and started. I confess: at first I had planned to do the massage every day, but it was bolnovato. The skin needs to recover after a massage, therefore in most cases, to do anti-cellulite massage – this is it. A massage took me on average half an hour less worked. The first session I did half-heartedly, but the rest tried! And after the second I noticed the first results. But after the 7th I could barely go to the beach. In short, my opinion about banks cellulite is: it is really very effective! That’s why I recommend it to you.

    Alena: Do cellulite massage jar every day. But I did in the shower, not the oil. Did first in the shower will warm up the ass and thighs of hot water, rubbed with a sponge to be ready. Then spread the gel and vacuum drive jar up and down. After the massage, contrast shower, from him all the pain goes away. After a week the result was very noticeable. But I still stopped because the veins on the thighs become more visible. But, I want to say, less bruising when I did the massage under a shower than when doing the oil. However, the skin on the thighs has become dry.

    Marisha: I had cellulite stage 1, they say it just to cure. For reviews I bought in a drugstore silicone jars for 100 rubles. Warmed up body in the shower, I dried myself, wore a cream and cellulite massage banks of cellulite all except inner thighs. And then I wrapped in plastic wrap did. For 10 massages get rid of cellulite completely! Doing now for prevention once a week – and not more!

    Needle: My cellulite was not strong, and the banks I took him out for a month of daily massages. It is necessary to do at least 15 minutes. First hurt, but then the body gets used. I did in the bathroom, with the shower gel won’t hurt as much butter.

    Karina: Girl, this vacuum banks – most of cellulite! My cellulite was greatly reduced after a month, despite the fact that I didn’t do anything except cans – no sport, no food, but a day consistently enjoyed wonderful jars!

    Anfisa: I Read the reviews on the banks from cellulite and it bought banks in the pharmacy are 100. They are always waiting for me in the bathroom and when I bathe, then be sure to use them on the gel. Then apply the cream from cellulite. That’s all the procedure, and not annoying, if you enter into the habit. I want to recommend to readers not to zaryadom banks too, don’t pain, and of course, in one place not worth keeping, because just from this, and there are bruises. And you should be driving very aggressively, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. Good luck to all who struggle with cellulite!

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