Beach diet in Russian: menu how to lose weight on the beach

Hat, purse, sunblock, swimsuit and pareo. All female site goes to the beach to sunbathe, to swim, to relax and to lose weight! It is on the rest can leave for a refrigerator and Granny buns. Of course, holidays are different. Recommended beach diet was created for those who prefer to swim-sunbathe-sleep-dance, the so-called “Turkish” holiday.

But those who during his trip to the sea intends to study the local ruins, surfing, diving or anything else, at least active enough to limit their consumption of fat, alcohol and sweets – previous inventory will burn as a result of active movements.

What to eat to lose weight?

Despite the efforts of the beach service to score the tourists eating at the very roots of the hair, learn to resist the temptation. Easy to say! To do this, incidentally, is also easy.

Cucumbers will save the world! Leave exclusive to Hollywood, simple Russian beach diet is based on cucumbers. They should be everywhere. They are sold on every corner and in every country.To lose weight for a couple of weeks off, you need to eat the car of cucumbers.

Yes, it sounds ambitious, but if in a week it will become clear that you’re on vacation lose weight – the incentive would be to eat a truckload of cucumbers ? Only imagine the long faces of the girls in the office upon return comments in the “Classmates” under the photo on the beach and change in the sexual activity of his men! The result can boast and it you found the beach diet. All of this is worth, tanning, walking around, resting the soul gnaw the machine of cucumbers.

Going to the beach, taking with him not less than 2 kg Are laying, sunbathing, leaf through the book — and crisp green cucumber. Almost constantly. Stomach filled, but not fast food, as a vegetableconsisting of 90% water. Here’s the secret beach diet!

Ideally, if the “suncluster” version of the hotel in advance to turn the power off. The money saved would be nice to buy a cream or after sun — with the effect of weight loss.

Beach diet: diet

In a place saturated with caterers (that is where I have to eat the most), it is reasonable to order a fresh salad, a delicious fruit platter and a couple glasses of grapefruit juice. And let us not be deceived – there want still.

Saturating boiled meat. It is not necessary to him a bucket of rice or buckwheat – beach diet eliminates all grains, except for oatmeal in the morning.

Menu, who better to adhere to daily

Morning: porridge with milk but no sugar. Any berries or fruits in unlimited quantity. A glass of orange juice.

This is not a lightweight version. Such a Breakfast contains the normal rate of fuel required. Just don’t drink morning tea or coffee, in order to avoid wanting to eat his candy, but fruit while keeping beach diet allowed: after all, the rest.

After about an hour and a half will want something “sahamati” on the way to the beach or already in the hold. Remembered about the main product beach diet, took the coveted cucumber, one, two, three or as many as you want, and eat it.

By the time you return to the room instinct, spurred by thoughts about the rest sazanami and aromas will begin their work. You can not even notice how the stomach turned out to be the pasties, ice cream or something, bought on the way.

There is a way to avoid it. Lunch need not at home, but before you go home. Went to the cafe, ordered a lot of juice (orange, grapefruit, pineapple, tomato – your choice) and some eye-pleasing dish. Shrimps with lemon and greens — very suitable for beach diet option. No bread and sauces. Alcoholic beverages are excluded until the evening.

Don’t forget one more thing – you should eat slowly, then 100-gram dish with seafood and a glass of juice will saturate completely.

All, until the evening, nothing significant — just cucumbers, lots of liquids and once low-fat yogurt. And in the evening, before some entertainment and romantic event, need to eat boiled meat. On the side — all those cucumbers seasoned with soy sauce. This dinner will not meet in every method of weight loss but beach diet makes discounts and softens conditions, based on your activity during the holidays.

Appeal to those who will say: it is not enough on your holidays to torture! A wise lady said to the world: “see, see, how I dress, but no one sees my stomach.” So interrupting leegold cucumbersthat no man wondered how “kebab under brandy” instantly changes the waist size.

Learn how to keep your beach diet in the city

The advice is simple – do not take a lot of money. More water, definitely not less than five cucumbers and 2 slices of black bread. In an extreme case, if inconvenient at all crisp cucumbers, drink only water.

A few intense hours and you’re in the room with a bunch of emotions, pictures, possibly with the invitation to the prom from some tourist who noticed the active and vigorous beauty.

The tour went to lunch, and you, all so extraordinary, he chose to photograph local species. Here’s beach diet, and increased travel time and a pleasant acquaintance.

Appropriate here’s another secret of the same ladies: “I Want it, I’m a devil in bed? I do not feed anything until the evening”. This is natural: hunger causes a chain reaction, and the first thing the body cares to take the time to leave offspring before starvation. Hence the rabid passion. Application ?

Separately about the beach “doing nothing”

Really wants to lose weight beach the scamp is always something to do. Most importantly — these activities distract from sunflower seeds, beer, chips, milk shakes and exotic dishes, prepared by local natives. And this is all the most important enemies of the figure, and beach diet is not really compatible!

List of classes (if anyone knows where to start):

They came to the place, took the position and started to act. Rubbing sun cream on. Thorough, focused. As soon as finished they laid down and established contact with the space (or the sun). Lie, remind yourself that you beach diet list all your problem areas and asking the sun to pay special attention to them. Please take 10 minutes longer. After receiving approval Sunny and warming up, go do water aerobics. Walking in water and swimming are the most simple and effective options.

After water treatment – looking for a cabin/tent with the massage therapist and go there. Money to spare — you don’t spend it on food, so enjoy. All crushed up and encouraged again, given the sun. Extensively talking with him for about half an hour and again in water.

Bearing in mind that the beach diet is quite soft and even allows alcohol (moderately), you need to compensate for activity. Don’t wander long, get up often!

On shingle beaches there is a free way to keep cellulite massage. Lie at the edge and let the waves roll you on the rocks here and there. There is no such effect in any Spa.

Where beach sand – get a great deep peeling. The sun continues to stick, as the obsessive native.

The decency to dip out and sunbathe. This does not mean that you need to stretch and turn inside hidden places. Now it’s time for activity. In the field of view, there are volleyball and tennis courts – go to collect shells and pebbles, you take care of the photography.

The increased level of service and the star rating beach-hotel infrastructure can both hurt and help a lot. Favorite place should be the local gym. Even if you’ve never done this before, be sure to start on vacation.

After a few weeks of swimming, beach diet and forced a pleasant muscle activity — weight loss, tanning and unusual freedom and grace of movements will be the best gift. We wish you the very rich (not food!) rest ?

The author – Nadezhda Cherkashina, site

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