Beach wear: what to choose?

Why none of those who so hard to lose weight for the summer and didn’t come to the beach? Why underwear for many girls ashamed, in a swimsuit, revealing exactly the same (and sometimes more)? Today, “” decided to pay some attention to beach fashion.

Beach fashion – arbitrary and not capricious lady, as it may seem at first glance. If you go ashore, you can see the swimsuits and tunics of all kinds on the fairer half of the totally different physique.

In recent years, many girls even with a model figure does not strive much to be naked, because I believe that to see a beautiful body can only husband. And rightly so. No, the only way should not be wearing simply burqini. But there are several options of beachwear, not to sunbathe Topless. Let’s talk today about those who have some particular shape, as they say, not on public display.

The right swimwear will emphasize the dignity and hide flaws

Swimwear with a longer top, resembling a dress

These bathing suits allow you to form a correct and beautiful silhouette. At the same time they conceal some drawbacks, such as the belly, which you do not have time to pull up to the holiday season. However, there will be open leg, so they should be almost perfectly long and straight.

Suits with flared skirt

The basis of the bathing suit can be sewn into fabric that looks like a flared skirt. This is an interesting cut that will allow the girl look at the beach more slender.

In addition to a variety of swimwear with the elements, conceal thighs or tummy, there is a bathing dress, which are sold in some online stores. At the same time can recommend a variety of options of beachwear.

Bathing dress — fashionable and comfortable!

Swimwear with tunics, beach dresses: materials, styles

You can wear your favorite most ordinary swimsuit, and over – long tunic or dress on the smell.

And you can swim in a dress or closed bathing suit! Good for the beach, those that are made of neoprene, lycra, cotton.

Literate is a good choice bathing dresses in accordance with the type of shape.

  • “Hourglass”. You will fit many models of beachwear. Accentuate the feminine shape and curves of the dress with a belt.
  • “Pear”. For large hips and not such a pronounced bust to balance proportions at the expense of the bodice. Choose a model where there is a bright and eye-catching decoration on top. Maybe it will be a contrast fabric or print.
  • “Inverted triangle”. This type of figure, the opposite of “pear”. In this case it is necessary to balance, on the contrary, from the bottom of the shoulders. Help wide straps, neckline asymmetric, the asymmetry is now more in fashion! In addition, stylists recommend to pay attention to the ruching on the hips and skirts with a low waistline. Of course, you can choose a two-piece only if no scars after cesarean section, or tummy after giving birth. These features, alas, sometimes threaten and slender girls.
  • “Apple”. Those ladies who suffer from overly large belly, which cannot be removed even enhanced diet and exercise “to fly”, is out too. You can look quite attractive if you choose a model, giving more curves to the figure. For example, belts. If you find a swimsuit with thick cups and push-up effect, the chest will look more beautifully contoured, raised. Pick a dress with a fluffy skirt, which can visually enlarge the hips, the waist will appear slimmer.
  • Rectangle. Like “Apple”, such a figure is just thirsty feminine curves. Try the model with prints, ruching at the bust and the hips, and solid insets at the waist. In order to highlight it, you can try the belt. But dresses, slinky skirts better avoid.

In order to be beautiful on the beach, do not have to go out in stilettos and full makeup. And even desirable! But how to dress correctly, have you learned today!

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