Bed: new… came from the last century!

I didn’t know about stretch sheets. What is this new, you ask? Meanwhile, a sheet is already a thing of history. About the origin, pros and cons, the intricacies of the care will talk with you on a Beautiful and Successful!

Particularly relevant the article will be for those who are here today turned out to be a restless night. No matter if you noticed it folds and tangled in the bundle of the sheet, woke up on a bare mattress, or waking up several times a night, in the dark trying to fix everything. Well, what is the dream? A real torture!

The history of the invention

Stretch sheets appeared in 1959om. They came up with Bertha Berman. It is the special sheets resembled namatrasniki case, but not the standard sheet. But here it was not perfect. Anyway, this “case” is sometimes slipped. Easier than the classic canvas, but something…

As time went on, and in 1990, Gisele Jubinville decided the question differently. She suggested using a rubber band. Take tailored to the parameters of the mattress sheet, extend it around the edges, and where to sew the elastic. The inventor of this solution brought a profit of a million dollars.

But enough history – let’s talk about the bread.


It is best to choose bed linen particularly bed linen made from natural fabrics that possess hygroscopic properties. For example, cotton, bamboo, flax, and some blended materials. For those who are nice to sleep on soft, we can recommend the sheets of cotton Jersey, terrycloth or flannel.

Advantages vs. challenges

The main features of the fitted sheet from its predecessors:

  • they do not stray and do not form folds as standard,
  • lay the mattress becomes easier – almost is obtained almost from the first time
  • bed – a real find for a very high spring mattresses.

But there are some drawbacks. So, you will have to choose the sheets accurately with respect to the dimensions of the mattress:

  • length,
  • width,
  • height.

Sizes of bed linen with fitted sheets are standard for double, single and baby beds. Parameters sheet: adults – 200 to 220, 220 to 250, 160 to 200 (depending on the size of the beds), 145 and 210 (for Teens), 120 to 150 (for children) – the numbers are in centimeters.

Of course, here and there are difficulties in the selection. Sometimes even to purchase a suitable bed linen with fitted sheet is not obtained because of the size, not that! Sometimes, a bed with mattress custom, or sleeping place on a sofa bed, and it fits absolutely beyond the standards of a thin mattress, for example. Or bed orthopaedic, custom sizes.

In such situations, resort to the decision to sew a fitted sheet on the mattress. At home or on order – it depends on personal skills and abilities. One thing is clear – bed set with fitted sheet, properly selected to your bed the place will bring a lot of amenities.

I would not want to hide the fact that you can face problems in caring for this bedding. Initially difficult to get the hang of it, but it is necessary to learn a few secrets.

How to iron and fold bed: reveal some tricks

Take the cloth and fold it in half so that one half was with the band, and the second without it. In the process of Ironing with one hand all the time necessary to stretch the sheet so you don’t accidentally “walk” and iron the folds – it will be very difficult to flatten them later.

Also remove stretch sheets in the cupboard correctly. Spread bedding on a straight surface. “Pocket” should be at the top. Corners with one hand placed in the inner part of the corners on the other side. With the parts issue has been resolved and now collect the sheet the same as any other.

Sleep should be a joy! And stretch sheets can be a real salvation.

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