Benefits and harms of brown cane sugar

The website “” know what to do without the sweet hard, and sometimes impossible. Today in the stores we meet not only white sugar, but brown sugar.

It costs more and is presented to us as more useful. But is this really so? In use of cane of sugar, we need to understand.

What is brown sugar?

Brown and white sugar differ not only in colour. In the process of cooking traditional beet and cane products lend themselves to special treatment — refining, after which they become white and completely indistinguishable from each other.

Brown sugar is unrefined. And sometimes it just cane, as raw beet has a specific smell and taste.

The cost of a brown product are several times higher than the cost of white only for the reason that cane in our climate zone is not cultivated.


Cane sugar is divided into several types, which differ in appearance, texture, taste and useful properties.

  • Demerara. Has a nice Golden brown color. Found we sell most often.
  • Muscovado. Dark and sticky, has a rich aroma of caramel.
  • Turbinado. Different large size crystals and rich brown color.
  • Black Barbadian. Soft and moist to the touch. Lends itself to minimal processing, and therefore the most useful compared to other varieties.

Caloric content and composition

100 grams of this product contains 377 calories, slightly higher caloric content of white sugar, which is 387 kcal.

But the number of vitamins and minerals cane product is substantially superior to a more familiar counterpart. In its composition in large amounts include calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, zinc, and various b vitamins.

Cane sugar: the benefits and harms?

Sugar in any form should be present in the human diet. Without it increases the risk of sclerotic changes in the vessels, deteriorating brain function and blood circulation in the brain spinal cord.

The only question is, which product to prefer.

How useful is it brown sugar? A positive difference from white is that he’s not treated slaked lime, and is therefore unrefined. The number of carbohydrates it is not very different from white, but the number of its constituent vitamins and minerals is considerably wins.

With regular use of brown sugar improves the condition of the liver and spleen, the body is saturated with vitamins that has a direct impact on the immune system. In other words, the use of cane sugar is obvious.

And though we already know what this product is useful, the site advises to remember also and about its harm. The fact that in large quantities it leads to hypertension, obesity and diabetes.

That’s why you need to eat it moderately, not forgetting anything about what he useful, nor about causing them harm with excessive use.

Brown cane sugar in cooking

The appropriate product is popular in cooking as it does not interrupt the taste of food, but only properly shades it. Muffins, cakes and pies because of him turn out more delicious.

He goes well on the palate with tea and real coffee.

How to choose cane sugar

To find this kind of sweetener in the market today easy. But before buying, please note that on the packaging of the product concerned included the word “unrefined.” The fact is that fake brown sell plain white, dyed in a dark color with food coloring.

Thus, the use of brown cane sugar is a proven fact. Furthermore, the product is able to accentuate the taste of those drinks and dishes to which you add it.

However, do not forget that excessive consumption of sweets unlikely to have a positive impact on your figure and your health.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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