Best BB cream review the most common brands

The so-called beauty balm, is able to simultaneously care for the skin and mask its imperfections, is very popular today. This product has enriched its range with almost all the major cosmetic companies. The website “” decided to conduct its own investigation in order to answer its readers to the question, what is BB cream better.

All creams of this type can be divided into two main groups in the producer countries: European brands and Eastern brands. Experts in the field of cosmetology argue that BB creams of the Asian production is not designed to care for fair skin, since they often have a whitening effect.

At the same time, there is a perception that Asians produce the best BB creams since they first began to produce similar cosmetic products.

The website believes that every brand has its pros and cons. It remains only to clarify what.

Balms beauty of European production

Answering the question, what is BB cream best among the famous brands in Europe and America, beauticians and users disagree. Among balms beauty leading positions in famous brand, which you will read below.

Bb cream Danish production from Gosh

The cream is available in 4 colors, which allows you to choose the appropriate shade for any skin. Thanks to a special component, phytosan, it helps to prevent the appearance of the face wrinkles, improves smoothness and elasticity of the skin. These properties make the cream from Gosh is especially attractive for owners of Mature skin.

The cost of a tube of skin care tool is about 600 rubles. Undoubtedly, Gosh can be attributed to one of the best BB creams. Those ladies who have had the opportunity to test the cream on myself most often be satisfied with the quality of this tool.

Probably not suitable this bb cream for young girls, because it is designed to rejuvenate the skin. The texture of the cream is quite dense, so in the summer to use it is not very convenient.

Bb cream from Clinique

Has three shades. The composition of this one of the best bb creams include antioxidants, sunscreens, caffeine, sugar sea extract of kelp, glitzirrizinova acid. All of these substances help to protect the skin from negative influence of external factors, make it smooth and velvety.

In addition, the BB-cream from Clinique has a calming effect, does not cause allergies, can serve as a base for makeup or can be used instead of Foundation. Often cream praise of the owner of combination skin. Girls with problem skin, this “Bibik” may not be appropriate.

The price of this cream is “biting” – about 1200 rubles.

Cream “the Secret of perfection” from Avon

Perfectly mattifies and moisturizes the skin. Regular use of the cream helps to narrow pores, reduces oiliness of the skin, prevents the appearance of pimples. Those who used the cream, celebrate the lightness of its texture and pleasant feelings after application.

The cream perfectly moisturizes and camouflages small imperfections. This option can be considered one of the best for young girls, especially those who got from nature skin.

Is bb cream from Garnier inexpensive – about 300 rubles.

The beauty balm from Maybelline

Many people consider it one of the best cheap BB creams. The main advantages of the cream of this brand, you can consider it a light, airy texture and stability. The downside of this cream can be considered peculiar aroma.

This “Bibik” will especially appeal to girls with problem skin.

BB cream Estee Lauder antioxidant

It’s an option that is well suited to Mature skin. The cream adapts to the natural complexion, good mattes, masks minor shortcomings. Its price is about 1800 rubles.

Because the texture of this cream is quite thick and heavy, it would be better to use in the cold season. Perhaps the expensive brands this is not the best bb cream.

BB cream from Dr. Brandt

He refers to those cosmetic products that can afford not every lady. The product has a rejuvenating effect, therefore, primarily intended for care of Mature skin.

It includes sunscreens, moisturizing ingredients silanol, extracts rabdosia reddish and sigesbeckia East, Perilla oil. All of these components actively care for the skin, moisturize, soften and tighten.

Hydrolyzed pearl powder, which is part of one of the best and most expensive BB creams, transforms the face, making it fresh and radiant. But this beauty balm has disadvantages.

It costs more than 2000 rubles. Light-skinned girls it is not suitable.

Best BB cream: products of the Eastern production

As for balms beauty Asian production, their main advantage over the European creams are considered a special composition. Because the invented BB cream in Korea, products from a given country, the users trust more.

Among Korean beauty balms the most well-known are the following.

Caring and toning cream Missha

The undisputed leader among the best Korean BB-creams. This beauty balm often become resident in our country. Customers say that the cream is Missha almost perfectly hides all the flaws on the skin, has a high sun protection action, has a pleasant and easy to apply texture.

To use this tool for absolutely any skin type. This cream has almost no disadvantages, except that to find it in our cosmetic stores is not easy. Is Korean “Bibik” Missha about 1000 rubles.

Cream from Erborian

Another manufacturer whose products can be found in our stores, is the company Erborian. The firm is a joint Franco-Korean organization. Its BB-REM also collects many web positive, sometimes enthusiastic reviews.

It is absolutely invisible on the face, perfectly conceals all his faults, stable, gives the skin a greasy Shine. The main disadvantage of this one of the best BB creams is pretty tangible cost about 1800 rubles for a tubecontaining 45 g of product.

The range of creams from Skin79

The company Skin79 is a series of tools, among which every girl could find your best BB cream. For example, the Diamond BB Cream gives the skin a well-groomed appearance and Shine, but little flaws that makes it most suitable for girls with good skin who want to just align its color.

Super BB Cream Gold Label has a slightly denser texture and is more suitable for dry skin.

The company Skin79 is even a tool such as Diamond collection Pearl Luminous BB Creamthat gives a special glow.

This cream costs about 500 rubles.

BB cream Dr.Jart

This is the tool that will be a real boon for ladies with Mature skin. Cream is able to not only effectively smooth the skin and make it well-groomed, but also to combat facial wrinkles. Regular use of a BB cream Dr.Jart also slows down the aging process. Of course, this “Bibik” deserves loud applause.

The price of a tube with a volume of 45 ml is about 1800 rubles.

Of course, finding the best BB cream for all skin types simultaneously. However, after reviewing the information presented in this article, you can determine the search path. And this is already half of success.

The website hopes that all his readers will be able to find your own, best beauty balm.

Author – Pelageja, site

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