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It is easy to guess that the invention of the mixer — kitchen domestic appliance which, as a minimum, good kneading dough, and whipping cream air involved in bakers. Women’s website “” tell me when the first best blender and what are the main functions of this kitchen appliance. We also advise those who want to buy the best mixer for home use, what are the nuances to consider when purchasing it.

A bit of history

It today, going to the store, we seek the answer to the question of what firm is best mixer to buy, and in 1919 it was possible to meet only one model, designed for home use — the mixer “S-10”. Produced him well-known American firm KitchenAid.

Patented the invention of Herbert Johnston, an engineer from Ohio, who saw one day how hard you have to work for the Baker, manually zameshivaete dough. “This work can and should be easier!” — Herbert, and since then began the era of mixers.

In 1909, the mixer was stationary device isintended for use only in food factories. Despite its complexity, it greatly facilitated the labor of the bakers are at once powerful machine kneaded dough 75 kg!

After 10 years, mixers began to appear in home kitchens. And although they are more like production machines than small appliances, the hostess was delighted by this assistant.

Of course! He kneaded the dough, and the whites will whip, soufflés and mousses prepare!

All the components are uniformly connected, and the ground is lush and the air – all in a matter of minutes. No wonder the KitchenAid phrase translates literally as “helper in the kitchen”

Why you need a mixer?

An era past transform the appearance of your mixers. On the creation of design, like modern, worked himself Egmont Arens popular at the time, not only in America but abroad editor of journals, a great designer.

Modern the best mixer is a little similar to its predecessor: it is more compact and noiseless, compared to the first inventions, but the functions that it performs the same: uniformly connects the components and fills the resulting mass of air, making it fluffy and airy.

Types of mixers: hand held, stationary

Buy a good mixer today is not a problem: all models of different companies the majority good perform two main tasks — to mix and to whip a lot, filling it with oxygen. Try to understand what types of mixers exist, how they differ, what is the best blender or mixer and which mixer to buy.

As blenders (on what better to choose, we are told here), mixers are divided into handheld and stationary (on the stand).

From the definition it becomes clear that working with a hand mixer, you hold in your hand, whereas for a stationary device your direct participation is not necessary – press the button and watch how the mixer works. It is definitely more convenient.

But space stationary mixer is morethan the manual that after work you can hide in a box and put in a sheltered place in the closet.

In addition, the stationary mixer is heavier than the manual. This can hardly be considered his fault. Most likely, this feature can be considered a positive thing: in the hands of you stationary mixer not to keep, but its large weight gives the unit additional stabilitythat allows you to extend its functionality.

Both hand and stand mixers will mix and whip the ingredients for the biscuit dough. But with yeast (thicker texture) manual will need to work hard.

Not every model will do the job – much depends not only on manufacturer, but on some technical parameters: the power of the device, the number of revolutions which it makes per minute, allowed time of continuous operation, additional functions.

We will tell about this below.

Separately want to mention about this kind of stationary mixer like planetary.

Most often such a model is used in industry, but there are domestic planetary mixer. Unlike hand-held and stationary models, where the beaters (hooks) rotate around its axis in the bowl, planetary mixers nozzles spin around its axis and around the axis of the bowl – like planet that rotates around the axis, and the sun, which rotates around the planet. Hence, the name planetary mixer. Of course, it’s the best mixers to date, but even the everyday (cheaper devices), not to mention professional, is quite high – about 25,000 rubles.


Depending on where you use the device at home or in an industrial plant, mixers are divided into household and professional: the latter have a greater margin of safety, they are designed for frequent use.

Power hand mixers household is low – an average of 150 – 300 Watts, which is enough to perform basic functions: dough liquid consistency, mashed potatoes, whipping cream and protein, yogurt, etc. there are also manual mixers with a capacity of 350 – 400 Watts.

With this device you can try to cook the dough more stiff. That’s just the job he needs a break. This is stated in the reviews.

  • “I have a mixer Siemens MQ 95520, with a capacity of 350 Watts, 5 speeds. I prepared the cake batter, but the dumplings need more powerful – 450 Watts. My not always good. But overall, a great helper in the kitchen. Irina”

Stationary mixers, which are designed to carry hard work, have a more powerful engine from 350 to 700 Watts. They perform all the same tasks that a manual mixer, plus can handle the dough more dense mix.

The interval of continuous operation

Choosing the best mixer for home, pay attention to this side of the specifications like the continuity. Ideally, if its duration will be 10 minutes (there are models Scarlett), but for the most part even the best hand mixers known branded firms designed for 5-minute interval – such models most.

There are inexpensive mixers, which can operate no more than 3 minutes – this is how the reviews say about the best mixers, is not always enough to complete the task.

Sometimes you can’t make a biscuit dough, which are preferably, continuously kneading. But for whipping proteins in the persistent foam is enough for 1 – 2 minutes, so this task should handle any mixer, even with the lowest interval of continuous operation.


The speed at which to rotate the nozzle in a mixer, is one of the main technical characteristics. Often for speed control is applied speed switch. The controller can be fixed or can be variable speed. Manual mixer it is located on the handle.

The number of speeds varies from 3 to 16. It is believed that the more speeds, the wider the range of functions performed.

But, judging by the reviews, enough to buy a mixer with 3 to 5 speeds. This is enough to complete the work of the mixer.

Turbo (Turbomode)

Well, if your chosen model will be equipped with additional function – turbo speed. Its mission is to increase the speed with which rotate the dough of the nozzle 20%. It is very convenient, if you notice in the mixture clumps.

Hand mixer in this issue is more practical – you will be able to direct the nozzle to the desired area.

Often use turbo speed is impossible – it is designed only for the brief moment of increasing speed.

Slow start

Many models of the best mixers have the function of slow start. Is also very convenient. In the beginning, when the ingredients haven’t blended, slow start does not allow them to splash in capacity, and starts a gradual mixing. The same function can be successfully replaced, if you start with the lowest speed.

Pulse mode

Good function manual mixer, only it is necessary to adapt. The speed depends on the force with which you press the button, that is, in the process, it is possible to adjust the intensity of rotation of the kneading attachments.

Overheat protection

Option is very convenient and necessary. It is equipped with all models are the best mixers by leading companies. In the event of overheating of the motor of the mixer switches itself off. After cooling, you can get to work.


Standard the mixer is equipped with two types of kneading of nozzles: Corolla and hooks. Their principle of operation all models are identical:

  • whisks are designed for whipping proteins, biscuit and pastry;
  • hooks – for thicker mixtures: yeast and dough.

The only difference in the different mixers can be in the material of the nozzle.

The main condition to be observed by all manufacturers, a very important material for the nozzle, which is in direct contact with the mixture must be of high quality metal.

The beaters can be in the form of a wire frame (often from a low-power mixers) or have a more durable metal blade (the more powerful mixers). As the reviews say about the best mixers, the second option is much more functional.

Thus, the main nozzle, a must for hand mixerthe beaters and hooks, stationary also has a blade for the test.

Bowl volume

If you decide to buy the best stationary mixer (on stand with bowl), decide on a bowl capacity: working capacity will be reduced from the total of 300 – 500 ml.

Weight in the process, quickly and greatly increased, so a good selection of stationary mixer is a unit with a bowl for 2.5 – 3 liters. To fill it should be half – more information you will find in the instructions.

Optional extra

Many models have additional equipment: nozzle for whipping, mashing, slicing vegetables and cheese, chopper, coffee grinder, additional bowls are smaller and larger sizes, and so a Mixer with such a complete set is more like another household appliance – a food processor. How to choose it, we were also told on our website.

But which is better, a mixer or a blender, we will describe next.

A blender or mixer?

The closest relative of the mixer is considered a blender: they have functions similar and even the names have the same semantic structure – from mixer “to mix” – mixing, and the blender from the “to blend” – a mixture to produce.

Many wonder what the best blender or mixer? Answer: a good housewife in the same Cabinet must be blender and the other mixer because the functions that can perform these instruments, though similar, but not identical.

  • A blender has sharp blades. It grinds food, turning them into a puree mass.
  • Mixer blades has not. He just whips the ingredients, but not crushes them.

Today you can rather often meet a universal package of 2 in 1: blender with extra nozzle-whisk and mixer with additional attachment grinder. But this replacement is not complete: for example, test with the nozzle-whisk blender you don’t knead it.

Technical parameters of these appliances is also different: the blender operates at very high speeds, the mixer is slower in this regard. Here as they say in one of the reviews about this feature.

  • “I have long thought that it is better to buy a blender or mixer? Learned a lot of information and, I think, understand the main difference. The blender is designed for short-term work (max 1 minute and you need to pause). Proteins in the foam they won’t whisk and dough for biscuits too. Also a mixer of mashed vegetables will do. My first purchase was a blender, and then mixer. All firms brown. Great helpers in the kitchen! Replace one for the other impossible. Defective replacement turns out! Christina”

The best paddle mixer manufacturers

About which companies and popular models preferred by consumers, will help us to understand reviews of the best mixers. The most popular mixers such firms:

Proven reliable quality:

  • Phillips
  • Braun
  • Bosch
  • Kenwood

Budget inexpensive brand with positive reviews:

  • Siemens
  • Moulinex
  • Vitek
  • Electrolux

Meet negative feedback about the mixers:

  • Saturn
  • Binatone HM 155
  • Scarlett SC-049
  • Elenberg MX-2601
  • Viconte VC343

“Which mixer is better to buy? Long I thought. Decided not to risk and buy the product brands tested Philips. Model HR 1560. Now this is my best helper. Very comfortable, low noise. There is a tip for mashed potatoes. Speeds enough to make a dough of different consistency. Symbols near the buttons tell you what to do at what speed. Use 2 years. Bought in 2011, cost about 1700 rubles. Cooking”.

Reviews about specific models

  • “The best mixer in the kitchen is the Bosch MFQ 3540. It combines the functions of mixer and blender. There are tips for any kind of test, and the nozzle immersion blender. Well he whips baby vegetable puree. I am very pleased. The successful combination of 2 in 1. Convenient compartment for storage of nozzles. High power 450 Watt to cope with any challenge. Greta”


Paying money for expensive model is selected, I want to buy really high-quality branded product, not to buy a fake made somewhere in Asia. So be sure to pay attention to the price.

Perform simple arithmetic calculation: subtract the cost of the mixer about half the amount (margin – 25%, VAT at 20% and if you chose the goods of foreign manufacture – 15%), calculate what the real cost of your chosen mixer – branded goods, it can not be very low. Think of what, then, made your mixer, if it cost less than $ 10?

Let us dwell on the opinions of relatively inexpensive mixers, because Dutch and German are the best mixers of known trading companies have a majority of positive reviews.

  • “I have the best mixer Electrolux EHM 4200 Easycompact. Power 300 W and 3 speed enough for whipping proteins, creams, mixing dough for pancakes. Has a pulse mode. Already adapted itself adjust the speed by pressing the button. The mixer and the beaters, hooks are stored on a stand. Very convenient and compact. Galina”
  • “Mixer Scarlett SC-046 I got as a gift. At first glance it may seem that it is bulky and uncomfortable. It is not so. I want to mention one big advantage – it can be used as stationary (with bowl) and manual (separate from the bowl). Nozzles, metal, easily removable and washable. Manual is good and affordable. I have a lot of equipment from this company and I am quite pleased – for a little money normal quality. Verochka”
  • “My blender Saturn ST-FP1025 I do not like. It’s stationary, but they can be used as manual. Humming while working very hard, whips the whites at the edges bad. Included only two attachments – not enough for me. Bowl without spout, which is not very convenient. It is relatively inexpensive, and therefore demand less. I don’t think it’s the best mixer. Rita”

Although the principle of operation of any mixer is the same — the main question that should answer for those looking for the best mixer for your kitchen – what you plan to whip products?

Given the fact that the stationary mixer technical parameters is more complex, the cost is higher than manual. Thus it is impossible to assert unequivocally that the best mixers (reviews confirm this) patient. As practice shows, the most popular is hand mixers.

And it’s not in the price.

  • When working with a hand mixer, you yourself will be able to control the cooking process – stop work, send the beaters or hooks to the places where not so well placed in the mix, etc.
  • While the mixture is whipped in a stationary model, you will be able to perform other work and to observe the work of the mixer. It is very convenient.
  • If you are planning to pamper their favourite biscuits, soufflés and mousses, stop the hand mixer of good company — those features that perform best hand mixer, enough for the ordinary housewife.
  • If you plan to use the mixer for making a more dense dough than for biscuits, pancakes and crepes, then look at the stationary mixer.
  • Consider also that the stationary mixer is less compact than the manual. Recommend buying these models are the happy owners of large kitchens, where the mixer on the stand will find a permanent place.

Studying information about how to buy the best blender, you should start from their own preferences, and the result of hand and stand mixers are virtually the same. I think this article has helped you to understand the choice.

Good shopping!

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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