Bikini area: shave properly

Let’s talk frankly: shaving is the most affordable way to remove hair in the bikini area.

But do you know all the details of this shave? Female site today will enlighten you in this delicate matter.

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Why shave in the bikini area?

First of all, shaving is the fastest, inexpensive and easy method of hair removal.

Shaving does not remove hair permanently, so you can endlessly experiment with his intimate haircut.

Shaving because:

  • Photo- , laser and electrolysis is very expensive and forever
  • Depilatory cream removes hair in the bikini area wisps, vague and not fully (with rare exceptions).
  • Waxing – it hurts. For quality waxing you need to find “their” expert. Besides, in order to do this, the hair should grow at least half a centimeter, that is, we’ll have to walk a bit overgrown.

Cons of shaving:

  • Irritation
  • Cuts
  • Hair grow quickly and amicably (already on the 2nd day, you can find nonsexual bristle)

The secrets of fast and safe shaving bikini area

Select high-quality men’s reusable machine. Only you can make this a truly jewelry work especially if you want to shave some complex pattern.

Additionally, the men’s razor women’s sharper and overall better.

Do not use for intimate shaving disposable machines, because they so quickly become dull that you wonder when he had time.

Machine for shaving women’s legs also don’t fit: blades are special limiters, which are designed to save you from cuts on your feet, but will close the review when shaving in such a sensitive area. Remember: machines for legs designed to shave large smooth surfaces!

From personal experience: it turns out that the replacement cartridges for the Gillette men’s machines are perfectly suited to women’s Venus! That is, you can connect a female pen and male blade and get excellent results ?

Foam or shaving gel

Want to splurge on something special for bikini area? Absolutely nothing!

You will approach any shaving tools available. Importantly, the tool is well foamed, had a mild odor and contributed to the good razor glide.

By the way, for the intimate area perfect shaving gels… male faces.
Personally I made a choice in favor of shaving Gel Nivea for men sensitive — it foams well, economical, and most importantly – almost no smell! In addition, it
“cares, moisturizes and nourishes” ? However, if You live alone, Your men can arise unnecessary questions )))

If you had a chance to shave in extreme conditions, use a hair conditioner: it razor also glides well.

The direction of shaving

Suggest not to shave AGAINST the hair growth – so you’re going to cause cuts, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs!

Take a sharp razor and shave IN the hair growth – it’s much safer.

The posture for shaving

For intimate zone posture – this is important, because only depends on what and where you will be able to shave ?

Sit so that the pubis was flat. As in the bikini area many folds, pull the skin, spreading them. Fear not, wrinkles will not appear there ?

Some women are comfortable to shave, sitting on his haunches on the mirror. Try it, maybe that’s the best option for you?

How to make a bikini wax quickly

In fact, in the independent intimate haircut is no big deal. You will need a sharp razor, cosmetic pencil and, of course, the battle field – grown vegetation. Still a good idea to get a trimmer (to take it from her man).

  • To determine a pattern. Start with simple patterns strip club.
  • Take a shower or bath to soften the hard pubic hair.
  • If you have a trimmer with it, trim the hair shorter and neater.
  • Apply on skin by drawing with a pencil, correcting the result in the mirror.
  • Gently shave all the contour drawing. If possible, shave IN the direction of hair growth.
  • Now thoroughly wash the bikini area from shaving and pencil. Use the appropriate tool from irritation.


How to care for pubic hair?

Hair they pubic hair, so the soap and shower gel for them categorically do not fit! All the funds deposited on the hair, making it dull, matted and lifeless.

Want your “fur” gleam – wash with shampoo and conditioner.

And before an important intimate Dating spray your pussy with hair spray with glitter – it will not stand ?

Change color of hair in the bikini area

But what if you want to change the color of pubic hair?
In any case do not paint the hair with regular paint! Take paint for eyebrows and eyelashes.

Protect the skin around, lubricated with fat cream. Put the hair comb to reduce contact of paint with skin. And in any case do not let the paint got on the genitals!

Beautiful you bikini ?

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