Bikram yoga: what is the difference from other types of yoga?

If you love heat and sweat away in heated to 36 degree room, Bikram yoga is for you. High humidity combined with physical exertion (namely, the sequence execution 26 and two breathing exercises) gives a revitalizing sauna effect for the entire body. Today women’s site “” we talk about what is Bikram yoga and what benefits for the body can bring this kind of yoga.

Bikram yoga: a little about the principles and benefits of complex

The founder of this direction of yoga is the national champion of sports in India by the name of Bikram Choudhary (Bikram Choudhury).

The complex of exercises for stretching of muscles and joints in the heated environment was developed by the young man after his accident, when Bikram was deprived of the opportunity to move independently. Determined to restore the lost abilities, the young man learned the basics of yoga and have developed a full set of stretching exercises to fully restore his health.

The basis of the complex Bikram yoga is the principle of steam or heated air, which heats the muscles. This significantly reduces the likelihood of injury.

In addition, the system was designed in such a way that any person could apply this technique on yourself, regardless of age or physical condition.

Therefore, security is one of the benefits of Bikram yoga.

All the exercise is aimed at strengthening the muscular system, without ignoring any muscle group. Bikram yoga is designed in such a way that each previous exercise, preparing the muscles for later, more challenging stretching exercise.

The result is smooth and consistent heating of the body the brain receives improved oxygen supply, enhanced sweating and the excretion of waste products and toxins from the body through the skin.

Regular exercise contribute not only to strengthening the cardiovascular system of the person, but also work to the benefit of respiratory and locomotor apparatus. Increased sweating often leads to weight loss and toning of body muscles.

It is recommended to start classes Bikram yoga, pre – drinking at least 1 liter of water and no later than 1.5 hours after the last meal.

As a result of exercising in the heated room is increased sweating, it is extremely necessary to restore the water balance of the body after a workout, so you should continue fluid intake and drink at least one liter of water at the end of lessons. Drinking water during class is not recommended.

Bikram yoga: safety

You should be very careful with this, if you have disorders or diseases of the cardiovascular or respiratory systems. First you should consult with your instructor and doctor.

If pregnancy is extremely undesirable to start classes Bikram yoga in the beginning of pregnancy, especially if you’ve never dealt with stretch marks and your body is not ready for complex yoga. In any case, you should consult a specialist or obstetrician.

In the case of a normal pregnancy classes Bikram yoga can help alleviate back pain, strengthen the muscles of the hip joint, strengthen the whole organism, gives energy and positive emotions.

Complex Bikram yoga consists of 26 Hatha exercises and 1-2 breathing exercises. All exercises are conducted in a well-heated room for one hour under quiet music. The perfection of the poses are not given special importance, the main thingthe correct technique of each exercise.

Concentration and relaxation will help to direct the energy of body and space through the energy channels throughout the body. In the result of systematic training , you will feel younger, stronger, calmer and more restrained.

Domestic harmony will not accumulate stress, will enable you to quickly relax and regain strength and energy.

To do Bikram yoga in any age, with absolutely any level of fitness. The more effort is applied, the more impressive the results can be obtained. But the rush to jump above his head still not worth it, with time anyone can master even the most complicated positions.

To do when the temperature is above 35 degrees is not exactly easy, but the body quickly gets used, muscles quickly relax and become very pliable and obedient. Not worth much to worry if the clothes will just have to squeeze like a sponge. To restore lost moisture will be immediately after class. But the first SIP of water will seem sweeter than honey.

The next class, please be sure to bring some towels and change of clothes. Sweating, doing 26 exercises Bikram yoga you will be!

Author – Julia Kagadi, site

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