Birthday husband: what to cook?

The husband’s birthday – a holiday pleasant, but quite troublesome. The event was a success and memorable for the birthday boy and his guests to try. When all the guests invited, and you already know what scenario will be a celebration, it’s time to think of menus for her husband’s birthday. Women’s website “” in a hurry to share with you my culinary ideas and offers their own version of the festive menu. Appetizers, salads, main course, dessert – easy to make meals will occupy a worthy place on the holiday table and are sure will satisfy even the most demanding guest.

Snacks for the festive table as appetizers for birthday husband offers to cook a terrine of trout, meat curls with egg and cheese tartlets with different fillings.

The meat in our menu is available for hot, so the starter fish will be most welcome: terrine of trout is satisfying, but at the same time light.

  • Terrine – a dish of meat, fish or vegetables, served cold, cut into rectangular slices. His homeland is France, the name it received from rectangular refractory shape with a lid, which is traditionally prepared.

So the menu stated on the birthday of the beloved husband’s terrine of trout was prepared as follows:

  • 700 g of fish fillet (trout or salmon) cut into slices and turn into minced meat, add 2 eggs, a pinch of chili pepper and 20 g of salt;
  • not stopping to knead the ground meat, gradually pour it in a glass of water and a Cup of cream;
  • oblong baking dish, previously greased with butter, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and put in her minced fish;
  • to ensure that fish do not many air cavities, to do this a few times to knock the bottom of the table. So the terrine is ready when cutting will not fall apart;
  • large size baking dish two-thirds filled with water, drop it in the form of meat and place in the preheated oven on the middle shelf.

To cook at a temperature of 175°C, not more than 45 minutes. Chilled terrine out of the dish, turning it on lettuce decorated dish, cut into portions, decorate with rolls of smoked trout and greens.

So, one appetizer for her husband’s birthday are you ready to make more? Next in our holiday menu meat curls with egg and cheese. This appetizer is very quickly prepared and eaten even faster.

Method of preparation:

  • coarsely grated boiled eggs and cheese mix with mayonnaise and garlic;
  • slice the ham into thin layers;
  • on each piece of ham to put a bit of egg and cheese filling and make them scroll (hide);
  • each scroll tied with green onion pen, the edges of the scrolls dipped in mayonnaise, then in chopped dill.

Appetizer spread on serving dish, decorate with greens and serve.

Tart filling – a great snack that should be present in the menu of any holiday, and on the birthday of her husband, she will be most welcome. Little pies filled with different fillings, delicious and simple to make, will be a real festive table decoration and a Testament to your culinary skills.

“” offers several options of fillings for tartlets:

  • with smoked fish and cucumber. 200 g of a disassembled fiber of smoked fish to combine with peeled and chopped cucumber, add the fish and cucumber weight a little mustard and a tablespoon of mayonnaise and low fat sour cream, mix and fill the basket. On her husband’s birthday such cakes to cook is necessary: they will appeal to all guests;
  • with cheese and pineapple. 4 slices of canned pineapple cut into cubes, combine with Cup grated cheese, one minced clove of garlic and a spoon of mayonnaise and mix;
  • with cream of avocado. In the bowl of a blender put the pulp of one avocado, two tablespoons of cream cheese and lemon juice, 20 g of olive oil and the Basil leaves, mix and the resulting mass to fill the tartlets.

Birthday husband: what to cook salads?

In addition to snacks offers you some festive salads.

Layered salad “Obzhorka”

Method of preparation:

  • in a frying pan with vegetable oil to fry 400 g of finely chopped mushrooms, put in a bowl the first layer, add salt and pepper, coat with mayonnaise;
  • the following ingredients are laid out in layers in the proposed order, and promazyvaetsya mayonnaise: 300 g sliced smoked chicken breast, 150 g carrots in Korean, the same of chopped prunes and 300 g of diced cucumbers;
  • repeat the layers once more, the last layer of salad sprinkle with herbs.

On the menu for the birthday of your husband, this salad will be a “showstopper”!

Salad “Favorite”

Method of preparation:

  • the first layer put in a salad bowl the mixture of two finely grated fresh carrots, 80 g of mayonnaise, half Cup of chopped walnuts and slices of garlic;
  • the next layer – 200 g grated cheese mixed with garlic and 80 g of mayonnaise;
  • the last layer – 2 grated boiled beets mixed with walnuts (0.5 cups), garlic cloves, and 80 g mayonnaise.

“” recommends to follow the sequence of the layers in this salad.

Be sure that on the birthday of her husband from the salads that you make, will not be over!

So, with the appetizers and salads came out, it was the turn of hot.

Meat dishes for the menu at her husband’s birthday

Meat dishes must be present at the birthday party of her husband. Meat – eating men.

Women’s website “” offers to cook pork baked in bacon, and spicy chicken Breasts. If guests will be a little, you can do one main dish, for a large number of guests, prepare both.

Pork baked in bacon, the dish will not leave indifferent neither one man.

Method of preparation:

  • first cook the pasta, which you will need to cover the meat. To do this in the bowl of a blender to grind 100 g of black olives, same amount olive oil and 4 garlic cloves. Pasta with salt so that some salt must be transferred and meat. Birthday husband the meat that you cook must be perfect in every way, because you will have to assess not only the husband;
  • cooked pasta to coat a piece of pork tenderloin (what will be its size, you decide);
  • evenly smeared a piece of meat to wrap a strip of bacon and a few places to pierce with sprigs of rosemary;
  • the resulting loaf lay on a baking sheet and send baked. The first 10 minutes the temperature should be 200°C, in the remaining half hour – 160°C.

Cooking time depends on size of tenderloin. To check the readiness of meat can, puncture it with a fork: if you highlight a clear juice – ready. To garnish you can serve vegetables, but the traditional mashed potatoes, too, would be appropriate.

Chicken Breasts Piquant are cooked with sauerkraut, which will be a great garnish to this dish. Included in the menu for the birthday of your husband, this dish will appeal not only men but also women half of the guests.

Method of preparation:

  • on oiled baking pan lay chicken Breasts (5-6, depending on size of baking sheet) and season them with salt and pepper;
  • breast “hide” the sauerkraut;
  • for cabbage to put the pieces of mozzarella cheese;
  • to make the dressing made of ketchup, mayonnaise and natural yogurt (1:1:2) and pour it over the chicken Breasts;
  • covered with foil baking sheet send in the oven for an hour at a temperature of 190°C (the foil after half an hour you can remove and continue to bake without it).

Birthday husband: what to cook for dessert?

For the male birthday dessert is not important, so here will not allow the cake recipes with many ingredients and a complex recipe, and will advise you to do the following.

A few days before the holiday to bake one or two cake (the longer they are, the tastier it will be), and before the holiday to impregnate any syrup (even with berry compote), fluff sour cream and decorate with nuts, fruits or berries.

This dessert has two main advantages: ease of fabrication and good taste!

Do you like menu for a birthday of a beloved husband? Like it!? I hope that you take our advice and conquer the guests by his culinary skills.

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site

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