Black and white dress: what to wear?

Your wardrobe is probably black and white dress. Wear this color combination is everything – because it is both simple and elegant, strict and solemn!

Original women’s website “” will tell you everything important about black and white dresses – how to choose and what to wear.

Black and white dress: find it on the figure!

The contrast of black and white allows you to emphasize some areas of the figure and to withdraw into the shadows” the others. The main thing – to find a dress with the composition of black and white fragments, which are best suited to your figure. As you know, the white color visually increases and black decreases: take advantage of this!

  • Want to increase chest and let the chest area on the dress will be white, and the shoulders and waist – black.
  • Broad shoulders will look narrower if the white dress will have a black yoke (or black bodice with white skirt).
  • When the figure “pear” (wide hips) the more justified is the black lower part of the dress and white top.
  • With brightly expressed waist (whether it’s fullness in the abdomen or “boyish” figure with small Breasts and narrow hips) is to choose the model dresses with a black belt, a corset or other fragment of the black color in the waist and abdomen. Skirt, the chest and the sleeves may be white.
  • Want to be slimmer – choose vertical black-and-white prints. Especially slim white dresses with black side panels.

Black and white dress – what to wear?

Most black and white dresses are quite self-sufficient, and complement them with jewelry, shoes and purse.

But depending on the dress and season it is possible to wear a cardigan, coat, jacket, vest, etc. And here there are some questions website I will try to answer them.

  • Whether to wear black and white dress (bodycon, for example) with colored accessories and additional clothing items? Yes, of course, possible, but it is better not to put in way more than one chromatic (i.e., bright) colors, and not wear a lot of colored pieces to the black and white dress. Just one or two color accents: for example, color bag and colored earrings.

  • What metal goes to the black and white dress gold or silver? Both, but the gold looks more dressy. Although, of course, it all depends on the style of clothing and jewelry, the quality and quantity of metal jewelry and decor items.
  • Can we add black and white dress with gray accessories? Yes, it is, and you can add to the black and white and grey even a little of the accents of some bright colors.
  • Which color most often worn with black and white dresses? Red is a classic addition to black and white. But this does not mean that you should only use this common combination!

Dresses with black and white prints: how to wear them?

Any print on the dress means that the rest of the stuff should be plain or with a large taste associated with that print. For example, dress in black and white wide stripes can complement a black bag with a single white stripe on the diagonal.

It is not necessary to wear both geometric and floral prints. But the prints captions and a narrative prints sometimes good complement black-and-white geometry!

There are certain prints that specifies the style of the image (with little regard to casual dresses). For example, “Turkish cucumbers” on the dress echoes the style of ethnic or boho, you can easily find accessories in these styles. A traditional black and white houndstooth — print is quite strict, suitable for business images.

What shoes to wear with a black and white dress?

If you have a black and white dress what shoes to wear?

Black or white shoes – obvious solution. Color shoes is appropriate, if you enter into the image of another detail of the same color. To fancy dress you can pick silver or gold shoes or sandals – most importantly, let’s look at their compatibility with the decorations.

But the shoes in brown, sand or red colors and shades between them are unlikely to be good to the black and white dress.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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