Black tights: what to wear?

The website “” no doubt – tights black worn by all women. But not everyone knows what clothes they look best. What to wear with black tights? Simple recommendations will help determine the choice of this part of the image!

Is it true that in black tights legs look thinner?

The fact that black is slimming, and is known to many. It would seem that everything is simple – if you want legs look slender and elegant enough to wear black tights!

So, but not quite. Legs in black tights do look more lean. However, there are “side effects”:

  • Translucent black tights highly accentuate the smallest curvature of the feet, angular knees and other features, to show which agree very few girls.
  • Shiny tights (even black) is visually very fat leg and ankle.

So advice from the website if you are aiming to look slimmer, choose a matte black tights.

How to wear black tights?

Of course, modern women are not obliged to blindly obey any dogma in the selection and combining of things and options, what to wear with black tights, a huge variety. But if you have to submit to any strict dress code (business, cocktail or evening), you should know a few rules about this part of the wardrobe:

  • Black tights (even the slim) don’t wear in the summer. Even under the dark office clothes.
  • Do not wear them with sandals, sandals and other open shoes (even if it is about the shoes, which are only slightly peep toes).
  • Bright clothes and bright shoes with black tights is considered bad manners, but… This rule may be considered obsolete, many designers have repeatedly violated it (and got very impressive result!). However, strict classic dress code is still not recommended to wear bright, with black tights.
  • Clothing of dense tissue looks more appropriate with black tights. The more “den” in tights – the heavier, warmer should be wear. Winter tights look ridiculous with light chiffon dresses.

The exception to the last rule, what to wear with black tights under, is shocking images where “game of contrasts”: for example, black opaque tights and white tulle skirt, or black tights with a short dress tight lace…

With clothes what colors to wear with black tights?

Not even going to discuss the version of “black tights+black dress+black shoes” is a classic, which itself of course.

Also always appropriate mix of dark and saturated colors.

Bright bright clothes can also look good with black tights: for example, yellow, pink, bright green, etc. the same applies to shoes, but there should be clarified that the exception is boots.

If you are going to wear boots with black tights, they should also be dark in color.

An interesting experiment is to wear black tights and clothes of pastel shades. For example, knitted sweater dress, or short dress sheath or full skirt MIDI.

Such good tights clothing black-and-white prints. For example, Coco Chanel offered to wear her signature suits in black and white checks with black tights.

Things muted “natural” colors can also be worn with black tights.

But light shoes with dark tights do not mix. The exception is sports and semi-sports shoes (for example, various models of sneakers).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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