Bleeding gums during pregnancy: is it dangerous?

What causes bleeding gums during pregnancy? How dangerous is the condition? How to treat bleeding? What drugs might be used?

It is believed that the main factor why you have bleeding gums during pregnancy is hormonal changes. Indeed, since 3-4 weeks of fetal development, the body increases dramatically the level of hormones estrogen, prostaglandins and progesterones, which in turn, stimulates the softening of the tissues. “The body prepares for childbirth, patience,” say the expectant mother. But to endure in any case impossible, as hormonal, according to dentists, is the only permanent factor. The main reason for bleeding gums during the period of waiting for a baby is quite different.

Causes of bleeding

Absolutely every person on the teeth every day soft plaque. He quietly cleaned off with a toothbrush morning and evening. But there are areas where it penetrates, but the scrubbing is hard to, for example, between the teeth. Here, the plaque thickens, gradually transformirovalsya in stone.

These same processes occur during pregnancy, but expectant mothers, especially in the first trimester, morning sickness develops. When every morning sick, and the usual teeth cleaning causes vomiting, women tend to reduce the intensity of the hygienic procedures of the oral cavity or avoid them altogether, replacing the rinsing. The result is a soft touch even bigger, causing inflammation of the gum tissue and then bleeding, scientifically — gingivitis.

If Linguini?

Yes, in normal condition it is a threat to the development of a complication. In particular, the absence of proper treatment facilitates the transition of gingivitis to periodontitis when not inflamed gums, and more dense tissue surrounding the teeth. This can cause of hair loss.

If gums bleed during pregnancy, it is doubly dangerous. Soft dental plaque germs to multiply. They produce toxins and so-called mediators of inflammation, entering the bloodstream, which then pass through the placenta to the fetus. In addition to direct negative impact on the baby, substances stimulate another dangerous process is the synthesis of prostaglandin E2. Because of him (that’s a scientific fact) the likelihood of premature birth or involuntary abortion increases by 6-7 times. And the more intense the inflammation, the greater the risk of this pregnancy outcome.

Treatment and prevention

So, what if during pregnancy you have bleeding gums? For starters, be sure to contact your dentist, which will determine the intensity of the disease and choose the appropriate course of treatment. Depending on the shape distinguish gingivitis:

  • catarrhal — it is typical for the first trimester of pregnancy and is manifested by bleeding gums, their swelling from the edge of the part, pain when brushing and gradual change in gum color, from pale pink, it becomes red and then bluish;
  • hypertrophic it just bleeding gums during pregnancy. Gingival tissue increases, it becomes loose, and if untreated, increased by its part is compacted. In the latter case, to eliminate the effects of gingivitis can only by surgical removal.

After diagnosis specialist identifies tactics to eliminate bleeding gums during pregnancy. Treatment of catarrhal gingivitis includes the following procedures.

  • Office teeth cleaning — deposits of plaque are removed with a hand instrument. The use of ultrasound and other hardware techniques are forbidden, as they stimulate the contractile activity of the uterus and can cause arbitrary genera. Teeth are polished with special brushes and pastes.
  • Anti-inflammatory therapy. It includes antiseptic rinsing course of 10 days and an application of anti-inflammatory gels. Among the funds, mainly appointed by the professionals to rinse, allocate Chlorhexidine solution (0,05%), nesperova infusions of herbs such as sage, chamomile, or eucalyptus. Also recommended rinsing fluoride solutions, but without the maintenance anti-bacterial components. To perform such processing, it is necessary 2 times a day, propulsive mouth for at least 1 minute. Anti-inflammatory gels, use of which may pregnant according to the doctor’s submitted by drugs Metrogyl Denta and Holisal. They are applied on the gums 2 hours before eating.
  • Thorough oral hygiene. Pregnant it is impossible to eliminate the snacks, but it is better to remove them from vysokouglerodistoy food, such as candy or cookies, replacing them with fruits and vegetables. If you still ate the cookie, go brush your teeth, as the remnants of such foods serve as the best place for bacterial growth.

Treatment of hypertrophic gingivitis is done similarly, but with changes in the anatomy of the gums. If you need surgery, it will be transferred to the postnatal period.

Now you know the reasons for bleeding gums during pregnancy than to treat this condition and its danger for the development of the fetus. So don’t ignore the symptoms of gingivitis and be sure to contact your doctor for help.

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