Blouse peplum: what to wear?

Blouses and tops with a peplum-peplum – at the peak of popularity, and no wonder: this style gives a feminine shape to the silhouette, and in addition, a peplum at the “top” has not had time to become familiar and bored. So hurry up to get into the trend!

And what “the bottom” to pick up if you have blouse with peplum to wear a blouse with wide hips how to choose her accessories — will tell original women’s website ““.

How to choose a blouse with a peplum on a figure?

Peplum is a wide trapezoidal frill, sewn from the bottom to a fitted blouse or top. Typically the peplum starts at the waist, although there are blouses with exaggerated or slightly understated peplum. There are wide and narrow peplum, smooth or gathered.

How to choose right for you, given the characteristics of your figure?

If you have the figure of “Apple” (that is, your problem area is your belly, then wear a blouse with low-set wide peplum – to visually widen the hips, but not to shorten the torso. Can choose a blouse with a neckline, or any interesting accents in the shoulder area (decorative epaulettes, “wings”, draperies, etc.) – waist will look slimmer if visually expand the shoulders.

If you do not have a complete hand, then fit the sleeves “lanterns” or “tight” shoulders. If hands are full, then choose either regular sleeves or puffed sleeves with a length at least to the elbow.

When the figure “pear” (when the problem area – hips) choose short puffy peplum high on the waist (the “bottom” is definitely fitting). Thighs will seem narrower in comparison with the frill-the peplum.

Girls with “boyish” figure, or the figure of “hourglass” can be easily worn blouse with a Basque any cut.

What to wear with a blouse with a peplum: skirt

There can be three solutions, which encourages female site

  • Wear a blouse with a peplum and a pencil skirt. It’s infallible, and a win – win-narrower than the pencil, the better it will look blouse with peplum.
  • Blouse with short peplum and bodycon mini skirt. It is important to observe the harmony – that peplum is not covered too short a skirt.
  • Top with peplum and a slim Maxi skirt. It’s an interesting idea for an evening look: for example, dressy peplum top, off-shoulder neckline, the floor-length skirt silhouette “fish tail”.

In any case, the skirt will only fit tight, tight. And to figure-hugging skirts, of course, you need a Shoe with a heel. Anyway, the blouse with the peplum itself defines the feminine, elegant style outfit, so shoes it is advisable to choose the appropriate.

What kind of pants you can wear a blouse with a peplum?

And here the correct answer – with tight trousers. All model-fitting jeans – what you need for a blouse with a peplum!

Except the jeans, you should pay attention to opaque leggings and jeggings. Also look for tight-fitting capris and chinos, skinny trousers with an arrow.

For example, if there is a red blouse with a peplum, what to wear with it:

  • In everyday life – with jeans-stretch,
  • In a club with black leggings
  • In the office – with gray, black or white chinos.

A blouse with a peplum can be supplemented with a belt at the waist (wide or narrow, optional) – of course, if the blouse in this place there are no decoration items (bows, embroidery, lace, etc.)

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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