Bodypositive: how to accept yourself and love?

Women’s website “” today I’ll introduce you to the movement of bodypositive, tell me what are the values of its adherents profess, and why even in the good deed should not go to extremes.

Every person is beautiful in their own way. Inner beauty matters. You are beautiful, even if different from others. Don’t be shy about your imperfect body.

Well, isn’t that a great thesis? Yes. But only as long as they don’t get fanatics.

The story “body positive”

Like many modern movements, caught late in our country, this movement (body, positive – positive) originated in Western countries.

About 10 years ago, women are tired of beauty standards promoted by mass media and started to defend their right to be what they are.

To understand what a positive relationship to the body, it is sufficient to enter the appropriate hashtag for each social network. Best of all it shows Instagram. Moles, freckles, birthmarks, vitiligo, non-standard shape of the breast or nose, big feet, high or low rise, stretch marks after childbirth or cellulite here all that cannot be made to conform to modern canons of beauty.

In other advanced Western media about bodypositive tell through the lens of people with disabilities.

For example, women in wheelchairs “win back the beach.” Each story can be labeled as: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”.

Unfortunately, our segment of the Internet (and where else to develop a new course?) still full of conversion stories English girlswho dare to show the world its shortcomings. Why is it hard to find the same story told by our compatriot? Because in our minds this quite harmless philosophy has undergone a truly monstrous transformation.

Fashion blogger Hannah Gale

Where does “bodineau”?

The idea of bodypositive really resonates with feminism, but sometimes it comes to the point of absurditythat leads to “liberty in reverse.”

The main Russian group, representing the movement, in its rules and indicates: if you’re just joining us, please, some time do not comment on posts.

And promise to block users that don’t accept (or yet understand) the whole philosophy of this movement. As a result, many girls are in read-only mode and are afraid to talk about yourself, though, the idea is that associates have to be stimulated somehow. Not understand sometimes is that.

A characteristic demonstration of”overkill” in love your body is a call to abandon waxing and the use of hygiene products during menstruation. Such is bodypositive: all this of course, is to love, not to hide. Otherwise, you’re just doing men’s demands on your body.

Along with quite peaceful flash mobs, like uploading a selfie without makeup or pictures of their body parts with cellulite can be found, for example, the image painted in crimson or purple color hairy armpits.

But most Internet users are intolerant of illustrations full of people, because I think it’s not a physical defect, but a result of laziness. And these photos by hashtag – about half.

Model plus size Nadia of Aboulhosn

Men add fuel to the overall fire of intolerance: the hard banter, mimicking Frank women’s stories, open insults, and the term “familialism”. he would not urge you to abandon the diet, the gym or hygiene, and proposes to reflect on the key theses of bodypositive:

  • Accept your body the way it is now.
  • Take care of your inner beauty, remember that it is just as important as appearance.
  • Not focusyou attention to certain parts of the body, experiencing a negative – for example, thighs with cellulite or stomach. Think of your body as a single whole.
  • Wear not only beautiful but also comfortable clothes in which you feel comfortable, but be careful to match the place and occasion.
  • Build a right relationship with bodyposition: critical think glossy and others like her products, reflect whether you need to adjust the figure under “angels” of Victoria’s Secret or another lingerie brand is more specifically suited to your forms.
  • Surround yourself with positive people with similar views.
  • Do not concentrate exclusively on diets, counting calories, find time for other things.
  • Keep insecure womenwho had a complex about some of its features.
  • Always remember about 10 of their best features, whether they are associated with the appearance or not.
  • Often do something nice, to make it clear to your body that you love him.
  • Fashion blogger Rajini RAO Naga

    Achieve bodypositive

    Whatever it was, the world call positive attitude to your body gradually makes his case: plus size (vivid examples – Gabi Gregg or Tess Holliday) are becoming more popular, and beauty brands releasing ads in which women are no longer trying to portray through the stencil beauty standards. The gloss begins to dapple photos of stars in their most perfect form, and fashion brands, more thoughtful approach to marketing.

    And most importantly – thousands of women through the love your body comes to healthy weight loss and become more legible in food. Love your body, and let bodypositive will be your incentive for positive change!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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