Bomber jacket: what to wear?

Spring coats take their place of honor in the closet, and in a fashion back comfortable bomber jacket! What to wear with this thing – he knows original women’s website ““!

What a “bottom” to wear a bomber jacket?

A lot of options – bombers worn with pants and skirts…

However, it is understood that bomber jacket refers to sports style, so she does not get along with office classics, evening dresses, etc. do Not fit the bombers in the style of ethno, boho or hippie.

But a bomber can complement the look in a casual style, as well as any youth non-formal way.

The most common solution to what to wear with a bomber jacket ladies is jeans. Moreover, different models – from “uscaca” to Boyfriends. That is correct, but it is important to objectively assess your figure: after all, the bomber jacket is a short jacket, and if you have full hips and legs, it is not necessary to wear tight jeans with low waist, because the bomber will not be able to hide the problem areas.

To wear a bomber jacket with leggings and skinny leather pants were trendy in the 90s. But if fashion itself is the bomber is back, the leggings as a “bottom” to it in the past!

Exception – sports kits for running, Cycling, etc.: naturally, if you wear the bomber jacket with the clothes that are training in the gym or go on the sports field.

In everyday life you can and should wear the bomber jacket with skirts. What models will fit?

  • Mini – both direct and “trapeze”.
  • Direct MIDI.
  • Lush MIDI.
  • “Pencils”, but not business style – and, for example, colored denim or floral print.
  • Stylish for lovers of unusual combinations: tulle skirt to the bomber. You can wear it with sneakers!

Also the bomber jacket you can throw over a knit dress is a comfortable casual combination.

Shorts (denim or leather) is also suitable for the “bottom” to the bomber.

What you can wear under a bomber jacket?

The bomber jacket is the perfect thing to get dressed in the changeable spring season: to wear the bomber jacket and zip up his throat by the wind, worn open if it’s warm, and possibly even remove and tie at the hips – for example, if you are engaged in sports. All of this leads to consider what to wear under a bomber jacket.

The right decision – stay at the most simple things: t-shirts, shirts or tops.

If it’s still not hot, under a bomber jacket will fit a thin sweater or turtleneck. This thing is sporty, and if you wear under a bomber jacket some elegant blouse or a dress shirt – a combination of work simply absurd.

If the bomber plain or with minimal decoration (e.g., stripes or bands of contrasting color), you can choose to it a t-shirt with print. Sometimes there are bombers with picture-print (or embroidery and/or applique) on the back – then it is not worth it to wear a flashy top with print on front.

Even if thematically connected prints of two of Mickey mouse, or two logos of the same brand, for example – it still looks silly.

What to wear with a leather bomber jacket?

Leather bomber jacket – this is outerwear. In principle, it can be worn with all the above things, and even with long skirts, denim jumpsuits, knit dresses…

In addition, it is possible to wear knitted sweaters and jumpers, to complement the look with scarves and cnudmi. If you wear a leather bomber jacket with shorts – even under the shorts are colored tights, and still to this outfit suitable socks or leggings.

The main thing that you liked bomber jacket – what to wear with it, you already know!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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