Boss ignores my ideas: what to do?

Whatever you do, always fun to make some own ideas in the process and make their ideas come true! But what if the boss ignores your ideas: it doesn’t want to listen, don’t go into the details, “notch”, all your initiatives?..

The website “” can give some advice in this situation!

How to present ideas that they liked them?

Absolutely versatile set of recommendations about how to present your ideas to superiors, the speech, facial expressions and gestures in the moment of expressing thoughts.

Even good idea the boss may not listen to or not taken seriously if she made insecure and clumsy!

So always watch for such moments:

  • The confidence in his voice, and calm speech is not sapinya, not “acai”, but slow down.
  • Look – not floor, not ceiling, not non-stop “wandering”! It is advisable to look at him, covering his eyes from about the chest up to the level of his gaze. To watch all the time non-separable in the eye is not necessary, it is annoying. If you do not know where to look, I’m not sure will check your eyes throughout the conversation can get any records, printed materials, etc., which may have you prepared to demonstrate your ideas or take with you as a “crib”.
  • Say “smile” — you should see your positive attitude!
  • Don’t make annoying small movements – not vertical in the hands of a pen or any other items, don’t play with the edge of clothes, do not scratch and do not touch a person who is not wound on the finger hair scratching fingernails on the table, etc. very annoying!

How to prepare a presentation ideas for the boss?

If the problem is “the boss ignores my ideas” for you is really important, then perhaps the reason is their inability to properly present. The website not to talk about the intricacies of creating presentation of projects in special programs, etc. – we’ll talk about how to present his idea to the boss in a normal working environment.

There is such a thing as “presentation for the lift.” Have in mind that supposedly you get in the Elevator with the person “pitching” his idea and that he understood the essence of and interested in, there are literally two or three minutes – while the Elevator is moving!

In General, under “presentation for the lift,” you see maximum a concise verbal description of the idea, where just one sentence is allocated to each of the following points:

  • The problem is designed to solve your idea.
  • The purpose for which is to realize the idea.
  • The actual description of the idea.
  • Resources for its implementation (currently available and needed at all).
  • The benefits of your ideas before alternative ways of solving problems and achieving goals.

An example of the most simple “presentation for the lift”:

“In our organization most employees do not have access to printers to print documents while on the job they need it. You need to give everyone the ability to quickly print documents. I propose to put a single printer for use by all employees in the office of the Secretary. You can buy a new printer or use for this purpose, the printer division of this fact, as it was little used in the work of the division. It will be cheaper than to buy printers for each employee.”.

Often, to reduce any development in a short, clear and memorable “presentation for the lift” is much more difficult than to paint it on and fifty pages of printed text, but it is necessary to be able to do, or you can simply choose not to listen!

Two or three minutes is the time that the interviewee can fully concentrate on your monologue (and, if the monologue is clear, not confused and interesting). Then comes the imbalance of attention, and attract the attention of the interlocutor becomes much more difficult. Even if the boss will give you more time, not the fact that he will attentively listen to a fifteen-minute speech! So if you really want to promote your idea, compose or write “presentation for the lift”, and then choose a convenient moment to announce to her boss!

Boss ignores my ideas always: what to do in hard cases?

Namely, how to “push through” their ideas to the head, which is generally not configured anyone under any circumstances to listen to the authoritarian oppression of his line and is not interested in the ideas of subordinates?

  • The first option, the easiest is to perform its work as required by the chief, and not to go to him with their initiatives. Perhaps this is enough to receive his salary and maintain normal relations with the authorities. It really is the type of heads that most subordinates appreciate this – to do what is commanded, and not to show off with some of their own notions!
  • The second option, for those who are not looking for easy ways to convince the boss the idea so that he sincerely believed that she was his own. For example: “I hear European Corporation N a similar issue, but I don’t know if we do… It’s really what You personally decide to try to work on that, because You always have such unusual ideas…”. The wording can of course be any other, but the General principle – as much as possible to distance themselves from authorship of the ideas and initiatives of its application, and to emphasize that only the boss can decide whether and how to implement this “floating in the air” idea.
  • A third option is to find surrounded by the boss man, whose opinion he listens, and to throw up ideas through this man. The main thing – to find the approach to “repeater” that he wanted to share with the head of your notions!

I hope you won’t be confronted with the fact that the boss ignores your ideas!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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