Boyfriend jeans: how to wear right?

The idea of boyfriend jeans, as you can see from the title, is very simple: it is an attempt of fashion designers to create jeans for girls, but this cut, which will remind men’s pants worn by a female figure.

If you like boyfriend jeans, you can wear them in many different combinations with “on top”, shoes and accessories! About it and tell original women’s website ““.

What to wear with boyfriend jeans?

The classic “boyfriend” is a relatively loose, low-rise (at the hips), with a cropped or rolled up at the bottom of the leg (5-10 cm above the ankle).

What to wear with boyfriend jeans?

The first thing that comes to mind at the sight of this thing – to pick up the package in the style of “unisex”: for example, to add “Boyfriends” t-shirt or t-shirt-“the alcoholic”, leather jacket, sneakers or chunky boots… And it’s the right decision – it was the Boyfriends fit perfectly into such a simple youth images that are suitable for walking, a variety of trips and active holidays in the city.

If you like this style, note the sweatshirts, loose sweaters (more like a pullover “out of the closet boyfriend”), spacious t-shirts, bomber jackets, and other things unisex.

A more rigorous version of “a La male” set for girls is boyfriend jeans, plain white shirt, black jacket or vest and black shoes like oxfords.

But you can go the opposite way and combine the boyfriend jeans with the elegant and feminine clothes! How is that possible? For example:

  • Boyfriend with a nice silk or chiffon top. Contrast of fabrics (shiny and matte, dense and thin) is always a plus for the image!
  • Boyfriend with a blouse or shirt. You should try to tuck a blouse into jeans and a complement set of a thin belt-strap.
  • Jeans and jacket for women. The most successful color of the jacket in this case: black, white, Nude, pale pink or red. Under the jacket wear a modest white blouse or top.
  • Boyfriend jeans are good with cardigans of various silhouettes. The cardigan can even be worn open, and not buttoning or tight belt!
  • Direct coats or oversized coats a great outerwear to boyfriend jeans!

And if you add to the kit with a cardigan or coat an interesting wide-brimmed hat or a Flirty takes to bring flavor through jewelry, to pick a stylish bag or clutch – you get the trendy look!

What shoes to wear with jeans “boyfriend”?

Shoes – another very important point! What shoes to wear boyfriend jeans – the Council website

If your goal is a simple, convenient way without extra “problems” if you are satisfied with your height/weight/proportions when you’re wearing boyfriend jeans, then get your shoes on in shoes or boots.

Comfortable shoes “unisex” perfectly complements these jeans, and many girls have a “boyfriend” in everyday life that way – with flat shoes. In summer you can try flats or even sandals!

But have boyfriend jeans one feature – because of the cropped leg, they visually make shorter lower leg, and the loose fit can visually add your legs and thighs a few extra inches in breadth.

How to avoid it? That’s right – with heels! Best lengthen legs light shoes or sandals. But dark shoes on a hairpin are able to visually reduce the size of the foot!

The contrast of the rough “a La male” jeans and elegant shoes on a high thin heel is very stylish and sexy! That is how you wear boyfriend jeans many celebrities.

Of course, the “boyfriend” does not fit shoes with high tops.

And another tip – do not wear under these jeans in black or colored tights, no matter what shade nor was denim! From under the boyfriend jeans is visible only a small part of the ankle and/or foot, and the right decision is to do the usual “invisible” bodily tights. And if you want a bright accent color – let it will be colored shoes!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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