Breast: what you need to know?

Breast… This diagnosis in our time – is not uncommon. But what is breast actually is and what it can threaten a woman?

Today these and other questions about the mastitis women’s website “” answers Irina Vasilyeva, doctor, head of the radiology Department, European Medical Center at Spiridonievsky pereulok, Moscow.

What is mastopathy? What is its danger to women’s health?

Mastitis is a background disease that affects women 17 to 45 years. Diseased, as a rule, complains of chest pain, which indicates the formation of seals. In addition, the breast may eventually develop into cancer.

Whether the breast can degenerate into cancer? How often does it happen?

At the moment it is impossible to give a clear answer to this question. In my opinion – Yes, mastitis can develop into cancer, because it is in some aspects similar to the disease, which is cancer. Mastopathy is a benign condition not a malignant process. But, nevertheless, it causes the woman pain.

There are several forms of mastopathy: diffuse, nodular, border, cystic and fibrous. They are recognized on reception at the doctor.

I also want to say that this disease is genetic in nature, i.e. inherited. It is proved that breast cancer occurs more often in women, whose maternal was cancer.

Why is there a breast? And who is predisposed to it?

Mastopathy suffering men and women, only in men it’s called differently. In both cases it sick when violations of hormonal background of the organism.

If to compare the frequency of the disease, women have to order more because they are more vulnerable to hormonal disruptions. The reasons for this failure, there may be problems with the ovariesprimarily responsible for the production of hormones. Also the possibility of emergence of mastitis increases when the liver. Therefore, if the lady loves fat, smoked food, smoke and drink alcohol, she introduces herself at risk. For example, smokers who prefer more than 10 cigarettes a day, suffer more often from breast cancer than those who do not smoke or smoke less.

Predisposition mastitis can occur in women at any time — and at the beginning of female life when the only set of hormonal background, and before menopause, in the period of its violation. In fact, the breast is the imbalance of the hormonal system, causing changes in the mammary glands.

Now on sale there are a lot of creams for breast augmentation with phytoestrogens. They say they are harmless to women’s health. Is it really so? If creams for breast enlargement cause a breast?

Based on my professional experience, I believe — it is not necessary to use the cream, which includes any hormones influence the growth of the breast. In my practice there were patients who complained of pain in the breast after a few uses creams fitoestrogeny. Such creams need to be careful as they can cause mastopathy – we “add” to your body hormone and do not know how the body will react to it.

Women usually discover the breast?

The main symptom of mastitis — pain in the breast, doing it mammologists and gynecologists.

If a woman is suffering from severe chest pain that was not there before, it is necessary to be surveyed on the subject of seals, the size of which can vary from the size of a pea to quail eggs. However, even if the seal was found, it is impossible to attribute a diagnosis – it can put only a doctor.

What would be the treatment of mastitis? Mandatory if the operation, or do it only in extreme cases?

The treatment is conservative and operative. Conservative – with the help of medications: pills, special creams, herbal infusions. Surgical treatment – this is surgery, it is used in very severe cases. But if a woman to see a doctor in time, in 90% of cases we are limited to conventional therapeutic measures.

What if the breast is not treated?

In this case, may develop cancer or various of the adenoma. Adenoma — a benign “nodules” that can eventually degenerate into cancer, if not they do.

How can I get tested for the breast?

A woman can examine herself. This method is very common both in America and in Europe, the technique of the procedure teaches family doctor or gynecologist. I think it’s a very useful skill — regular breast self-examination allows the girl not to miss any changes in the breast, spotted the breast and to come on reception to the doctor.

The procedure is very simple: starting from the armpit when lying down or sitting – how convenient – at least three times a month you need to feel chest for signs of seals. If something seems “wrong”, you need to come for an ultrasoundduring which the doctor will identify or refute the breast.

The main thing – to introduce a rule to be examined by a mammologist at least once a year. A very good way medical diagnostics is the ultrasound or x-rays.

In America, the first screening study was conducted in 35 years, but there are no requirements to do it in 30 years — the sooner changes are detected, the more likely time to get rid of them.

Is it possible to protect yourself from mastitis? Are there any rules that women should follow?

  • First, it is self-examination. It is true, and do many women, for example, in the West it is a General rule attitude.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to regularly visit your physician, gynecologist and breast physician, if there is a genetic predisposition.
  • Third, you need to limit yourself to the consumption of fatty foods, alcohol and Smoking.
  • Fourth, in 90% of cases mastopathy is causing an artificial termination of pregnancy, while the birth of a child harmonizes the hormonal sphere of the woman and evens in the right direction hormonal status.

Questions on the “Beautiful and Successful” said Irina Vasilyeva,
head. the radiology Department , European Medical Center at Spiridonievsky per., doctor of radiation diagnostics
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