Breathe! The cold will bypass

The mother is the main person in the life of every child, she always support in difficult times and take care when necessary. For kids mom is a real superhero who is able to cope with any problem. However, children do not realize how hard being a mother, especially in the fall. Because at this time of the year the question: “How to protect your child from colds?” is especially acute.

That autumn a child may at any time be close to puffing peers or adults with a cold. Of course, it is impossible to protect the child from communication with peers, walking in the fresh air, visiting the school and kindergarten. The only salvation is active prevention. Do you know what it should be?

Simple rules of prevention

The child is not sick, should strengthen his immune system, and hence to lead a healthy lifestyle and to strengthen the child’s body.

And what to do if the child has someone sneezes and wipes his nose constantly? Because in this case, the risk of infection is especially great. In this situation use essential oils, “fast care”.

Cold next? Breathe!

The Breathe oil is a composition of six natural essential oils that possess antibacterial, antiseptic and invigorating effect. Eucalyptus oil improves the immune system, juniper eliminates harmful bacteria, clove detrimental effect on viruses, KeepAlive tones, wintergrove – has anti-inflammatory properties, peppermint oil and levomenthol make it easier to breath in the cold.

The evaporation of oil disease-causing microbes are killed, and the child inhales the air that has no threat of viruses and bacteria. In addition, the air, saturated vapors of essential oils disinfects the respiratory tract, “the entrance gate of infection.”

How to apply oil to Breathe?

Application of the Breathe oil will please even the most fastidious and capricious children. You don’t have to coax the baby to drip or to lubricate the nose. The oil should just drip on a handkerchief, paper napkin or a cotton pad and leave it in the room where the child is. Oil Breathe can be applied to soft furnishings, outerwear or favorite toy. To operate oil begins immediately, and the child did not notice but pleasant herbal smell. No matter what you do you and your child, the essential oil will reliably protect the family from colds and flu.

It is important that the oil Breathe not addictive and irritation, as is not in contact with the mucosa of the nose and throat. That is why to use oil Breathe every day throughout “flu season”. Even applying the oil several times a day, you’ll be able to use one bottle for 1-2 months. Agree, efficiency is also an important factor, especially when it is combined with efficiency.

Don’t wait until your child gets sick – protect it today. For this you do not need supernatural powers, magic capabilities, and other attributes of superheroes – just paper napkins and a few drops of the Breathe oil.

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