Breathing exercises Strelnikova: exercise at home for weight loss and treatment

This method of non-drug therapy developed in the middle of the last century. His original aim was to put voice and to improve breathing in people who are professionally engaged in vocal. But experience has shown that the therapeutic effect of breathing exercises Strelnikova (exercises) wider. Today this technique to treat a range of respiratory diseases and heart, strengthen the immune system, emerge from depression and even lose weight. And although the program Strelnikova is not listed in the list of recommended official medicine physical therapy techniques, she has supporters among practitioners.

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  • 1 to suggest to try
  • 2 How to master the technique
  • 3 Breathing exercises Strelnikova: try exercise
    • 3.1 Hands
    • 3.2 “Epaulettes”
    • 3.3 Pump
    • 3.4 “Cat”
    • 3.5 “Embrace your shoulders”
    • 3.6 the “Big pendulum” (“Pump” + “Embrace your shoulders”)
    • 3.7 “head Turns”
    • 3.8 “Ears”
    • 3.9 “Small pendulum”
    • 3.10 “Rolls” (left)
    • 3.11 “Rolls” (right)
    • 3.12 “Step” (front)
    • 3.13 “Step” (back)
  • 4 5 recommendations for beginners
  • 5 due to what is a “plummet”
  • 6 Reviews and study experiences moms

The methodology in 1973 patented a Opera singer and vocal coach Alexandra Strelnikova (1912-1989). Two years later, an article about the unique “breathing” practice printed soyuzovskie magazine “Inventor and rationalizer”, which indirectly confirmed the recognition of the effectiveness and benefits of breathing exercises Strelnikova.
The development of the famous singer explored on the basis of public medical institutions. In particular, the Central tuberculosis research Institute. Not all studies showed clearly positive results, as suggested by modern supporters of the program, may be the result of the original recommendations.

Someone suggest to try

However exercises popular now. A technique known abroad, where they call her the “Russian national gymnastics”. Gymnastics Strelnikova can be represented in the following example: “deep short breaths plus physical movement.” The peculiarity is that both terms are utilized at the same time. At the same time:

  • inspirations — powerful and rhythmic, akin to a military step;
  • movement — in which compresses the rib cage.

So the man trains the main breathing muscle — the diaphragm. As a result, the blood oxygenated, happening diaphragmatic massage of internal organs, create favorable conditions for the acceleration of metabolism. When doing lung capacity increased by 10-30%, and then is a complete physical activity and self-cleaning of the body. The main indications for the use of the methodology are:

  • diseases of the respiratory system (useful for the treatment of nasal congestion, bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, sinusitis, adenoids);
  • problems with ligaments;
  • stuttering;
  • snoring;
  • severe psychological condition;
  • hypertension;
  • heart arrhythmia;
  • weight.

Such exercises are useful for back and neck. For children gymnastics and suggest therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Especially in the season of colds: exercise can help strengthen the barrier function of the body. And even if the baby is sick, cough, runny nose and other symptoms of cold, quickly and easily leave.

As for pregnancy, for moms gymnastics is not prohibited. But with the beginning of the third trimester it is better to reduce. Do not confuse this technique with the respiratory complexes designed specifically for women.How to master the technique

How to do? Today in Moscow is a Center of breathing exercises to them. A. N. Strelnikova, headed by its student — doctor of medical Sciences Mikhail Schetinin. He, in his own words, at the time, thanks to the program Strelnikova without medication cured the bronchitis. After her death he became the successor of the technique.

It is under the doctor’s name Schetinina today printed books about breathing exercises. And at the Centre hold regular healing sessions. Although the literature detailing the program available to everyone, doing exercise without first consulting with the specialists of the Center of its head is strongly recommended. The distortion of the equipment, as stated on the official website of the institution, may cause deterioration of health.

Contraindications do breathing exercises there, except for the presence of internal bleeding. However, for people suffering, for example, a heart defect, suffered a stroke or spinal injury, there are special instructions perform some exercises. Therefore, before the start of classes, they are advised to consult the Centre.Breathing exercises Strelnikova: try exercise

However, classes with breathing exercises Strelnikova at home “by the book” — a common practice. In this case, use the basic exercises of the so-called “Main compound” exercises Strelnikova gymnastics. Doctors strongly recommend not to modify the exercises on your own: it may be harmful. Here’s a basic list of 13 points. They are calculated taking into account that during exercise, a person stands with straight back.


  • Bend your arms at the elbows down.
  • Palm to turn from yourself (“the pose of a psychic”).
  • On a sharp breath to squeeze hands into fists.
  • “Epaulettes”

  • Squeeze the fists to the stomach.
  • On inhale sharply, pushing his hands down, clenched his hands.
  • Pump

  • On the inhale, gradually bend over, rounding the back (hands reach for feet).
  • Perking up a bit, again to bow, making noisy breath “from the floor”.
  • “Cat”

  • On the inhale to make springy a shallow squat with twist (at the waist) of the body (left-right).
  • With every turn the breath to do hands grasping motion at waist level.
  • “Embrace your shoulders”

  • Arms bent at the elbows at shoulder level.
  • On the inhale to hug the shoulders and tip the head back, as if “inhaling from the ceiling.”
  • Keep your hands parallel to each other and not reversed.
  • “Big pendulum” (“Pump” + “Embrace your shoulders”)

  • To make the slope on the breath, as in the exercise “Pump”.
  • Lean back, and inhale to hug the shoulders, his head thrown back.
  • “Turns heads”

  • To relax the neck.
  • On the inhale, rotate the head (left-right).
  • “Ears”

  • To relax the neck.
  • Breathing tilt head (left-right).
  • “Small pendulum”

  • Inhale to lower his head down.
  • Inhale to tip the head back.
  • “Rifts” (left)

  • To put your left foot ahead of right.
  • On the inhale to make springy squat with the transfer of the body on the left leg, then rear right (free leg at once rectified).
  • Breath to do this on every squat.
  • “Rifts” (right)

  • Put your right foot in front of the left.
  • On the inhale to make springy squat with the transfer of the body on the right leg, then the left rear (the free leg at once rectified).
  • Breath to do this on every squat.
  • “Step” (front)

  • On the inhale to make springy a squat, lifting the knee up.
  • Turn to change your feet.
  • The toe of the raised leg to pull to the floor.
  • “Step” (back)

  • Inhale to squat, alternately bending the legs and pulling the heel to the buttocks.
  • It is important to perform exercises, observing the specified sequence of exercises. They go from simple to complex, and progressively involve different groups of muscles.

    In addition to the main set of exercises, there are additional that are shown for men (urological sector) and for women (gynecological). However, these methods the specialists of the Center Strelnikova don’t replicate — they’re available for individual consultations.5 recommendations for beginners

    Age restrictions have no gymnastics: it is capable of performing three-year-olds and 80-year-old men. Experts advise to do your whole life, don’t quit if you started. There are five recommendations for beginners, how to perform breathing exercises Strelnikova.

  • The duration of the session. To work out the “Basic set”, you need half an hour.
  • The increase in load. Well-master the first three exercises. And then each day introduce a new one.
  • A number of approaches. Each exercise is repeated in three sets of 32 breaths movement. Break between sets — three to ten seconds. If you do so hard to share otherwise: 12 sets of eight breaths movements. In sum, each exercise is done 96 times (Strelnikova “hundred”). To stay in the account, you can finally approaches with a tick on the paper.
  • The position of the body. “Breathing exercises” are doing standing on the floor, sitting or lying on the couch.
  • Time and number of classes. He trains twice a day an hour before Breakfast and dinner.
  • Judging by the reviews about the breathing exercises Strelnikova in the network, then after a month of classes (provided that you work out twice a day) have a tangible healing effect. Although at first beginners may be very dizzy. However, the technique involves a side effect, calling it a normal variant.

    Due to that there is “plumb”

    Hard to believe that a man who has learned to “cool breathe”, you can lose weight without dieting and marches in the gym. The fact that breathing exercises nourish the brain with oxygen. This, in turn, optimizes the performance of all its centers. In particular, the food, which “manages” the feelings of hunger and fullness. It turns out that the body begins to “regulate itself” correcting, including weight.

    Any special exercise for weight loss within the breathing exercises Strelnikova — no. Those who seek to make the forms less lush, you should stick to the “Main complex”. But to train not twice, but three times a day.

    Interestingly, Alexander Strelnikov, according to the memoirs of contemporaries, in his 77 years was a model of femininity. The singer had a slim figure, do not suffer age-related diseases, walked on high heels and wore fashionable dresses. Needless to say, her example has inspired ordinary people and the elite. Breathing exercises by Strelnikova method is practiced, for example, people’s artist Lyudmila Kasatkina, Andrei Mironov, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

    Reviews and study experiences moms

    I do gymnastics Strelnikova 5 years. Studied at Shchetinina M. N. My diagnosis: obstructive bronchitis, i.e. COPD. Use inhalers symbicort and flomax. Hoping to get rid of the inhalers I took this gimnastki. Make it in the morning and evening, no missed never. My COPD do not move do not move, how to live with inhalers and live. Although Shchetinin we were promised that the sputum will depart, and we will breathe the entire breast free, anything promised has not happened. I will not say that gymnastics is ineffective, there is some good out of it is. For example, I got rid of cervical chondrosis, eczema on the hands, nodules on the thyroid gland, but panting ceased, and how you want to breathe properly. I continue to do gymnastics also disciplined, and suddenly, a couple of years through ….. so help.


    Gymnastics 4 months(January). Had to do it because of my daughter. It is about every two months sick with ear infections. As a result she and I have a “face”. Already the month of may and we missed it the duty of the March otitis media. A month after starting lessons I began to move away sputum, but the most surprising for me was my weight loss of 3-4 kg. in addition, under was treated for my chronic pharyngitis. For me, this gym opening


    Remember the technique of the exercises were not difficult, the difficulty for me was to coordinate the breaths and hand movements. Perhaps this is a problem for all beginners. So, slowly, exercise after exercise began to do gymnastics. Tried to do every day. The first few times after 4-8 breaths began to feel dizzy. But as the authors write, it’s completely normal, soon the vessels oxygenate, get stronger and the dizziness will pass. After all, in this often noisy respiration is an active oxygen saturation in the blood. Gradually I switched to 32 breaths in a row.

    Doing gymnastics for 2 years. Needless to say. Since then, as it began to do, the heart is not bothered even once. You can believe or not believe it, but the fact remains, I just forgot what palpitations. Forgot also, what is the weakness and lack of energy in the morning, headache in front of the changing weather. I believe, played a role not only breathing exercises, but in my transition to a healthy lifestyle, particularly a diet with a predominance of raw food, which very effectively cleans the blood vessels, running in the morning, sensation showers and a positive attitude on everything.

    Gymnastics Strelnikova is good because it can be done at home or on the street without prior knowledge, provided that no one will interfere. I’m very comfortable, we have our own house and yard, I take a walk with the child, where no one can see me and quietly doing exercises in the fresh air. Daughter 4 years also want to teach, but she still can only “sniff the air” to coordinate the breathing with hand movements more difficult.

    Still from my experience I can share that during a cold, nasal congestion, cough I was doing the exercise “Pump” many times a day, it need to stand up, slightly bend forward and lower the arms and head and perform actively breaths. Very good help to discharge the contents of the nose and when you cough sputum departs better.

    Marie deka,

    My son in 2008, was diagnosed with asthma and was prescribed hormonal medication. About 1.5 years, we tried “treated” them, but the situation got more complicated. And although the attacks were not the son kept coughing, podkalivat, groaned and was often ill. All this I could not bother and pretty upset! Once in the electronic catalogue flibusta sites I came across a book by M. N. Shchetinina in the beginning of the book it was written that before you begin any of the exercises, you need to read to the end. I really couldn’t wait, but I finished. And with each page I grew confident that I FOUND a way to defeat the disease son… Our results:

    The eldest son

    The diagnosis of asthma. Thanks to the gym keep in check. Thank God!

    The younger son

    He was born very premature, so ARI goes to bronchitis and a lingering cough. Started doing gymnastics at 5 years old. Was rarely ill. Faster the cough.


    Helped me during pregnancy.Could not, unfortunately, to find information about what can pregnant women do such exercises. Finally decided to be done with caution, listening to your body. The thing that bothered me terrible migraines. Headache really took place towards the end of gymnastics. And in early pregnancy increased pressure up to 130/80 when I was working 110/70. Of course, I understand that this pressure is low. But I really felt bad with him. So began to do gymnastics regularly, but 1 time a day. Performed the first 6 exercises. Tried to do exercises very carefully without any sudden movements. The result: blood pressure is normal.


    Diagnosis: vasomotor rhinitis. Without drugs in the evening stuffy nose, and nasal congestion interferes with sleep. After the gym, that is my dad in the evening, can sleep until 6 am. I should note that he does gymnastics regularly.


    Runny nose often ended her sinusitis. During the illness starts to do gymnastics and passes quickly and without complications. For several years she does not remember this unpleasant disease that can be cured only with antibiotic.

    You can say: “panacea!”
    And I answer: “Yes! Our family is so!”


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