Breathing exercises Strelnikova: whom and how to do?

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of various breathing exercises. Especially effective among other is considered the breathing exercises Strelnikova.

This is a special set of exercises with which you can not only get rid of frequent colds or shortness of breath, but even cure more serious diseases. Read more about the methodology, read our today’s article on the women’s website

Breathing exercises Strelnikova: history of occurrence and essence

How did the method of Strelnikova?

Breathing exercises were developed for singers who, because of a number of causes can lose voice. The technique was invented by a singing teacher Alexandra Strelnikova Severoni for his daughter Alexandra, an Opera singer.

And already she’s “advanced” exercises to the masses, patenting it in the early 70-ies, and helping first the singers, and then all who wish to improve the quality of life through proper breathing.

Initially the exercises were aimed solely at restoring the voice. But over time, it became clear that breathing exercises by Strelnikova method can help when more serious health problems.

The whole technique is built on two main principles: breath is on squeezing the chest (when tilted forward, for example, or when squeezing hands), and the exhalation is done on relaxation.

During any physical activity we used to do the opposite: stress on the exhale and relaxing on the breath. So what is the essence of such a paradoxical action?

Due to the fact that the breath turns very sharp, and exhale completely passive, enhanced inner so-called “breathing fabrics” in the body, that is, they are the most susceptible to absorption of oxygen. The mucous membrane of the nose gets irritated and has a positive impact on the reflex connection with the organs of the body.

Use breathing exercises Strelnikova

If you speak the language of physicians, this technique allows to get rid of physical health problems, to align the processes of inhibition or overstimulation of the cerebral cortex, improve the reflex.

Simply put, this technique helps:

  • to heal the body and boost immunity;
  • to get rid of problems with the respiratory system (to cure asthma, bronchitis, etc.);
  • to get rid of heart problems and strengthen the vessels;
  • to improve blood supply;
  • “correct” musculoskeletal system and to avoid problems with deformation of the spine (especially the thoracic spine);
  • to improve the functioning of the brain (in particular, the power of its oxygen);
  • to cure nervous shock and stress;
  • to get rid of the speech defects.

Very often used breathing exercises Strelnikova for children, because it is particularly effective in children frequent colds, when accompanied by shortness of breath, asthma attacks and even oxygen starvation. The lack of oxygen for a child is fraught not only with metabolic disorders, lowered immunity, fatigue or lack of appetite, but even with disorders in physical and mental development.

Besides, using the technique is possible to save the child from stuttering and speech defects.

Breathing exercises Strelnikova: contraindications

Despite the many positive aspects, the technique has contraindications.

In General, early exercise may experience dizziness, high blood pressure, tinnitus and blurred vision, discomfort aches in the neck, nasal congestion.

Of course, with the gradual training and regular execution, you can master all the exercises, regardless of what the disease is. But for some people certain exercises will be difficult and even undesirable.

In particular, all exercises associated with sharp turns and tilts of the head and neck, can only be done for those who have a stable cervical vertebrae, and inclinations of the case in hand — those who have stable lumbar vertebrae.

Once spinal problems have been observed, these movements cannot be performed without the supervision of your doctor. Most of the exercises are contraindicated for those who have problems with heart and blood vessels, hernia, injuries of musculoskeletal system.

The technique of breathing exercises Strelnikova: rules of execution

Just a few basic rules and should be strictly adhered to. Yes, at first it will be difficult to keep track of everything at once, but over time you get used to it.

  • All the attention is on the breath! It is on the inhale you need to focus, exhale carried out by itself. The breath should be sharp and noisy, active and fast (duration in second).
  • All movements are done on the inhale, and the relaxation is done on the exhale. Out in this is quiet and subtle — it does not need to concentrate.
  • The pace of the exercise at first it may seem very fast, but you get used to it. To make it easier, you can ask yourself the rhythm of the marching step “one-two!”
  • Breathing exercises Strelnikova: basic exercises

    The main set includes 11 exercises. There are many additional, more modern movements aimed at solving specific tasks. But the basic are considered the first three exercises, so to start with the gym should be from them. About them we will tell you more.

    Exercise # 1: hands

    Become straight in comfortable position, legs shoulder-width apart. Hands bend at the elbows and lift, turning palms forward. Now breathe (remember — loud and sharp) and perform the grasping movement with his hands. On the exhale, straighten your palm. Repeat 4 sharp inhalation and exhalation, lower your arms and relax for 3-4 seconds. Then do the exercise again (24 times). Follow the shoulders — they should stay in place.

    Exercise # 2: the “epaulettes”

    Another interesting exercise, breathing exercises Strelnikova. Same initial position, arms now bent at the elbows and down, his fists clenched in his push towards the navel. Breath and hands go down dramatically, standing up on both sides of the body. Exhale hands back to the stomach. Repeat for 8 breaths, then rest. A total of 12 times.

    Exercise # 3: “pump”

    Starting position feet shoulder width apart, slight bow (about 45 degrees), hands looking at the floor. From this position, bend down to 90 degrees (or more), and make sharp intake of breath, arms stretching to the floor. Exhale and return to starting position (not standing up fully). Repeat for 8 breaths, then rest. A total of 12 times.

    These are the exercises involves breathing exercises by Strelnikova method. Try it and you, and when regularly performed, will immediately feel improvement will disappear shortness of breath and bouts of palpitations, lost frequent colds, runny nose and stuffy nose, straightened the spine and boost the immune system.

    Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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