Breed mini-cats: choosing a pet for a child

The website “” has already talked about some of the cat breeds. And today we will talk about the mini-cat – breeds mustachioed favorites that feature miniature size. And if you think these fluffy crumbs were the result of a survey of breeders, that’s not true – some breeds are mini-cats were formed by themselves, the breeders and cat breeders only formed the breed standards and secured the most characteristic features of these animals.

Singapore is the smallest cat in the world!

Rekordsmenka on a miniature size in the world are cat breeds Singapore. The name of the breed exactly answers the question about the origin of these cats – state of Singapore.

There they had long lived by themselves, nosing around the city slums, and had not been on the part of Singaporeans no selection. While in the 70-ies of the last century an American visiting this country, has not noticed the strange little cat, not have taken several specimens in the “big world” and not engaged in creation of a unified breed standard.

Miniature of Singapore

Already in 1984 the breed was officially recognized in the world community. And then, the Singaporeans drew attention to their national breed, and even recognized it as the talisman of his country – that must be and deservedly so!

The body weight of an adult Singapore – 2-3 kg, height around 15 cm! The coat is short and thick, a shade of ivory or slightly darker, sometimes with small spots. Ears relatively small head look quite large, with lovely tassels on the ends!

At first glance, Singapore delight the eyes green or amber glow, very expressive! Good and nature of these animals – they are loving, absolutely not aggressive, love to play, laconic (not to exasperate owners and neighbors with loud cries). Therefore, the Singapore website easily recommends a family with children!

Munchkin the Dachshund of cats!

Munchkin can not be called a mini-cat in every sense of the word – its weight and the length of the body can be average or a little less than most cats.

However, to put in a good word about this breed is due to their short legs of the Munchkin are short, like a Dachshund!

Korotkolapyh Munchkin

Generally cats such body existed in Europe a long time ago, as happened to natural genetic mutations. However, the population had almost disappeared during the Second world war, and the modern Munchkin have a specific ancestor – a cat, accidentally discovered in the US in the 80s, from her korotkolapye offspring began to breed.

Munchkin can weigh from 2 to 4 kg. Hind legs may be longer than the front, cat walking, bending them badly – it’s okay! The coat is short, the different colors. Very good, playful nature.

Munchkin intelligent and love interaction with people, they can be safely advised to have a large family or for a child!

Napoleon – “adult kitty”

This breed is mini-cats have not yet received worldwide popularity, and download kitten-“napoleonchik” — a rarity (and expensive!). The history of the breed began less than 20 years ago, when attempts were made to breed fluffy Persians with short Munchkins. Still work continues on a consolidation of all external qualities, are produced by crossing with the Munchkins and Persians.

The idea is those who are engaged in this dog – receive an “eternal kittens”which, ideally, look all my life like the usual fluffy kitten at the age of 4-6 months.

The color of Napoleon can be virtually any red, gray, striped, spotted, white, etc., you can navigate to the colors of the Persian breed. The nature of this animal is calm, trusting, loves people.

“Adult kitty” Napoleon

Fits in a city apartment, but from the street life of the cat it is better to save!

Perhaps this is all breed mini-cats. And believe me, caring for miniature darling is no more difficult than “large” cat, so you can become the owner of a small miracle!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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