Breed “the Petersburg Orchid”: mini-friend for the whole family

Lapdog is a very relevant niche in modern dog breeding. About the unique breed that was developed in Russia, will tell you the original women’s site ““.

For a long time Russia could not boast in the world, no one unique miniature breed, which Russian breeders, but still it happened due to the breed”, the St. Petersburg Orchid.”

Breed “the Petersburg Orchid”: the history of

Breed a little less than two decades – the official year of its creation is 1997, but the complete consolidation of breed characteristics happened later.

Breeders set the task to dog-toy – cute looks, good, but at the same time active and sociable by nature, and even unlike any that existed at the time the breed!

It happened – as a result of crossing a variety of miniature dogs, a unique breed “Saint-Petersburg Orchid” is transmitted to the next generation of features: as the name implies the breed, it happened in St. Petersburg. A patent for a new breed owned by the breeder Nina Nasibova.

Now the world (mostly in Russia) there is a little less than a thousand dogs-Orchid — they are quite expensive, for breeding and the offspring to be closely monitored to prevent clogging and degeneration of the breed. To buy a puppy in a single club, which is located in Saint Petersburg- it is called “the Petersburg Orchid.”

St. Petersburg Orchid: description of breed

The color of the orchids, the most diverse is allowed – provided that in color not white. Shades of the coat of these dogs varies from light sandy to black-and-tan – and the range includes reddish, wheat, camel and chocolate hues…

The structure of the hair with a thick undercoat, which distinguishes the Orchid from many decorative dogs with fine silky hair.

St. Petersburg Orchid is a small, but proportional to the dog.

It’s pretty chunky, but has a long neck, which it seems that the dog is constantly with her head held high! Muzzle natural shape – slightly elongated. The ears are set high. Tails “the orchids” is recommended to stop, but if this is not done, then the tail gets a saber form for a short length.

The growth of the-dog – from 20 to 30 cm body Weight – about 4 pounds.

The nature and typical behavior

“Orchids” are types of dogs. Friendliness, sociability, and complete lack of inclination to aggression is a hallmark of these dogs. They get along perfectly with children, other dogs and even cats.

However, it should be understood that companion dogs don’t just love the fellowship – they really need it. So start the Orchid is only when you understand that the dog will rarely be alone, she will pay attention and deal with it.

This is a good option for large families with children, for disabled women or for the elderly. If you are rarely home – it’s probably not your dog.

Particular care

Care is based on the classical rules of dog hygiene. Every ten days (or more often if necessary) the animal should be bathed with special shampoo. Autumn and winter when undersized dog inevitably stain the coat for a walk, wash her whole thing is not necessary – it is enough to wash the legs and abdomen, if it is too dirty.

“Orchids” cut – in grooming salons such dogs make the cut, similar to the one which is designed for Cocker spaniels.

Despite the fact that regular grooming on the body of the Petersburg Orchid remains not so many long-haired areas, the dog needs regular brushing to prevent tangles. Brushing should only be used after bathing, pure wool!

Of course, it is important to feed a balanced diet of premium class.

If “Petersburg Orchid” will appear in your home – it’s not just “living toy”, and the little friend to all the family members!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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