Bring variety in your workout

“Practice is boring, always the same… Maybe there is something new in the world? Olga”

Olga, on the eve of New Year we decided to find and tell about some novelties in the fitness industry, especially because most fitness classes start in 2011. So together with the women’s website “” we start to deal with the routine that kills all striving for perfection!

Kangoo Jumps

Let’s start with the fact that Kangoo Jumps – special shoesthat have been designed together with doctors and there are many patents. For most of these shoes and has developed a special training.

Despite the fact that they look very traumatic, it is not so. Moreover, Kangoo Jumps have a number of advantages. Such as:

  • protect and do not load the joints,
  • help to recover from certain injuries,
  • give a good cardio and muscle strain, resulting in you losing weight, as muscles become more toned
  • regular exercises help to correct posture, develop a sense of balance and relieve stress.
  • according to some, Kangoo Jumps helps to fight with pain in the back, neck and headaches.

Moreover, Kangoo Jumps can do at any age — even if you’re over 30!

Hula Hoop

In this workout there have been some changes. In particular, the exercises become more dynamic and hoops — heavy. However, will have to deal with for at least 10 minutes a day.

Classes with hula-hoops will not only help to remove extra inches off your waist, but also develop plastic, and frighten other muscle groups. To see the difference, it is better to go to the gym and see with your own eyes.

Yoga. Defying gravity

Yoga is good in itself, but every year to the classical species of this class being added all the new. One of these modifications became yoga AntiGravity®. The point is that all exercises are performed not on the floor and in the air. In some sort of hammock. This exercise reduces stress on joints while you train and strengthen the entire body.

Classes proved to be very interesting and very effective.

Considered to be founded by Christopher Harrison (Christopher Harrison), and it all started already in 1990 with the creation of the acrobatic show. Looking for a workout, simply breathtaking…

Yoga and weights

Hit the extra pounds yoga and weights! Yes, you heard right. Yoga classes — these are smooth and rhythmic motion — linked with the weight.

Why with the ball? It’s simple: first, it is a question of weight distribution. Second, because of the ease of execution (although, if no weights, you can barely suffer with a dumbbell). Thirdly, a weight forces the muscles to work more efficiently. And therefore, the faster you gain the desired shape.


This new trend in fitness that combines basic yoga asanas and highly dynamic motion. More. We only know that officially classes will start in January 2011 – America and Europe, and then may affect us.

Yes, every year the choice gets wider, the training more interesting and effective, so here the main thing — to find his own!

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