Brondirovanie hair “blondine-brunette”!

If you never heard of such cosmetic procedure, you probably thought the title of the article “” I made a typo. But no – today we will discuss trendy hair color, which coexist harmoniously, the hues and light brown (blond and brown). The effect of “blondino-brunettes” are currently extremely popular among the Western celebrities. This technique of dyeing is called Ombre hair.

It should say that color BROND looks really impressive and beautiful curls like soft shimmer from light to darkand Vice versa.

Besides, after this staining, even thin, weak and ginormous hair appear visually more dense, strong and lush, as the dark color mimics the depth of the hairstyle, light complexion and reflect light. What is the technique brondirovaniya hair, and what’s achieved such a deep and rich effect?

Staining in blondinku

Technology brondirovaniya can occur on dark and even black hair, and the bright or red. However, to choose harmonious shades of dark curls much harder, and the staining in this case will be more intense and complex.

As a natural result of brondirovaniya hair (which reviews subsequently you will really appreciate) it turns on a light curls.

It is also believed that the actual color (or color combination) is best suited for straight hair. In fact BROND will look good on any hairstyle, provided that the staining done professionally and efficientlyand the end result is as close to the natural shade.

In bronze harmoniously combines up to three different shades, with the boundaries between light and dark strands should be smooth and completely unnoticeable, and the difference between the colors should not exceed 2-3 tones.

In fact, the technique brondirovaniya hair is called a process consisting of several stages of staining and dyeing, the number of which will depend on the source of tone and the condition of the hair and the ideas of the master.

Define base

An important step of the staining process in BROND is the base color of the hair. The so-called bright BROND will make you more like the blonde, but with dark blonde your type will gravitate to the brown-haired woman.

Depending on your choice, hair dyed in light brown or dark blonde color, clears, or tinted. The most popular chocolate and coffee palette, but if you have medium-brown hair, they are perfect as a base for brondirovaniya hair.

According to it is the best option, as in this case, the transformation into blondinku not too much impact on the health of your hair.

The second stage – the magic of the wizard

Next, the wizard splits the hair into areas and lightens the individual strands. For this purpose, nutty, honey, amber, camel, wheat, gold, beige shades, depending on the base color.

Locks select the highest randomly and asymmetrically, using unequal intervals. The most widely painted in the lightest tone, and the narrower become dark.

Also possible vertical stretching colorwhen the upper part of the lock is painted in a darker tone, and the lower (5-7 inches) – in lighter.

When highlighting strands offset from the roots should be about 2-3 cm. The most important is the achievement of the spillover effect colors.

In principle, any master comes to the technique brondirovaniya hair is individually in each case and with maximum imagination. Depending on the intent of the hairdresser, may also be used techniques painting using viscous dye, which is applied with light strokes, sometimes even with fingertips, and then the strands are covered with a transparent film. The last stage can be hair tinting saturated color, which will smooth the sharp boundaries between colors.

Whatever the technology, the main effect that needs to be achieved – this is the maximum naturalness.

Wizard professional certainly has its own secrets, but will always choose the colors that best match with your own shade of hair, that is why BROND lasts about two months, and the roots are almost invisible. If brondirovanie hair bio-lamination is complete, the result will be more persistent, and the curls become more shiny and healthy appearance.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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