Built-in oven: how to choose?

On how to choose the hob is electric and gas, we have been told on the website, but in the kitchen to dispense with fragrant pastries and baked meat dishes? Bake a favorite pie or cook a pizza will help you an oven, a women’s website “ToKnow365.top” will help you to understand how to choose built-in oven for the home.

Type of model: dependent or independent?

Modern built-in oven, which to choose from expensive and cheap, fit perfectly in the kitchen. The main part of the oven is hidden, and the mind remains only the door and the control panel.

In the same way as the hob, the oven is divided into independent model and a dependent type.

  • Independent oven you can set where you like, at any convenient height. The placement of such models is not affected by the location of the hob.
  • Dependent model located underneath the hob.

In our opinion, independent oven is a better option. Next, you need to determine the size.

The size and volume of the oven

Those who are looking for what size to select the built-in oven, should focus on the dimensions of your kitchen. Just answer the question: “In the room there is, where carousing or better to pick up something compact?” This will depend on the choice of the size of the oven.

Sympaty.net notes that the small oven does not imply the limitation of basic functions. Modern compact models are equipped with many features, including the ability to use the microwave or grill. That is, the size and volume does not affect the performance of the oven.


All ovens are about the same height and depth, but the width of these appliances are different:

  • Oven width 45 cm suitable for small kitchens. Such a compact oven, which undoubtedly refers to the advantages, but there are also disadvantages – to prepare a small oven, you can only small meals. Such acquisition will be profitable for a small family in the amount of 2-3 people.
  • Standard width ovens — 60 cm This oven is suitable for those who have small kitchen size. The oven that wide roomy — they will cook a dish for 5-6 people.
  • For passionate cooks or those who have a large family, the ideal would be buying the oven extra-wide 90 cm.

The volume

The size will depend on the internal capacity of the oven, so when you select the oven you also need to pay attention to its volume. It is measured in litres.

  • You can choose a compact oven with capacity from 27 to 42 litres or to give preference to the largest oven, the volume of which can be 74 liters.
  • The way the volume of a full-sized ovens starts from 56 liters.

The color and type of heating

The front wall is recessed oven should fit harmoniously into your kitchen. The most popular colors of oven – black and silver (steel). Not less important question: what to choose recessed oven gas or electric?

Gas ovens are more economical, but the potential of these devices below:

  • The heat comes from the burners;
  • She warms up slowly;
  • Modes a bit.
  • Gas, built-in oven has a mechanical control.

Electric built-in oven, the choice today is wider than gas appliances more functional:

  • Heating is from a built-in wall heating elements;
  • Large selection of cooking temperature (from 30 to 300 degrees). Such amount in gas ovens you will never find;
  • These cabinets warms up faster than gas;
  • An electric oven can have both mechanical and electronic controls;
  • The temperature is maintained throughout cooking time.

Of the disadvantages of electric oven is a high power consumption, therefore, include a purchase option is economically profitable is not quite correct. In terms of energy saving gas oven to buy profitable.

How to choose less energy-intensive electric model?

Pay attention to the type of energy chosen electric oven.
Of course, it is better to select the built-in electric ovens, which consume little power.

To tell what kind of recessed on the oven to buy more profitable, will help you card on the wall of the oven where deciphering letters, you will be able to understand that which model is better?

  • A pros – most economical in the consumption of electricity;
  • B and C differ from A class: they consume energy a little bit more;
  • Class D – is spent the average amount of power;
  • Ovens with other letters marking (E, F, G) – consume large amounts of energy, and buy them unprofitable.

What else to pay attention to when choosing?

If women who are searching for what is better embedded the oven to choose for the kitchen, more interested in the color and size, men also pay attention to the technical side.


Convection implies the presence in the oven for a special fan. He makes to circulate the hot air, distributing it around the brass Cabinet, and provides uniform heating of the entire dish.

Steamer and microwave

An electrical oven may have additional functions of a double boiler or microwave. Function “pairs” will be used by those who adhere to the principles of the diet. Treatment products will allow you to save the maximum of useful substances. The reviews often mentioned that these functions are unnecessary, although for small kitchens this choice will be optimal.

The amount of glass in the doors

In the oven can be from 1 to 4 panes in the door. What to choose built-in oven? The more glass will be inserted in the door, the lower will be heated by its outer panel and reduce the risk to burn yourself if you touch a working oven.

Telescopic slide

You can remove the pan and check how prepared dishes, without using a potholder. A very handy feature.


Integrated lighting will allow you to check whether the dish without opening the oven doors.


The grill function will allow you to make a crust on the dish. Gas oven this feature can be both electric and gas. This feature is quite popular among those who share the secrets of how to choose built-in oven.

Protection of children

A convenient function is the protection of children, whereby the oven door is locked and the child will not be able to open it. Also, the child can’t accidentally twist the handle to change the chosen mode.

Gas control

The function of gas control, stop gas flow if the flame goes out.

The spit and the annular element

This feature will allow you to cook barbecue right in the oven. If the spit placed on a diagonal, it’s longer than usual.

I want to draw the attention of those looking for the most convenient and practical oven built on the presence of the annular element. With this feature, I can cook 2 dishes at the same time. Odors don’t mix. On the wall there are special apertures through which the air comes out. I have a Samsung oven BQ1VD6T244 where there are two levels for cooking different dishes. Very convenient, especially when guests are waiting. Elena.

Timer and autophagy in gas ovens

When I’m in the kitchen, preparing for any family holiday, my oven is built with the function “timer” is a godsend! Just turns off at the right time and everything. Katerina Ivanovna.


To understand the variety of those who is looking for a producer to take the oven difficult. Built-in oven produce a lot of manufacturers. I hope that reviews about brass recessed cabinets to choose who we learn, can help you with the brand of appliance.

Meet negative reviews about brass recessed cabinets companies Candy, Greta, etc. Ventolux ovens these firms is relatively inexpensive in price, but many have noted the shortcomings when using.

After a year of work my oven Candy FPP 609 X began to rattle. Prior to that, worked perfectly. Julia.

Buyers point out the best combination of quality and price ovens firms Zanussi, Ardo, Electrolux, Hansa, Ariston, Indesit, Samsung, etc. For those who are looking for what the oven is in the middle price category to choose, we recommend staying on these manufacturers.

Built-in oven Zanussi ZOB21301XA, choose which I helped father, in principle, not bad. But there are disadvantages: not enough modes, no sliding rails. Xenia.

The choice of those who are looking what is the best oven built to choose for the home is the company Gorenje, Bosch, Siemens, AEG, Electrolux. We have seen only positive reviews of embedded ovens these firms.

Built-in Electrolux oven EOC 69400 X – a miracle! Separately mention the function of the probe. It allows you to know whether the meat, not even looking at the oven. One end is connected to the meat, the other to the oven. When the meat is ready, the oven signals you. And another very handy feature cleaning of the oven. Dean.

The results

To be sure to make the right choice, answer the following questions:

  • How often you plan to use this household appliance?
  • Think about where you plan to place the selected oven and how big would he be?
  • If you need the additional functions (if so, which) or can be confined to the main?
  • How much are you willing to pay for the device?
    • If you rarely use the oven, your choice of a small gas or electric oven without any additional functions.
    • The owners of a small kitchen we advise to pay attention on the model with a width of 45cm with an additional feature of the microwave.
    • Oven width more than 60 cm, will be a perfect choice for those who are looking for what the oven is better to choose for a large family or for those who like to cook a lot.
    • If the house is small children, you must pick up the oven with the function of protection against children, with 3-4 Windows on the doors.
    • Function tangential cooling will be useful for those who have the kitchen expensive kitchen set. With this type of cooling, the oven the outside will stay cold and not spoil the surrounding cabinets kitchen.

    A good purchase for those looking for what embedded the oven to choose for your home.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

    Built-in oven: how to choose?

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