Burdock oil for hair recipes homemade masks for growth and against hair loss

The image of beautiful women is inextricably linked with well-groomed hair. In search of a miracle means, is able to restore lost view hair, women ready to experience the most incredible “folk” recipes or to lay out huge sums on new-fangled makeup. While discounting oil for hair, which for centuries was used to improve the appearance of curls.

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  • 1 Use burdock oil for hair
    • 1.1 Chemical composition
    • 8 1.2 problems that will save agrimony
  • 2 How to achieve the effect of
    • 4 2.1 the method of application
    • 2.2 Tips on how to apply, rinse and frequency of sessions
  • 3 6 recipes
    • 3.1 the Power of hot peppers
    • 3.2 Egg and honey treatment
    • 3.3 Honey-yeast strengthening
    • 3.4 Vitamins for silky
    • 3.5 Castor oil to protect from dandruff
    • 3.6 Onion “tears” against baldness
  • 4 Reviews and results

Burdock oil? But the hair after such treatment become fat! It is impossible to wash! That’s the reaction of women to the proposal to use burdock oil. They are partially right. But if you read the rules and guidelines for the use of the product, problems will arise. And the hair will become enviable thickness.

The benefits of burdock oil for hair

A common Thistle, which is popularly called burdock, is used as raw material for making cosmetics. Rather, its roots. Usually the oil is obtained by cold pressing of vegetable raw materials. But burdock the product is prepared differently. The roots of burdock insist on finished oil. Often take sesame, olive, almond is sometimes used.

Chemical composition

The benefits of burdock oil for hair is appreciated not only by cosmetologists, but also by physicians. The drug prevents alopecia, effectively treats seborrhea. The impact is dictated by its chemical composition. The following table describes the main active ingredients of the product and their effect on the strands.

Table — Composition and use of burdock oil for hair

Vitamin A– Strengthens the follicles of the locks;
– prevents hair loss
Vitamin PP– Prevents the formation of gray hair;
– eliminates dandruff
Vitamin E– Activates blood circulation;
– stimulates the growth of strands;
– renews the cells
Vitamin C– Strengthens the local immunity;
– increases the resistance of the curls of external aggressive factors
Zinc– Stimulates the growth of the strands;
– strengthens the walls of the hair;
– provides the hair volume and density
Iron-Strengthens hair follicles;
– prevents hair loss;
– prevents cross-section;
– eliminates dryness
Manganese– Get rid of dandruff
Oleic acid– Provides moisture to dry strands
Retinoeva acid– Improves the density of the curls;
– stimulates the growth of strands
Linoleic acid– Relieves your scalp from inflammation;
– treats seborrhea
Stearic acid– Restores posechennye, dull and brittle strands;
– gives curls softness
Palmitic acid– Eliminates loss;
– strengthens the follicles;
treats alopecia

8 challenges, which will save agrimony

In addition to hair, the product has a positive effect on the skin. In the tissues improves metabolic processes, increases blood circulation, better absorb vitamins. After a few hair masks of burdock oil become more sturdy and dense. Experts recommend to apply the cosmetic product with the following eight problems.

  • Unruly strands. The tool will help to cope with tight, curly hair. Agrimony will give softness, easy combing and styling.
  • Dry strands. Hair mask with burdock provide hydration to the curls.
  • Frozen bulbs. If the hair follicles do not grow hair, it is recommended amount of hair loss remedy as an effective activator of growth of the strands.
  • Damaged strands. Product will gum up the split ends and eliminates excessive breakage.
  • The appearance of dandruff. Burdock the product removes dandruff and effectively fights seborrhea.
  • Hair loss. The oil will stop the loss of hair. With continued use may the treatment of alopecia in which hair falls out whole strands.
  • Early graying. Agrimony restores the hair structure and slows the aging process.
  • Weakened strands. Restores hair that has lost the original form due to constant coloring, aggressive drying. After using the product, there is a strengthening hair exposed to the negative effects of sun, wind or sea water.
  • Not recommended oil for excessively greasy hair. But this contraindication is a relative one. You can enter in the mask ingredients: citrus juice, egg white or vinegar.

    How to achieve the effect of

    A valuable oil is unfairly pushed into the background. The problem lies in not knowing how to use burdock oil for hair growth. As a result, instead of silky strands, women have greasy hair. To avoid such problems, you need to learn a few rules on the use of medicinal cosmetics.

    4 method of application

    Burdock product may be an independent component or be an ingredient in cosmetics. In any role the drug will provide a favorable impact on the curls. Recommended applications of oil of burdock.

  • In its purest form. The product is a little warm up. Carefully applied to dry or damp hair. You can use a brush. Then a comb to comb the hair, distributing the mixture over the entire length. Wear a cap. After 60 minutes, washed.
  • Mask. The most popular method of applying burdock oil for hair at home. The finished mask is applied on the same principle as the oil in its pure form.
  • Shampoo. Will protect hair from greasiness and effectively eliminate contamination of the shampoo based on oil. Strands washed burdock means, keep their brilliance and clarity. This shampoo can be bought in a pharmacy or make at home. One of the recipes is to mix 250 ml of decoction of rose hips and a tablespoon of oil. Infuse the mixture for 15 minutes, filter, wash head.
  • Massage. Technique is applied to eliminate dandruff. Warm oil with fingertips RUB into the scalp. Repeat every other day for two weeks.
  • To protect hair from the aggressive effects of paints, it is recommended in the prepared mixture add a few drops of burdock oil. Paint will be easier and smoother to go to strands. Curls after painting will not get rigidity. And due to its content of Niacin (or vitamin PP), strands permanently retain the resulting shade.Tips on how to apply, rinse and frequency of sessions

    Apply burdock oil is easy. But in order to prevent unpleasant moments, it is important to listen to the experience of experts. Councils only six.

  • Warm means. As evidenced by the reviews, it is recommended that the oil or mask to warm up before applying water-bath. The temperature of the mixture should not rise above 39°C.
  • For light hair. Agrimony can lead to slight staining curls to a greenish color. To protect light strands need to pick up a transparent product.
  • The greenhouse effect. Strengthen the positive effects of the mask. After applying the mixture you need to wear a hat or polyethylene and a top wrap a warm scarf.
  • The duration of the procedure. Optimum mask time — 40 minutes. This is enough to a tool is absorbed into hair and skin. If the mask is left on overnight, will not harm. Some recipes contain burning components. In this case, the duration is reduced to 15-20 minutes.
  • Flushing oil. When the cap is removed from the head, the hair cannot be wet with water. Initially applied the shampoo. It is better to choose one that much foam. Strands break, working through each strand. This will allow the components of the shampoo react with the remaining oil. Then washed. Preferably under a powerful pressure of the shower. Shampoo, absorbs the Burr, easily rinsed from the hair.
  • The duration of application. Apply a homemade mask with burdock recommended courses. Therapy can last two months if you use the tools three times a week. Then it is important to let the strands stay duration in a month and a half. To prevent only two or three applications per month.
  • 6 recipes

    Before applying the skin test for allergies. Apply a few drops of cosmetic products on your wrist and wait 24 hours. Usually the reaction occurs within 15-20 minutes. If during this time did not have any redness, rashes and skin itching, in most cases, the Allergy is missing. The tool can be used.

    The power of hot peppers

    Feature. Very useful burdock oil with pepper hair. The composition recommended in the case of intense loss of strands. Burning component increases blood flow and accelerates the regeneration of tissues. Promotes the “awakening” of hair follicles. The combination eliminates breakage and seals split ends.


    • agrimony — 30 g;
    • red pepper — sixth of a teaspoon.

    What to do

  • The oil is heated.
  • A pinch of pepper, pour into warmed burdock.
  • Smear on the head, wear a cap.
  • The instructions recommended to keep the mixture with red pepper about 30 minutes. If there is a burning sensation wash away, without waiting for the statutory period.
  • On average, this procedure is able to withstand about 15-20 minutes.
  • Egg and honey treatment

    Feature. The mask is recognized as an effective fighter for the beauty of the strands. It is recommended by the professionals from hair loss. Honey increases metabolism, nourishes the follicles, softens strands and enhances the growth. Egg prevents breakage, eliminates dandruff and protects against alopecia.


    • the yolks — two pieces;
    • agrimony — 30 g;
    • honey — 15 g.

    What to do

  • Burdock oil, pre-heated, combine with yolk.
  • The mixture is injected and honey mask carefully kneaded.
  • The product should be carefully rubbed into the roots.
  • It is best to combine the mask with a light head massage.
  • Honey-yeast strengthening

    Feature. Suitable for lifeless and brittle strands. This hair mask with burdock oil is recommended for hair growth. After a few sessions of curls will gain elasticity, become strong, will disappear the split ends.


    • baking yeast — teaspoon;
    • milk — 40 ml;
    • burdock oil — 15 g;
    • honey — 10 g;
    • castor oil — 15 g.

    What to do

  • Pour the yeast into the milk.
  • Warm the mixture add honey and mix.
  • The workpiece is transferred in the heat and waited for the dissolving of the yeast. Enough 20 minutes.
  • In the swollen mixture is injected castor oil and burdock. The mask kneaded.
  • The consistency means it turns a little watery. This is normal.
  • Vitamins for supple

    Feature. Demand for hair loss is one more universal remedy — hair mask with vitamins and burdock oil. Retinol and tocopherol provide the active growth of the strands, have a beneficial effect on the follicle, prevent the loss of tresses. Nourishing curls, vitamins return them to the life force, strength, and silkiness.


    • agrimony — tablespoon;
    • vitamin E — 5 ml;
    • vitamin a — 5 ml.

    What to do

  • The warm oil is injected vitamins.
  • Mix well.
  • Vitamin cocktail must be applied immediately after preparation.
  • Castor oil to protect from dandruff

    Feature. The appearance of “white flakes” — a signal of excessive dryness of the scalp. To solve recommended mixture that combines two therapeutic oils.


    • castor oil — 15 g;
    • burdock oil — 15 g.

    What to do

  • In a bowl combine castor oil with burdock.
  • The composition is heated until the mixture is fully melted.
  • With comb gently distribute on the roots, allowing the tool to self-spread over the scalp.
  • Onion “tears” against baldness

    Feature. Hair loss onion juice helps. Because of the peculiar smell women often refuse this product. And for good reason. Onion effectively prevents hair loss, gives hair a shiny look and grooming. The experts recommend that even in cases of advanced alopecia.


    • the juice of onion — 30 ml;
    • egg — one;
    • burdock — 30 ml;
    • honey — 10 ml.

    What to do

  • Onion juice mixed with warm oil.
  • The egg is a little beat. If your curls are prone to fat, it is better to take only protein.
  • The egg is injected into an oil-onion mixture.
  • Add honey.
  • Before applying it is recommended to warm up the vehicle.
  • Before using burdock oil for hair growth be sure to pay attention to the expiration date. Expired products will not bring the desired result. After opening the bottle all the useful components thistles persist for two months. Its further use will not cause harm but will not provide benefits for the strands.

    Reviews and results

    Periodically I make a mask with burdock oil, but also adding sea buckthorn, almond, Vit A and E. Yes, washed out bad. My hair is below the shoulder blades, wanted to grow to waist. First began to climb down from the hair (not very nice, but this is new hair) and now I got a new fringe!! It’s almost 5 cm (without fringe) when the hair in the tail is collected, it is General hair is not removed, and I love it.

    Marika, http://www.woman.ru/beauty/hair/thread/3901981/

    Did the daughter with burdock and red pepper (ready bought). We have after a serious illness half of the hair came out. The hedgehog came for a year has grown.
    I made yogurt, cocoa and the egg yolk. When the mask was applied, did the head massage again.

    Christopher Robin, https://deti.mail.ru/forum/zdorove/zdorove_krasota_diety/maska_dlja_volos_s_repejnym_maslom_otzyvy/

    Treat your hair with burdock tried once managed to make the weave before the trip South. Of course, the sun and salt water added stress on my hair, so they I began to fall with terrible force. I do not remember who, but someone advised me to treat burdock. Frankly, what you did just one treatment and quit because you don’t actually had to wash the oil out of my hair, several times, and they still seemed greasy. You understand that to go to work with oily hair does not like.

    And this summer, burdock oil really helped me. After pregnancy and childbirth, the hair just fell off my head. It was urgent to treat them, so I again remembered this recipe. Heated the oil in a water bath and applied to the hair, wrapped it all with cellophane and the top with a towel. Fortunately, I was on maternity leave and we lived in the country, that is, a “beauty” I only saw my family. I did this procedure a week to the day, in the morning struck, in the evening washed, and not washed away with shampoo, and hair conditioner. When the hair is dried naturally, without hair dryer, and only then went to bed. As they say “comply with all security measures”.

    After a week of such procedures went, to cut off the ends, my hairdresser have noticed the improvement, I’m told, than treated hair. She said the hair was not as oily, burdock oil to heat up more, and add to it a good hair conditioner (1:1). Another week I went out with such a “compress” on the head. This mixture really made it easier to wash off, the hair was similar to hair, not greasy oakum.

    A week stopped the procedure just to see if the result, visible to me. Specifically went around the house with her hair (which is already a year does not allow, because then we had to collect the hair in everyone and everything), and realized that really helped me burdock.

    (opchelka) Mary, http://www.imho24.ru/opinions/81323/

    I liked the burdock oil. Really helps…I personally at least.
    My hair grow very fast…but after the pregnancy began to fall, had to cut my hair short like a boy’s. Had a haircut in September of this year, and then the friend advised me to try to strengthen the oil… I tried, and I can say. To strengthen they I also began to grow insanely fast, I go with the bangs, so I don’t have time to cut it in the eye climbs. It’s July, and my hair is already to my shoulders and not fall out.

    eerpv752468790, https://galya.ru/clubs/show.php?id=119330

    Burdock oil for hair recipes homemade masks for growth and against hair loss

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