Burdock root for hair: use of hair loss and to strengthen the prescriptions of decoction and ointment + reviews

No one, even the most expensive and “small” part of professional cosmetics for hair, can match with what nature gives us. A striking example is the trivial root of burdock. It can provide a hair vitamin charge and quality care. A simple and affordable product has medicinal properties and is effective in the prevention of certain diseases. It is important to know the intricacies of how to use burdock root for hair. Properly prepared remedies will be indispensable helpers in caring for troubled tresses.

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The content of the article

  • 1 What you need to know about natural raw materials
    • 1.1 Collection and storage
    • 1.2 Active composition and use
    • 1.3 Indications and contraindications
  • 2. How to use burdock root for hair: 3 masks recipe
    • 2.1 For rapid growth
    • 2.2 From dryness
    • 2.3 To strengthen the greasy strands
  • 3 More 3 ways to treat hair
    • 3.1 Decoction for rinsing
    • 3.2 Tincture
    • 3.3 Ointment and cream is not for the lazy
  • 4 Testimonials: “after 2 weeks the hair came to life and began as silk”

Burdock root is a true “first aid” for the weak and rapidly thinning strands. On the domestic shelves in the bathroom can meet the most common product from the plant oil. Manufacturers of cosmetics for hair add burdock root extract in shampoos, conditioners, masks. The use of the product is evident not only in the professional and pharmaceutical drugs. Root found use in dozens of recipes.

In Russia, the thistles hung in the baths. It was used in the steam room with birch and oak brooms. It was believed that the plant helps in the prevention of skin diseases a good effect on the respiratory tract.

What you need to know about natural raw materials

Stock up on ingredient possible by going to the pharmacy. The root is sold in pure form, and in collections from other plants. Pay attention to the product. Carefully select fees, as some components may not be suitable for hair type will be ineffective in addressing a specific problem.

Collection and storage

Small thickets of thistles can be found on the roadsides, near fences, in gardens and in other areas. To procure raw materials for future use and use it all year round at home, you need to plan well in advance. Four tips will help to collect qualitative material.

  • Time of digging. The best time to collect is considered to be an early spring or late autumn. In these seasons the concentration of mineral elements highest. In the morning digging using a shovel, hoe or other tool.
  • The age of the plant. It is recommended to give preference to plants aged one year. By this time, their root system is already well developed and nutrients are present in full.
  • Habitat. It is better to choose a thicket outside of town, away from highway and roads, large industrial facilities. Medicinal plants, including burdock, able to absorb and accumulate harmful elements, exhausts, gas.
  • Preparation of raw materials. After extraction, the roots carefully washed. Dry air no more than one day, creating a barrier against rain. Grind the dry raw material with a knife, grater or in a food processor. Again dry in a dry, well ventilated area a maximum of two to three weeks.
  • Choose storage containers made of paper or paperboard, canvas bag, glass jar. Definitely need good close the raw material that it does not get wet. Otherwise there is a risk of mold. The stored product is not more than a year.Active composition and use

    The use of burdock root for hair due to its rich and precious composition. It acts as antiseptic, can heal small wounds and reduce inflammation. Raw material has the following composition:

    • vitamins B, A,C – provide Shine, improve the appearance of the strands;
    • tannin slows down lose strands;
    • essential oils moisturize, saturate the skin;
    • protein – eliminates the effects of stress;
    • inulin – helps to restore hair;
    • bitterness – disinfects, removes irritation;
    • stigmasteryl – restores dead skin cells;
    • mineral complex – helps to normalize metabolic process.

    Deciding to try the healing properties of raw materials, pre-check body’s reaction to its impact. Home remedy on the basis of the root smear the skin on the elbow on the inner side and wait for 10-15 minutes. There is no response – feel free to use cosmetics.Indications and contraindications to the use of

    Funds on the basis of burdock root can cope with the problems that are associated not only with hair, but also skin of the head. The following problems can be the signal for the beginning home therapy:

    • weakening, brittle, dry strands;
    • the lack of natural Shine and luster;
    • moderate oily roots dandruff;
    • cutting tips;
    • hair loss;
    • the predisposition to alopecia.

    Not recommended for use when excessive greasiness roots, severe oily seborrhea. You cannot use the root if you are hypersensitive Thistle. It is not desirable to use materials in pregnancy. Potent therapeutic components of the plant may adversely affect the baby. If you really really want to try the tool expecting a baby or while breastfeeding, be sure to consult a doctor.

    How to use burdock root for hair: 3 masks recipe

    On average, any course is 12-15 procedures. If you are treatment hair mask with burdock root cook two or three times a week. As a preventive measure within seven days conduct a single procedure. After the course it is recommended to do a break not less than two to three weeks. Choosing recipes, make sure that all components fit and no allergies.

    For rapid growth

    Features. There are many causes of slow growth – improper care, unbalanced diet, constant stress and many more. Strengthen follicles due to additional ingredient – linseed, castor, sesame or olive oil. Products able to arouse the activity of hair follicles, which will provide a normalization of growth.

    You need:

    • fresh or dried roots of burdock;
    • healing oil.

    The algorithm of actions

  • Raw material and oil taken in the ratio of 1:3.
  • Crushed dried roots are steamed in small amount of boiling water for 15 minutes. If you take fresh then just grind them.
  • Added to the slurry oil, carefully mixing. A little heated on the fire or in the microwave.
  • Apply the composition starting from the root and along the entire length of the strands.
  • Insulate the head with plastic, towel.
  • Wash off after 30 minutes.
  • Perform the procedure twice a week. Burdock root for hair growth can be useful if you spend at least ten sessions. Effect – thick hair, elimination of dandruff. If necessary, repeat the course. Between sets, we will stop in 14 days.From dryness

    Features. The tool is especially useful for those who often use cosmetics and tools for styling. The chemical composition of varnishes, sprays, gels for hair and thermal processing have a detrimental effect on the strands. To complicate the situation and atmospheric precipitation, direct sunlight and cold.

    You need:

    • four tablespoons of butter, burdock root;
    • two egg yolks;
    • teaspoon of cocoa butter;
    • an ampoule of vitamins A and E.

    The algorithm of actions

  • RUB the yolks, a little heated oil. The components are mixed.
  • The mixture is applied to the root zone, throughout the length curls.
  • Wrap it up head with plastic cap and towel.
  • Half an hour later wash off with warm water with your favorite shampoo.
  • Maximum benefits a course of two months. Do the procedure twice a week. If the result come faster, it is possible to shorten the course to one month. For washing it is desirable to select a special shampoo designed to eliminate dryness. And home means a professional product to be effective.To strengthen the greasy strands

    Features. Trichologists recommend the use of burdock root for hair loss, but only if it is not intense. The problem arose as a result of oily seborrhea – get advice from a doctor. To fix it self without drugs will not work.

    You need:

    • two tablespoons of roots;
    • one onion of medium size;
    • teaspoon of tincture of calendula.

    The algorithm of actions

  • First you need to prepare burdock root for hair. Take half Cup of water, pour the crushed roots. After boiling, keep on low heat for 15 minutes. The resulting composition is filtered or puree them in a blender.
  • Grate the onion.
  • The components are mixed.
  • Apply the mixture on your roots and strands.
  • Insulate the head.
  • 30 minutes wash off with shampoo.
  • Reviews about burdock root for hair in onion mask is warned that after treatments may remain the odor of vegetable. If shampoo is not removed, then apply to strands of your hair a couple of drops of a favorite broadcast. The duration of the course depends on the individual case, so be sure to look at the reaction of the scalp and strands.

    3 ways to treat hair

    At home are widely used masks, infusions and decoctions. Not so popular, but no less useful creams and ointments on the basis of the roots of burdock. Optional use of dry raw material – it stores for the winter. The rest of the time you can add to makeup fresh roots.

    Herbal teas for rinsing

    Rinse the burdock root is to strengthen the hair, restore, enhance growth. A distinctive feature of the teas is that they do not need to rinse. They are able to secure the effect of the masks. The cooking process looks identical for all formulations: pour the ingredients with boiling water, keep on water bath or slow fire for about 15 minutes, insist to cool and filter. The table presents several effective compositions.

    Table – Recipes effective concoctions

    CompositionThe number of procedures 7 days
    – 2 tablespoons roots;
    – a glass of water
    – A tablespoon of root and oak bark or white willow;
    – a glass of water
    – A tablespoon of nettles, fixed asset, tysyachelistnika, calamus root, hop cones;
    – a liter of boiling water

    After rinsing, it is recommended to wet the strands with cotton towel. Best of all, if drying is natural without styling instruments. Good herbal teas that benefit not only hair but also the scalp. They prevent hair loss, eliminate itching and dandruff.Tincture

    The main purpose of infusion is to eliminate dandruff, regulate sebum production and strengthen the follicle. Here is a list of four effective recipes.

  • For active growth. Brew two cups of boiling water two tablespoons of roots. Tormented on low heat until the liquid has become two times less. Add a tablespoon of fennel seeds and insist mixture of two or three hours. Filter the broth. Rubbed into the hair every day or before washing the head with shampoo.
  • For oily roots. Pour a liter of water a tablespoon of roots and two tablespoons of calendula. Bring to a boil. Insist a few hours. Filter. RUB it into the roots every day or before every shampoo.
  • For General improvement. Take the roots and vodka in the ratio 1:10. The crushed root fill it with alcohol, well closed container. Insist 12 days. Rubbed into the skin one or two times a week. Leave in warmth for 15 minutes and wash off with shampoo.
  • Against dandruff. Take three tablespoons of main component and calamus root. Fill with water and boil 20 minutes. Insist at least eight hours. Before each shampooing, wipe the roots.
  • To prepare the infusions better before the next procedure. They can be stored only if they contain alcohol. Then these tinctures sometimes act as lotions. In addition to alcohol and vodka, you can add the brandy. But this drink should be without preservatives and other artificial additives.

    Ointment and cream are not for the lazy

    The preparation of creams and ointments take longer time. Also need skill and minimal experience. Adherence to the recipe – the key to success. Prepare the homemade cosmetics on holiday, at weekends.

    • Cream against dryness and breakage. About 300 g of fresh minced raw pour 100 ml of water. The composition of the boil and cook for another 15 minutes. Grind using a blender. To the slurry was added 100 ml mustard oil, 50 g butter. A homogeneous mass left in the cold for seven hours. Apply the cream two times a week. Rubbing massage movements 20 minutes. Wash them with shampoo.
    • Ointment to moisturize. Two or three tablespoons roots pour a glass of water and cook until half the liquid evaporates. Filter, to the mixture add five tablespoons of melted fat. The heated composition. Rubbed into the roots of no more than two times a week for 15 minutes. Wash them with shampoo.

    The time will not be wasted – hair “thank” a beautiful glow and healthy appearance. Creams and ointments effective if the strands dry a few days. The color of the locks of funds does not affect. Prepare so that servings had the maximum of two weeks. Stored in the refrigerator.

    Be it a mask or a decoction of burdock root hair – cooking tools takes time. If its sorely lacking or just too lazy, you can use the simplest option. Juice of burdock root – effective solution in the fight for healthy hair. Just grate the roots and squeeze the resulting mass. Apply the juice on the roots and scalp twice a week before bed. Fighting thus with dandruff, hair loss, tarnish.

    Reviews: “after 2 weeks the hair came to life and began as silk”

    My grandmother always used a mug while washing hair. Since the water they had from the well, she always softened the water with decoctions of herbs, including decoction of burdock. Sometimes she took the juice mug and put the linseed oil and rubbed it into the hair. The effect was stunning. Burdock the most simple and common plant, and the oil can be purchased. You will have the cheapest and most useful hair mask.

    Elena, http://vsemaski.info/primenenie-kornya-lopuha-dlya-volos

    Have not used balms, masks, hair was gorgeous. We all buy such funds. They help. Yes! But then you get used to the masks ..all — zero effect I use at the moment, only shampoo and rinse the hair decoction of burdock root. Two weeks later, I saw an excellent result! The hair came to life! Smile 🙂 They became as silk. Easy to comb, do not fall. AAA luster…mm..

    Lovka, http://irecommend.ru/content/volosy-bystro-rastut-i-bolshe-ne-vypadayut-zasluga-kornya-lopukha-podrobnyi-fotootchet-prigo

    Burdock root for hair: use of hair loss and to strengthen the prescriptions of decoction and ointment + reviews

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