Burn and red skin after tanning effective treatment methods

In pursuit of a beautiful tan to look more attractive, we go to the Solarium. But sometimes with a session you can overdo it and not get a bronze color and redness or even burns after tanning.

What to do in such cases? How to remove redness? How to restore burnt skin?

Read all about it on sympaty.net.

Why the skin turns red after tanning?

Always, without exception, all the skin after sunburn it gets dark at once — at first she blushes, someone stronger, someone weaker. This is a normal reaction, resulting from exposure to UV rays and high temperature and which includes protective mechanisms of the skin.

If the skin is not burned, it is redness go away after a few hours or a day.

But sometimes, even with all the rules of safe tanning, can manifest the real burn after tanning, and what to do in this case? The answer to this question is known women’s website sympaty.net.

Burn after tanning: help from the inside

If the skin is not just red, and it is impossible to touch, without delay, to take serious measures. For a start, drink plenty of water — not cold, pure and sparkling — it nourish the skin with moisture from within.

Now make sure to rule out serious allergic reaction. If you see that the skin was covered with spots or rash, urgent need to take an antihistamine (antiallergic) drugs — they will relieve the symptoms.

Feel you shiver or conversely, thrown into a fever, and my whole body hurts?

Measure the temperature — it may rise one or two degrees. In this case, you can have an antipyretic (aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen) and go to bed.

Nothing helps, and it only gets worse? Then you direct road to a therapist or dermatologist.

Red skin after tanning: remove redness

If there are serious problems no, but simply redness, you need to work directly on the affected skin. Approach to the elimination of redness should gradually.

  • First take a cool shower (not warm and not hot), rinse all the tools that you sunbathed in the Solarium. Use a mild shower gel, not desiccate the skin.
  • In those areas where the skin is particularly red after tanning, apply natural vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, almond, linseed, castor, burdock — in short, anything in the area of accessibility). Try to walk around without clothes and to give the maximum oil to soak in.
  • After 20-30 minutes rinse with oil in the shower, again, you can use a soft gel.
  • Now apply to skin intensely hydrating and deeply nourishing for the skin (cream, lotion, milk) and allow it to fully absorb.
  • How to remove burns after tanning drugs?

    Best skin redness and burns cope to medication. On what to pay special attention to?

    • “Panthenol”. Well-known SOS cure all kinds of burns, manufactured today by many pharmaceutical and cosmetic brands. It is best to use it in the form of a spray or cutaneous foam — it will quickly be absorbed and do its work without leaving a sticky residue.
    • “Bepanten Plus”. Here, too, the active substance is dexpanthenol, the same as in the foam “Panthenol”. But the texture already more saturated — in the form of thick creams or ointments. This option is perfect if you have burns after tanning on the face. What to do with the cream? Apply a generous layer of 3-4 times a day all over the face, neck and decollete.
    • “Levomekol”. If you don’t like ointments with fatty texture, it’s worth a try. This ointment is produced in a water-based, it is completely non-greasy and easily washed off with water if necessary. Its composition is an antibiotic, which will reduce inflammation and swelling, and the components that help to increase the skin’s defenses.
    • “Rescuer”. This balm will not only help to restore the skin, but also will save you from unpleasant pain. Pain and burning sensation will disappear within 10-15 minutes after application, and the redness will go within the hour.

    How to remove redness of folk remedies?

    If none of the above medicines you have at home, and run to the nearest pharmacy neither the strength nor the desire, you can completely avoid folk remedies. What will be most effective if you have a red face after tanning? What to do with the skin of the body, if it is abundantly blushing?

  • Dairy products. This home remedy has proved to be excellent. This will fit almost all dairy products — they contain lactic acid, which helps to relieve the discomfort, redness and even severe burns. The serum can be used for a poultice. Curd or yogurt is fine to wipe the whole body. But heavy cream will work well on the skin — just apply it as a mask.
  • Cucumber and potatoes. These vegetables are useful for emergency removal of redness of the face and décolleté. The cucumber is cut into slices and apply on the skin. But the potatoes need to clean, to grate (or grind in blender and use the pulp or juice to compress. This mask should be kept for about 20-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water and then apply face moisturizer.
  • The natural oil. As we have said above, good job with the restoration of the skin unrefined vegetable oil. Take any that are at hand, apply a generous layer on red after tanning the skin, let soak for 20 minutes and remove the residues with a cloth.
  • Teas and herbs. If you have time, it is useful to apply a poultice of tea — black or green or herbal teas. Just brew a strong tea, soak in it a gauze or cotton pad and apply on the itchy places. Herbs you can apply chamomile and sage, calendula and parsley — they will soothe the skin and reduce inflammation.
  • Aloe. This is a great remedy for many skin problems, and against burns — and even more so! If the house has this plant, cut the leaves, wash, remove inner part, grind it and apply on the skin. The effect will be noticeable after the first application of this 20-minute mask. Sold in pharmacies gel with aloe Vera extract — it also helps.
  • Remember to redness after tanning has not appeared again, carefully follow the time of tanning. If the redness and burn was strong, refrain from tanning at least a week, let the skin to recover its natural defenses.

    A tan acquired with patience and intelligence, is not only beautiful and harmless, but also useful!

    Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site ToKnow365.top

    Burn and red skin after tanning effective treatment methods

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