Business casual: choosing informal office style!

Today, “” will talk about how to create a business image, while remaining themselves. I do not imagine that every morning, going to office, look according to the dress code and at the same time original and unusual. In the rules of business style there is an official loophole that allows, to the extent reasonable, of course, to wear favorite things. Meet business-casual, the style that will make you look business-like and at the same time feel comfortable.

So, with the strict rules and limitations business style is familiar to many. But not everyone knows that there are several “sub-styles” business- style in clothes:

  • formal or strict business style
  • a business with elements of glamour
  • business casual (business casual)

Last, it is also called informal business style, involves the wearing of individual items of classical style, freely combined between themselves and with elements of other styles.

This style also makes use of in the wardrobe of a wider range of colorsand use fabrics that simply the business are not allowed, for example, corduroy, knits and even denim. The items of clothing belonging to this style, there are also details of other styles, often sporting, military, Safari and, of course, casual zippers, pockets, etc.

In addition, the true fans business casual distinguish several levels of this style – depending on the number of “informal” elements, as well as the situation for which selected closet.

Least business is the so-called exclusive levelthat permits even wearing the club jackets and blazers.

The emergence of this style we owe to the people of such professions as programmers and pros. They at one time refused to wear in the offices of large corporations anything but favorite jeans. After that “comfortable business” style started to prefer more and more people from different fields of activity. Among the most famous fans of this style – bill gates and Steve jobs.

Items of clothing, which allows for business-casual

  • straight-leg jeans (but not low waist)
  • solid, but different colors tops
  • dress with a belt or a classic sundress with a bright scarf
  • knitted cardigan with a relaxed dress
  • the sweater worn over the shirt and paired with jeans
  • jacket with short sleeves or rolled up sleeves
  • straight or tapered fabric pants with a Polo
  • skirt or shorts knee length, Capri (summer business casual here)
  • knit or cotton t-shirt
  • opaque lace

The limits of business casual

No matter how democratic the style and cross the limits here simply.

So I will list a few points that you should pay attention, choosing wardrobe items for “strict-free” image.

  • Under strict prohibition remains bright prints, plunging necklines, open the belly tops, strapless or see-through blouse, torn clothes, colorful stripes and too tight clothes, sneakers, flip flops.
  • As for shoes, business casual allows you to walk to the office in the shoes with suede and soft leather and even ballet flats. Choosing such a less restrictive shoes, avoid lots of unnecessary detail, especially brilliant, for example, rhinestones.
  • Choose a bag of medium size of good quality leather. By the way, fans of the business, strive to make things from leather looked a little worn.
  • Your image can also be a saturated bright accessorythat concentrates the attention.

  • Business-casual is not the place for the latest fashion trends. After all, style is first and foremost a business, and this means that your clothes should not distract colleagues from work.
  • Your closet should match the positionthat you occupy. For example, if the boss can afford to put on a presentation of a club jacket, then you need to focus on is how to dress up your colleagues, not the head.
  • Rules business casual apply only to clothes and accessories , your makeup should still be restrained, and the quantity of spirits moderate.
  • Clothes in any case should not be careless. On the contrary, in this style it is necessary to emphasize punctuality, grooming, and neatness. It is, as in a strict business style for manicure and hair condition.

Style business-casual will help you in any time of your active day to look according to the situation and feel comfortable.

A pair of bright earrings or other evening accessories “got” from her purse at the right moment will make you ready for any party or meeting with friends just after the end of the day.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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