C than to wear shorts in the summer?

Thing that from season to season, that attracts the attention of fashionistas is the short jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is perfectly emphasizes the figure, and if you want to draw attention to slender legs – it is necessary to understand what to wear with overall shorts.

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What to wear under the dress?

If the jumpsuit with shoulder straps (especially if the straps are long and the bodice too low), then, of course, you need something to wear under this thing. What?

Brand versatile option that website “ToKnow365.top” recommends to the overalls of any color, fabric and style — it’s white, black or grey t-shirt. Bright t-shirts and t-shirts with prints-patterns suitable for plain overalls (for example, the decision of the question of what to wear with denim jumpsuit shorts).

If the Romper has open sides, you can instead t-shirt to choose a short top. But this combination can only afford slender girl without the extra folds at the waist and sides!

By the way, to wear shorts with tank tops or t-shirts with a deep neckline – this is the last day: it is enough for open toe and closed top only gives the image of freshness and modesty (though not without a touch of coquetry!).

In cool weather, instead of t-shirt can be a shirt or jumper. Blouse – possible, but not always appropriate option: for example, an elegant silk blouse will look weird with denim or a leather jumpsuit-shorts. Also will not fit jumpsuit blouse from lush or wide sleeves, wide sleeves with ruffles, etc. – at least it will look old-fashioned.

If the jumpsuit has a closed top, of course, no “taunt” is not needed – this dress is a completely independent piece of clothing. Also not worth anything to wear under summer Romper without straps, made of fine fabric.

Is it worth it to wear something over the suit?

In principle, overalls-shorts don’t need any clothes over the top. But if weather conditions are such that without clothing to do, make a choice in favor of short jackets (e.g. leather).

Summer short Romper strapless you can pick up a jacket-a Bolero denim jacket or even a denim vest.

What kind of shoes you can wear with overalls-shorts?

It depends on the style of the suit and look in General. Heels combined with short jumpsuit will instantly add sexuality. A more convenient option for walking – sneakers or espadrilles.

In cooler seasons you can wear shorts with boots or ankle boots and high boots. Denim overalls and boots-boots – great combination!

Under short overalls and closed footwear you need to wear tights! And here you can unleash the imagination – wear colored tights, fishnet, tights with prints…

Of course, the more eye-catching and unusual tights, the simpler and shorter has to be the dungarees.

Conventional models of jumpsuits, denim shorts have virtually no restrictions on the selection of tights. Also suitable for “kolgotochki” experiments black, grey, beige and khaki jumpsuits.

Don’t forget the ability to complement the look with knee socks or knee socks! But to wear a dress with stockings – not a good idea, they are utterly irrelevant here: if you really really want to, wear tights with imitation stockings.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

C than to wear shorts in the summer?

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