Can a man to forgive infidelity

“I was wondering whether, actually, the man to forgive infidelity? Only to forgive truly, without reproach, without control? To forgive, to start again? Is this possible, and if so, how to be a man? The weak and sniveling like a baby? Or Vice versa? Thank you.” Without the signature.

You know, much more confident, I would say to forgive the betrayal of a woman, but men in this sense more difficult. After all, how many centuries the woman was in the second stage, and because the man was something that could not woman. And yet I would venture to say that the man to forgive infidelity can. For example, I could. It is unlikely I am unique, with all due respect to yourself ? So let’s try to figure out how this is possible, with whom and under what conditions.

Whether men forgive cheating? The case-case discord

Let’s start with the fact that much depends on the situation, which happened a betrayal. Perhaps this is just as true for both men and women. While sex for men is more physiological, and female treachery looks, if I may say so, “serious”.

And still there are situations with so-called “extenuating circumstances”. One and the same act in the light of these circumstances looks different.

Here are a couple of examples. At the party the woman had quarreled with her man and he left, leaving her alone. Strongly drunk. Yes, just very upset. It is clear, no circumstances the woman is not justify, but nevertheless. Why he left her?

Or will he be gone long and rarely calls. The whether after a quarrel, or after did not want to discuss with a friend some important issue, for example, plans for the future together.

In these cases, it is, of course, still not the answer because the woman cheated on him, but I think the indirect of wine available. Also very important, as accidentally and unintentionally cheating has occurred.

If this is really the fatal accident, and the man is aware of this, then the chances of forgiveness of infidelity a man much higher in comparison with when a woman completely controlled what was going on with her.

Minimal chance for forgiveness of the adultery, if a woman changed not with some abstract stranger, and another of his men. In this case, it also deprived him of the likely other.

And a very important point – the behavior of the woman. If she is tormented by what he did, if he asks forgiveness, it is not the same, that the exit from the showdown, or even more, to blame someone.

Man to man hatred

Ready to admit that, in spite of any “mitigating circumstances” most men hardly forgive infidelity. It’s too painful, plus the instinct of the owner, public opinion, “permitting” him, but which prohibits it.

However, there are a minority of men. And this minority is also heterogeneous.

This can be a man with a philosophical turn of mind, who understands that women are real people, in life anything can happen.

This can be a strong manwhose single weakness of his weak half is not a reason for her to leave.

This may be a weak manwho is afraid to be left alone.

Finally, the reason may be strong in love, when a man is ready to forgive the woman and treason, and anything to stay with her.

That is a lot of options. You can, of course, classified, but it’s all averages. I do not believe these classifications.

Human motivation, aspirations, fears, subconscious reasons just do not lend themselves to such a primitive as a list. And therefore a statement that each person is unique, not pathos and not trivial.

The man forgave the betrayal. And what about after?

Also does not give any predictions what will happen in the future after a man forgive a cheating woman. Anyone will be tormented in the depths of the soul and does not forgive, even if will love.

Anyone satisfied a woman so hell, it would be better if this “sorry” was not. And someone shut down, cooled off, but relations are not interrupted, although not to mention the past.

As to when the woman, after me, changes once again, this is heavy. Once is an accident, twice or three times is a pattern. In this case, her need to think, and if she needed a man, whom she cheated? Or she just needed a few men?

But my personal opinion is that a case of treason – something like a relationship test. If a man loves, if he is found or is living with this woman, he should forgive her. Should you can.

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