Can pregnant women have sex? Find out the correct answer!

It is difficult to find a married couple waiting for first-born who are not interested in the question: can pregnant women have sex? If no, then when will you? And if Yes, in what positions, to what time and all that! Medicine answers these questions unequivocally: sex can only cautiously!

Pregnancy is a time of active change in the relations between the future parents. In the sexual activity of partners also changes. It happens that the previously indefatigable lovers become passive and are afraid to do something wrong. And more calm, the couple suddenly fully reveal their sexuality and realize new joy of family life. There’s an explanation for large — scale hormonal changes in a woman’s body and the changes that occur in her physiology. But sex during pregnancy, in any case, not banned! Moreover, it is very recommended for all pregnant couples!

To what period of pregnancy can have sex?

And when can I start? Yes, even from the first days! Although obstetrician-gynecologists are traditionally impose a two-month quarantine in an intimate relationship in the beginning of the term, don’t worry about anything, unless there is objective medical warnings. These include:

  • the threat of termination of pregnancy,
  • miscarriage in early pregnancy in a previous pregnancy,
  • vaginal bleeding,
  • leakage of amniotic fluid,
  • multiple pregnancy,
  • prolapse of the placenta,
  • infectious diseases one of the partners.

If none of that occurs to have sex is you can be happy with the first until the last weeks of pregnancy. Moreover, it is not only pleasant but also useful!

The use of “pregnant” sex

Sex in early pregnancy helps to:

  • to lighten the mood of the expectant mother and the baby to pass on a portion of pleasure hormones;
  • to improve the health of women. Don’t know how to get rid of morning sickness? Try sex as medicine!

Second trimester sex:

  • trains the muscles of the uterus, preparing them for productive work in childbirth;
  • just a cool and sensual process!

In the third trimester much depends on the term. If prior to delivery there is still a couple of months, you should not be afraid of premature onset of labour, as uterine contractions during body it does not provoke. But if labor is soon to begin (at 38-40 weeks), the sex will be excellent stimulant. And will help the rapid opening of the cervix through the hormone prostaglandin, contained in the sperm and soften the muscles of the “house” of the child.

According to the observations of young mothers and specialists, not the same happens and the sexual attitude of a pregnant woman. His appearance, or conversely a decrease in desire is also associated with a specific trimester. For example, in the first, a decrease in sexual desire. This is because the body produces hormones to protect the fetus, which has not yet managed to gain a firm foothold in the uterus. Besides, in the first three months of pregnancy few women not suffering from morning sickness, fatigue and just becomes very irritable because of the raging hormonal storms inside.

If in the beginning of the question, can pregnant women have sex because of the threat of miscarriage, still relevant. In the second trimester bloom, even those ladies, who had been rather cold to her man. There is no restrictions and fear suddenly to become pregnant (it already happened!) The rounded shape of the wife pleasing her husband, and she is so keenly aware of the desire that they are ready for the most daring experiments!

In the third trimester this romance is usually not a trace remains. The woman relaxed again and thoughts busy preparing for childbirth. Her body is resting and gaining strength for the most important work. So at this time from the partner, it requires utmost attention and respect to the desire of his wife. Often sexual relations are replaced by Platonic and friendly.

In what positions can you have sex pregnant?

This question has no clear answer. It is important that the poses were comfortable and the woman and her partner. In the first trimester will fit all that you chose earlier. The latter capabilities are not as extensive because of the increased tummy of the expectant mother. But posture “rear” and “side” are as relevant as ever.

If you care about can pregnant women have sex because of the risk of injury of the fetus, I hasten to reassure you: no, even the most exotic sex positions for pregnant will not harm your child. Nature hid its multiple layers of protection. From threats of the outside world to protect the baby’s anterior abdominal wall muscles, the fetal bladder and the shell, the amniotic fluid, which smooth out all the vibrations and pressure. Another protection inside the mother’s body becomes the uterus, tightly sealed mucous plug.

After childbirth the sex life is recommended to last 6-8 weeks. But, of course, few spouses can withstand such a long quarantine. Wait at least, when a young mother ends bleeding from the uterus. And then… Your sex will become even more bright than before pregnancy!

Can a pregnant woman have sex: the video

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