Can second-hand to dress stylish?

Second-hand in the former Soviet Union is commonly associated with “clothes for the poor.” This is partly true – there really is possible to dress very cheap.

But whether your choices consist of old rags or stylish vintage clothing from brands – depends on you!

If you decided to look into search of something interesting in second hand to dress in it need to skillfully. Useful advice in this difficult case will give original women’s website ““.

Dress in second-hand shame?

Of course not. This is an outdated opinion, and formed it in our country in the 90s. Then, after the Soviet total deficiency of the attractive things we have started at the same time open and second, regular stores, brands, and boutiques…

People who for decades wore dull and crooked works of Soviet garment industry, who are accustomed to alter the dress and facelift coats that were handed to sisters and girlfriends something rare and beautiful clothes as long as it does not worn out to full worthlessness – these people habitually react to “used” things as sign of poverty and misery, this generation still believes that to dress in second-hand shame.

Who could afford, went after the expensive things – the high price automatically was considered a sign of prestige. It was then that was born the famous joke about “new Russian”:

— Kolya, you how this take the tie?

— For 200 bucks!

— Are you an idiot, the same corner 500 bucks worth!

In addition, the second 90 RF is really not pleased with the interesting assortment in a “starved” by the abundance of clothes postsovok carried everything that could not be sold in Europe. The classic image of the ‘ will, which still scares fashionistas, formed then a dirty basement with mountains of cloth.

Fortunately, today it is not so. Modern second-hand shop is operating in accordance with all sanitary norms.

Of course, if you want you can find the cellar with a rag, but you don’t have to dress up in this second-hand – there is a network of second-hand clothes to any taste and purse.

In the major cities successfully operate the so-called “elite” second that offer buyers, design and vintage items in perfect condition.

The one dressed in second-hand “luxury” grade, many celebrities – Actresses, singers, etc.

Popular shopping second-hand is a large network of shops, which are very quickly updated the product, and where you can pick up things of any style for little money.

In Europe and the U.S. related to secondo quite another. These regions of the world much earlier faced with the problem of overproduction and “overconsumption”. People started to understand that clothing manufacturers are imposing the need of every season to buy new expensive things, and in fact, this need is not always and not all.

The Europeans and the Americans are clothes easier – there are no longer “meet on clothes”, people began to dress for less, investing finances in other aspects of his life – travel, education, housing, etc.

A culture of re — consumption- normal practice for Europeans is to give a second your unwanted things, because someone wants them cheap to buy, and to dress in second-hand stores.

And the vintage boutiques and flea markets (in our understanding, the “flea market”) – has long been a cult place for European fashionistas who have learned to dress stylishly second-hand. Some subcultures believe clothes from second-hand an essential attribute of style: for example, talking about hipsters, punks, hippies and other nonconformists.

If you like to look for something special and the process of searching for some unique things brings you excitement then you will surely be able to find in your city, those second where you is usually an interesting assortment and like the price.

Is it possible to dress in a thrift shop – it will not bring any used things the harm?

Clothing from second-hand has a specific smell, which makes many squeamish wrinkle your noses. However, this smell indicates that things are treated with a potent disinfectant (harmless to humans).

In principle, the ‘ will can be “contagious” because her customers tried on in the store (as well as new clothes in a regular store).

And mechanical dirt and stains, which, of course, happen, harm the buyer do not carry. In some networks, second-hand things with spots and defects are marked with individual price tags to the buyer drew attention to the problem.

All legally operating second-hand buyers are obliged to warn that all purchased items must be washed at home before wearing.

How to dress in second-hand: tips

The website wants to give you some valuable recommendations from seasoned “hunter seconda”:

  • Don’t buy all you fit or almost fit. At a very low price it is tempting to bring home a huge pile of clothes that, in General, is wearable, but… in fact, you will wear one or two things, and everything else will occupy the space in the house. Take only the most – one in which you look perfectly, something that you just fell in love!
  • In the first few trips to second-hand stores you can still buy the unwanted, unfashionable, unfit, defective, etc. do Not blame yourself, after all, been through it all “secondamano”, and just make the right conclusions and not repeat mistakes continue – dressed in second-hand wisely.
  • Comfortable to wear second-hand child, because children quickly grow out of clothes, and every Tomboy needs to be things you don’t mind if tear, wear out, get dirty: for sports, street games, etc.
  • Kids costumes “one party”, holiday party dresses for girls – all without problems can be cheap to buy secondhand and not spend money on expensive tailoring or new costumes that will come in handy once or twice.
  • The same goes for adults, evening and party dresses. If you need to appear in fancy dress, but you understand that is not ready to give serious money for a luxurious outfit from the shop, then take a stroll through second-hand stores and buy a dress for one night!
  • Going to shopping at second-hand, is to clearly define your goal: what would you like to buy, and what you absolutely nowhere. For example, you have 20 shirts, 21 you do not need even the wonderful. As you go over the sneakers because of the sneakers you at all. But even your wardrobe can expand for two or three dresses, so if you suddenly come across some absolutely perfect dress, you can buy it. Keep this in mind, it’s difficult, but doable.
  • Second-hand you should pay attention to jewelry and jewelry – often one can find stylish vintage jewelry of famous brands that connoisseurs pay is not “secondskin” money.
  • If you don’t know what suits you, what style of clothes your if you in search of your image – go to second-hand. Dress there is always optional, but you can buy some things for experimental images: if you find that this is your style, can then buy new clothes in regular stores, if the image will not work – you will not regret spent large sum.

  • In the second you can buy things basic wardrobe. You will have the choice of hundreds of white shirts, black pants, grey coats and other items easy and versatile – if you take the time and visit a few second-hand stores, you can buy a full set of standard, but the ideal setting for you. The main thing — not to get involved and not to bring home 10 white shirts, 10 black pants, etc.
  • You can dress in a thrift shop, but there are items that are not worth it to buy any scenario: this underwear (unless that gets clothesline Stok previously factory price tag, as a guarantee that linen is not used) and pillows (especially feather), cotton, and quilted blankets. These bedding items after a certain period of use, accumulated dust mites, for its destruction need dry cleaning in a special way. Given the cost of dry cleaning, you will be cheaper to buy a new pillow or blanket.

Dress in second-hand both simpler and more complicated than in conventional stores. Easier – because you are unlikely to spend too much, besides will be able to find something unique, not “mass consumption”. More difficult – because the selection process will have to run look for a huge number of totally inappropriate things and learn to find the “pearl in the mud”.

But if you have a good sense of style, such a shopping may be for you a very special entertainment, and your wardrobe will be enriched with interesting things!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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