Can’t cry, can’t cry – is it normal?

It turns out that the miser is not only men’s tears. With women it also happens. “I don’t know how to cry! Does not cause me any tears touching story about a child who coped with severe illness or long-awaited happy ending in the regular soap, not touching and touching “Yes” on the wedding of friends-with-diapers. Yes, sad, happy, touching, but without tears.” Is this normal? Why is this happening? Finds

It just so happened that “” beginning to understand the plaintive theme, and we have understood why women cry. As a result of that study, we found that along with the tears comes the stress hormone and toxic substances, they played. Specify that stress may be caused by the news of the death of a cat, and a long-awaited marriage proposal, that is, any strong emotions.

If you do not know how to cry, then the question arises – why? finds out: why is there a problem of “can’t cry”
You get rid of the stress in other ways

Until you have something to move, you have to visit the gym or spend a terrific night with a loved one. Or have restless slumber party. Or read a favorite novel with hot tea and a slice of fragrant pastries. You lead an active lifestyle and you simply have no time to suffer on the detail.

And stress does not have time to accumulate. This is commendable. And useful.

On the other hand, tears is a measure of the sensual parts of women. In fact crying not only from grief, but from joy, and you don’t have that.

When the woman calms down, is in a calm state, which is usually so like to guard and protect men, but sometimes to cry. Above the beautiful picture of a Vkontakte. Over the fate of a stray kitten. Or at least, “Lord, how lucky I am!”. Think, do you like, what you don’t know how to cry. If you still have discomfort, then probably you should pay attention to their femininity.

You accumulate stress

Be safe – natural female need. And splash out the stress breaks the boundaries of our carefully constructed fortress. So we prefer to save the stress of having to swallow insults, to reassure himself, saying that “it gets better” or “nothing terrible happened”, trying to find a good that we got nasty in the store or in the punctured wheel and so on.

But if it does not pass through the level of emotions, if all of these soothe and remain at head level, then sooner or later you will burst and you will learn what are emotions and tears.

That is, can’t cry with you because they deliberately give the brain the installation not to worry, not to Express emotions, not to cry. Not crying after watching “Hachiko”, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to shed a tear when your little one first will tell you: “Mamochka, I tibya lublyu”.

The question is: why?

The law of conservation of energy in physics States that nothing appears out of nowhere and goes nowhere. Accordingly, if the stress you visited, it will result sooner or later. You can’t fool yourself. Units such as “I am calm. I am calm” is sometimes not enough.

If you, for example, lacks the gentle stroking on the back or a sweet men kisses, exhortations like “I loved” you will not help. Allow yourself to relax. Admit that you have problems. Admit your imperfections, your mistakes, your weakness. Probably along with these you will feel how your shoulders appeared heavy burden, and the phrase “I am Not able to cry,” you will forget in time. And even happy to prochuvstvuesh differently.

You avoid stress

There is such a position – “I’m in the house” (aka “my business”), it means that I do not accept any bad news, in my life everything is cool, all is well. If you are talking about are bad, then you are configured. All men are brothers. All IPRs. Om. So, you know, blind optimism. In this case, when you the eyes of a silly look at the world and really there is no need to cry. Only it is temporary.

The good without the bad is not the price, but the optimism is that on a muddy field, you will see a Daisy, not a trace of the procession of cows. But if you say to the last that it’s all daisies and smell like daisies, it’s called optimism, and otkreschivanie reality. To bad we can not see you can not let it inside, to believe in good, believe in that stuff anymore.

Like it or not, and the world is bad, and it comes up to you, the more you will have to disown him, the sooner will come. Therefore, do not provoke fate.

If you can’t, but want to learn how to cry, a time to change your Outlook on the world. When you will discover other side where no daisies, you will want to cry, and perhaps you swing the other way (“bad”). Time will pass, and the pendulum is equalized. But it is better not to risk and not to shake, because the more you delay, the harder you will hit.

You don’t have enough female hormones

It turns out that men don’t cry not only because of the fact that childhood they are taught that “men don’t cry”, but also because of the lack of the hormone prolactin, which is responsible for producing tears (and breast milk, by the way).

Women’s health – no joke, and they need to do in order to know not so much why you can’t cry, and, for example, what consequences can be from low levels of this (and only this? have you checked?) hormone. After all, the hormone system affects all our lives: the ability to conceive, bear and bring up child, on the skin, nails, hair, mood, skin elasticity, fatigue, etc.

You do not allow yourself to cry

“Strong women don’t cry. I’ll take it. I can handle it.”

Unfortunately, this philosophy is very popular among modern women. The philosophy of the fighter, which was previously characteristic only for men. You cultivate character, strength of will, what kind of tears. Is it any wonder in this case what you say to yourself “I can’t and won’t cry”? And what you probably understand yourself.

As you can see, most of the reasons you can’t cry is psychological.

Natural for a woman to be sensitive and cry sometimes, so her physiology. The absolute lack of tears – a possible sign that you need something to think about. What does this sign tell you? Please share with us.

Author – Love Segalove, site

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