Care for oily skin in summer and winter

What is the care for oily skin? What are the main steps? Is it possible to reduce the production of fat and reduce pore size? Which means suggest to include in the program of care beauticians? And what features of the control state of the epidermis in the summer and in the winter time?

Holders of oily skin at a young age think that they were very unlucky. The face is often shiny, the makeup is sinking into the folds of the eyelids and on the nose. Periodically there are acne and pimples, blackheads and enlarged pores is accompanied with adolescence. These problems can be addressed, if to approach to their decision carefully.

Especially oily skin

Recognize your epidermis is oily easy. Enough to assess the person visually. It is characterized by:

  • wide pores, visible externally;
  • tight, even rough surface;
  • Shine, supported by elevated sebum secretion;
  • the presence of black spots due to blockage of the pores.

But such features are inherent to the owners of the skin of the combined type, which requires slightly different care than oily. To clarify your type by using a simple test.

Test fat

To determine the type of epidermis in the morning wash your face with regular soap — foam, gel and dry face. Apply moisturizer or makeup is not necessary. After two hours, attach to the face a paper towel, press firmly. Evaluate the results.

  • Oiliness in T-zone. The spots near the chin, Central forehead and nose indicate the combined type of the epidermis. In these areas it is oily, and cheeks and side of face is normal.
  • Oiliness around the face. It is issued five tallow stains on the napkin. In this case, the skin is really oily.

Why is it important to share combo and oily epidermis? The fact that the plots of normal type do not require the use of resources, is preferable to those where the secretion is increased. Using the same tool, you can dry more delicate areas. Therefore, when combined the skin cosmetic preparations drying, antibacterial action applied only on the T-zone.

Popular misconceptions

It is believed that oily skin is the most problematic, as it requires specific care. But looking attractive is not always. Cosmetologists say that the owners of such epidermis was lucky, because due to high density and usually sufficient turgor is less susceptible to the formation of facial wrinkles. Aging approximately ten years later than dry. And with increased oil secretion can be overcome with the correct care.

There are common misconceptions about what to do with oily facial skin at home. Let’s look at them in detail.

Myth 1. The surface of the epidermis more rough, consisting of a thick layer of dead skin cells. It is important to remove regularly and carefully, otherwise the cream will not reach a “live” tissues.

Skin — not just the shell, it is a living organism composed of cells. They are constantly updated. The complete update process of the external tissues of the epidermis occurs within twenty-eight days. To remove this cover is really necessary, because in this approach the face looks more manicured, and the skin — smooth. But too zealous even when excessive sebum secretion impossible.

Dead cells the keratocytes are the same cells as the rest of the body. The process of expression, that is, the death and removal in a natural way, maintains the stability of the epidermis. If the expression occurs more intense, for example, with daily use of the scrub, the skin starts to produce more protective cells in an effort to “close up” the gaps in its structure. There is a phenomenon of hyperkeratosis in which its surface thickens and thickens.

It is therefore essential to carry out the removal of superficial keratocytes (exfoliation) regularly and in moderation. With increased sebum secretion of the skin only two or three treatments per week.

Myth 2. Be sure to use a scrub and RUB the face up.

Higher density level of the skin makes women think of exfoliation, you should use rough tools — abrasives. The easiest option is scrub, which is prepared at home from salt, sugar, coffee, or industrial, using as the hard abrasive particles, such as crushed shells of nuts.

To apply such funds is not only unnecessary, but dangerous. Scrubs damage the skin, leaving invisible micro-scratches. If the intensity of sebum is increased, the cracks will become numb sebum that result provokes foci of inflammatory processes. In addition, the abrasive particles are so small and have such sharp edges that can get stuck in the pores, starting the inflammatory process and the formation of acne.

Use the scrub in home care can from time to time, not more often than once per month. “If you need to align your skin, use scrub, says beautician Olga FEM. But in the usual care use a softer means.”

Today in the market you can find compositions for purification with polymer granules. They do not scratch the skin and remove the keratocytes gently, without damage.

But it is more effective and is ideal for oily skin enzyme peels. Include fruit acids, usually bromelain or papain. They break down dead keratocytes and remove them without affecting the healthy tissue. Their important advantage is the ability to dissolve sebum in the pores, whereby the shrink, become less noticeable. With regular use, 2 times a week enzyme peels reduce oiliness of the epidermis.

Myth 3. The skin needs to be dried.

The most dangerous misconception. The peculiarity of this epidermis that he is in search of the optimal balance of humidity and private activity in the development of skin secret. Drying means changing the picture. They pull moisture away from the skin, but sebum does not stop.

On the contrary, the more often you use a drying means, the more the skin start to produce their own “lubricant” to reduce the loss of moisture. This leads to the fact that moisture in the surface layer is insufficient, the skin loses its tone, it builds up in the folds and creases in the form of wrinkles. And his face shines so intensely that you don’t have time to MOP it up with napkins.

What to do with oily skin in that case? Do not dry! Refrain from soap, alcohol-based lotions. Your makeup should to be softer formula. Composition for washing — Sebo-regulating foam that does not break the moisture level, but reduces the production of sebaceous secretion. Use the toner after cleansing to normalize the pH level on the surface of the skin and in addition moisturize it.

To use an alcohol-based compounds can only point, in the presence of rashes. Enter the product on a cotton swab and apply to the inflamed pimple. Wipe this means all the person is categorically unacceptable.

Myth 4. If you regularly dry skin, it will become normal.

The question how to get rid of oily skin, has no scientific justification. To make it impossible. Type of the epidermis depends neither on the menu nor from the peculiarities of care, so called among the reasons for increased fat eating spicy food is wrong.

Type of skin is given by nature, inherent in us genetically, like eye color, or height. Replace it with another is impossible. But to the dried oily skin with signs of aging — is quite real.

Myth 5. Moisturizers are not necessary, because the epidermis hydrate itself.

The level of moisture and greasiness — things are different. Moisture is retained in the structure of the skin, and the sebaceous the secret is present on the surface. At elevated temperature and its dryness, the wind, the active influence of the sun the moisture evaporates. It happens if you wash cleanser and don’t apply moisturizer. The moisture balance is disturbed.

Dermatologist Joanna Vargas compares the undamped oily skin with dried apricots. “Imagine that you took a dried fruit on top and poured the oil. Its surface is bold, but inside moisture is not increased. And your skin. If you forget to moisturize, it will begin to age rapidly. This is especially true after 30 years.”

To maintain the balance of the skin, be sure to use a moisturizer. In its composition can be hyaluronic acid (cosmetics for young epidermis), collagen (after 40 years), jojoba oil.

It is important that the cream had a light, lean structure, gel. It should not be thick oils that can clog the pores and promote the formation of inflammation.

Care rules

To care for oily skin at home should be properly chosen cosmetics. Extremely difficult to find one on a supermarket shelf.

Should be looking at drugstore brands cosmetic products, in which composition contains the following components.

Alpha hydroacids (ANA). Fruit acids (malic, citric, glycolic, almond) and others, are used in creams and masks for oily skin care. Dissolve excess sebum in the pores, help to reduce its output.

  • Betta hydroacids (VNA). Used salicylic acid, which is a part of cleansers, tonics. Has astringent, antibacterial effect, reduces the formation of sebum.
  • Vitamin A. Retinol, the active ingredient, prevents inflammatory processes, the formation of acne, pimples. Funds with retinol is cosmetics, it can be used in courses to solve the problem. The constant use does not make sense, as the skin gets used to it and ceases to react correctly.
  • Trace elements. Zinc, sulfur, copper. These substances have anti-inflammatory action, normalizes the composition of skin microflora.
  • Essential oil. Proven efficacy in the means to care for oily skin oils of tea tree, eucalyptus. They reduce the severity of inflammation.

Preferably, the presence in the composition of plant extracts to solve the associated problems of the skin. Gingko biloba, chamomile, St. John’s wort, celandine, calendula, nettle and a number of other cultures revitalizes the skin, increases its immunity, improve skin tone cells, increase the strength of the cell wall.

Daily technique

Twenty-five years the skin is able to recover, so even after a sleepless night in the morning you will look attractive. It is enough to clean the face before bed and use moisturizer.

After twenty-five started the aging process. It is important to observe care regularly, not forgetting about her in the weekends and holidays. The sooner you develop the habit to give myself ten minutes in the morning and evening after a shower, the longer your skin will stay young, and the problem of fat will be troubled less.

  • Purification. Wash your face with a shaving cream or gel twice a day. In the morning cleansing removes the surface of the epidermis of the skin secret that has accumulated in the pores overnight. In the evening — removes surface fat and impurities, not removed by means of make-up remover.
  • Tonification. Necessary to normalize the acid-alkaline balance after washing with tap water for humidification. Held twice a day. Preferably, the content in the tonic therapeutic components for your type skin: sebum-regulating, improves local immunity. The existence of such components is always present on the bottle. Apply the composition using a cotton pad or directly spray to the face. To wash it is not required.
  • Hydration. Held morning and evening on clean, tarifitsirovana the skin. In the morning use a light moisturizer with UV protection level of SPF 15. In the evening — more dense regenerating formula that helps the skin to recover at night.
  • Exfoliation. Is performed using enzymatic peeling (gommage) twice a week. The product is applied on clean skin after washing your face with warm water. Enzyme peels contain enzymes that work more actively in heat, therefore, according to beauticians, it is important to maintain the required temperature. Easily massage your face with your fingers dipped in warm water or apply a warm damp cloth. After ten minutes, rinse, apply the mask or moisturizer. For reviews of cosmetologists, mask after enzyme exfoliation improves the penetration of its active ingredients into the skin.
  • Deep hydration. One or two times a week use a moisturizing mask hyaluronic acid, collagen, algae, and other moisturizing ingredients. This mask saturates the epidermis with moisture, prevents aging and reduces the severity of facial wrinkles.
  • A deep cleansing. One or two times a week is recommended mask for deep cleansing clay-based. These compounds adsorb skin secret, give the surface a matte finish, tightens pores. The addition of essential oils provide anti-inflammatory effect.

With high fat content during the day wipe the face wipes to cleanse the skin.

The nuances of summer

It is believed that in the summer, even with oily epidermis dries slightly and is less of an issue. In fact, the issue of high offices skin secret may even be exacerbated, aided by high temperature, excessive sun, wind. On the surface of the skin there is often hyperpigmentation.

To reduce the harmful effects of external factors, the care of oily skin in summer should be adjusted.

  • Additional purification. If during the day there is a feeling of fat, dirt, you can wash your face with foam or gel. If this is not possible, use wet wipes, tonic water or regular mineral water.
  • Easy hydration. Use Sebo-regulating gel or emulsion instead of cream. In its composition should be as moisturizing ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidant vitamins C and E. They protect the skin from free radicals that cause aging.
  • A minimum of makeup. The more layers of cosmetics on your face, the more you work the sebaceous glands. Reduce this number to a minimum. Do not use Foundation.
  • Plus one exfoliation a week. If you have used home peels once a week, add another procedure, if two — then apply three times. This will allow you to control the intensity of sebum.
  • Plus one mask a week. Keep in the Arsenal of moisturizing and cleansing mask. If there is a formation of pimples, add anti-inflammatory mask that should be used as needed in acute acne.

Avoid using tools with retinol and acid peels in the summer. They increase the sensitivity of the epidermis to UV light.

The nuances of the winter period

In winter time the epidermis is dried by cold wind, frosty air, in which zero moisture content and dry air in apartments and offices. Therefore, care oily skin in winter needs to include additional moisture and protection from external factors.

Moisturizer to use during winter need. The view that the pores on frosty air it turns into ice no more than a myth. Any cosmetic composition contains water, which acquires the temperature of the skin and the ice is not converted. Only cause it should be about an hour before leaving the house.

For winter care, choose a thick cream with a high nutritional and protective qualities. They contain vegetable oil, vitamins needed to prevent dehydration. Preferred formulations with Shea butter (Shea butter), avocado and tocopherol (vitamin E).

Do not buy funds based on mineral oils, paraffin and petrolatum, which are well moisturize only in the short term. With regular use, they disrupt the lipid barrier and the skin remains dry even when applied in skin care products.

You may need to change the primary and secondary care.

  • Purification. If your normal “washroom” is a feeling of tightness on face, dryness, change it to more delicate. Suitable means for sensitive skin.
  • Protective makeup. It needs to be layered. After cleansing and tonification apply a nourishing cream. Allow it to soak and after about forty minutes, apply concealer, powder. So you can protect your skin from external factors.
  • Food. In the winter it is reasonable to administer a course of supplementary food skin serums. Mask for moisturizing, apply three times a week.

Often in the winter your epidermis is oily gets symptoms sensitive. Can be concerned about the redness, irritation. But this does not mean that the skin type has changed. It is important to consider its present condition and use for the care of more gentle products.

Considered to oily skin punishment is a big mistake. It can really cause more problems than any other. But with proper care is gaining appeal, sebum secretion is less, pimples and blackheads occur infrequently. Adjust care for oily skin depending on the season, use a special collection of cosmetics. And she will always please you with no wrinkles and freshness.

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