Caring for a tattoo is simple, but important rules

You’ve been thinking whether to do the tattoo, and finally it’s happened – carefully chosen image masterfully done, soon you will be able to proudly display to his friends and woman site share your joy. In order to make a good impression lasted for as long as possible required meticulous care of the tattoo – like in the period immediately after application, so in the future. The only way the image longer it will retain its color and shape.

Care of skin after tattooing

If you do a tattoo in the salon, you will provide recommendations for the care of the newly applied tattoo. If not, then you definitely are useful tips that help to care for the tattoo in the first days after application – this largely depends on the subsequent state of the tattoo.

So, once the image is ready, the master should issue the initial special bandagewhich is not removed within 3-12 hours (depending on the recommendation of the master). After removing the bandage wash your tattoo thoroughly with warm water and soap, don’t wash, let the picture itself is dry or lightly blot it with a soft towel.

After a thin layer of the recommended master apply antibacterial ointment, for example, “d-Panthenol”, “Bacitracin”, “Bepanten”, etc. Twice a day lubricate the place of tattooing baby cream. Before you take a shower make sure the image is protected by a layer of fatty cream.

Caring for the tattoo during the healing period it is forbidden:

  •  Tan
  • Apply alcohol solutions
  • To touch the freshly applied tattoo hands, scratch, remove the crust
  • Access to the swimming pool, Solarium, sauna, steam room, take a hot bath
  • Wrap the tattoo or put a band-aid
  • Do physical exercise
  • Take alcohol and even drinking coffee

The healing time of the tattoo, as a rule, is about 10 days. During this time, the image will come down resulting crust, and then flake layer. After this time the area of the skin you can use ordinary means to care for the body, for example, a loofah or scrub.

How to keep the tattoo?

 If the care of the newly applied tattoo was correct, so it will retain its shape and color. In the future recommends actively prevent its fading.

For the form of tattoo, it is best she remains on parts of the body where the skin remains relatively resilient – for example, shoulder blade or ankle. If the image is applied to the place where the skin is exposed to metamorphosis – you will not remain anything else how to try to keep myself in shape, preventing it from sagging and the appearance of cellulite.

If your tattoo is blue, black, red, or brown colors, this image will persist longer. Other colors – pink, yellow, orange, blue, white – fade much faster.

Preserving the color of the tattoo largely depends on the speed and uniformity of the natural renewal of skin cells. If in everyday care for a stable tattoo include daily lubrication of the area tattooed skin sea buckthorn or olive oil, the skin will be updated evenly, and the number of dead cells over time will decrease.

To preserve tattoo color take food, rich in natural vitamin E and synthetic vitamins. Don’t put the skin exposure to the active chemicals.

For example, alcohol, which today is a part of some cosmetics or household chemicals and chlorine, which in large quantities contained in the pool water for disinfection, negatively affect the brightness of the tattoo. Try to minimize the contact of these substances with the skin, which is applied to the tattoo.

Active solar radiation also leads to fading of the tattoo. Part of the care of the tattoo should be her protection during sunfor this use sunscreen with a higher degree of protection from UV radiation. You can also cover the tattoo with a bandage. Sunburn can also result in a deformation of the image.

In order to make caring for the tattoo as efficient as possible, when there is inflammation , you must apply to the master, who did the tattoo. Some types of paint can cause the skin allergic reactions and the body’s defenses should be enough to combat it, but a visit to the wizard definitely does not hurt.

Healthy beauty! ?

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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