Castor oil for hair: the composition and medicinal properties, recipes, masks, procedure home laminating

How much effort and money girls spend on care for the curls? Masks, serums, conditioners, salon treatments — all this is not cheap. But the effect is not always worthwhile. The problem is that many girls equate quality with high cost. In fact, the real treasure may be worth mere pennies. Using castor oil for hair can improve the scalp, improve the quality of hair and to achieve the desired length. How useful is castor oil? How to use it?

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  • 1 Why you should try
  • 2 application of castor oil for hair
    • 2.1 pure
    • 2.2 In masks
    • 2.3 spray
  • 3 Home laminating
    • 3.1 With the mayonnaise, yogurt and egg
    • 3.2 With gelatin and ether sandalwood
  • 4 rinse: 5 rules

Interestingly, castor oil is made from a poisonous plant called castor, which is listed in the Guinness book of world records for the highest concentration of toxic substances. Eating a few berries or prolonged skin contact may lead to the death of a person. But thanks to the technology of cold pressing, all the dangerous and harmful remains among the waste, and on the shelves of the pharmacies flagged a useful tool, recommended for indoor and outdoor use. It has strong soothing, regenerating and antibacterial properties that have been successfully used in the care of the curls. Hair after castor oil transformed, after expensive salon treatments.

Why you should try

The benefits of castor oil for hair is invaluable. Causing strands for the first time, you will immediately notice the improvement in the appearance of your hair. The secret lies in the rich chemical composition. Read more it is described in the following table.

Table — nutrients in the composition of castor oil and their effect on the condition of the hair

SubstanceShare in theUseful properties
Ricinolein acid84.5% of— Softens dry epidermis;
— makes the hair shaft more elastic;
— prevents breakage;
— stimulates the activity of hair follicles;
— accelerates growth
Linoleic acid6,42%— Deeply moisturizes the scalp;
— nourishes the hair
Oleic acid4,41%— Prevents the evaporation of fluid from the skin and from the surface of the hair;
— protects hair from negative influences of sun, wind, cold, hard water, detergents
Stearic acid1,58%— Eliminates irritation and flaking on the skin;
— prevents the section
Palmanova acid1,48%— Facilitates the penetration of nutrients into skin cells and hair structure
Linolenic acid0.45% of— Improves the functional condition of the scalp, making it more dense and resistant to external influences
Dihydroxystearic acid0.47% of— Gives the product enveloping texture;
— facilitates the distribution of oil in the skin and strands

Thanks to the rich composition of the product, hair treatment castor oil shows excellent results even in severe cases. For example, external application, will help to stop severe hair loss during pregnancy and after childbirth.Application of castor oil for hair

The use of castor oil for hair growth involves several options. Can be used as intact, and as part of multi-component masks and other caregivers.


Features. The easiest and most common way to use castor oil — apply it to your curls in pure form. Helps repair dry hair after using hair dryer and Curling iron, and after perming or colouring.


  • A small amount pound in palms.
  • Treat strands, paying most attention to dry ends.
  • Twist strands into a bundle and fix it with a hairpin.
  • Wrap head with plastic wrap or foil and a thick towel. To enhance the effect of heat “design” a Hairdryer.
  • Depending on the degree of damage of strands, soak the mask from 15 minutes to an hour.
  • A few times wash hair.
  • Castor oil is thick. Some manufacturers it is so viscous that cause the hair becomes problematic. To remedy the situation, you can dilute the agent of any vegetable oil with a liquid consistency.In masks

    Mask with castor oil for hair growth, restore hair structure, combat dandruff and to address the list of problems shows excellent results. Combining castor oil with certain substances, you achieve a synergistic effect. The useful properties of the components are not simply summed, but are amplified several times. Methods for preparing cosmetic formulas for hair castor oil is described in the following table.

    Table — Recipes of masks for hair based on castor oil

    AppointmentThe main componentAdditional componentsTime
    To speed up hair growth2 tablespoons of castor oil— 2 tablespoons capsicum tincture2 hours
    To strengthen the hair— 1 tablespoon of honey (if thick, you need to melt);
    — 1 tablespoon of lemon juice;
    — egg yolk
    30 minutes
    Greasy— Half a Cup of yogurt1 hour
    Dandruff— 2 tablespoons of tincture of calendula20 minutes
    From hair loss— 2 tablespoons of onion juice;
    — 2 tablespoons of aloe Vera pulp
    1 hour
    From split ends— 2 tablespoons of almond oil 30 minutes
    To thick hair — 2 tablespoons brandy;
    — egg yolk
    2 hours
    For a healthy glow— 2 tablespoons of burdock oil30 minutes
    From dryness— 1 teaspoon of glycerin;
    — 1 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar;
    — egg yolk
    30 minutes
    For damaged hairCapsule of vitamin E;
    — 5 drops of essential oil of cinnamon
    Leave overnight
    To cleanse the scalp— 1 teaspoon fine sea salt;
    large boiled onion (grind into puree)
    10 minutes
    For elasticity— Egg yolk;
    — a loaf of black bread;
    — half Cup chamomile
    1 hour
    For volume— 3 tablespoons of colorless henna (diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream)40 minutes

    Connecting with each other, components of the mask enter into a chemical reaction that changes their properties. So even if you are not allergic to castor oil and other components of the means test. Drop kastorovoe the finished mask apply on the skin in the temporal region or on the wrist.Spray

    Features. Hair needs constant hydration and protection. To this end, castor oil for hair is used in spray form. The tool will help to facilitate the brushing will make the curls smooth and healthy glow.

    How to do

  • In advance, prepare a container with a spray. Fit an empty bottle from hair spray.
  • Pour into the container of a pint of still mineral water.
  • Add a tablespoon of castor oil three to five drops of ether ylang-ylang.
  • Tighten the container lid.
  • Daily spray on hair. Pre-spray need to intensely shake to oil particles evenly distributed in the water.
  • Home laminating

    One of the most popular salon treatment for hair care is a lamination. After treatment with a special compound curls become more dense, elastic and shiny. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of such care can afford not every girl. But don’t despair, budget home hair mask of castor oil has a less pronounced effect.

    With mayonnaise, yogurt and egg

    You will need:

    • castor oil — tbsp;
    • mayonnaise — the same;
    • butter — four tablespoons;
    • a chicken egg.

    How to do

  • Combine all ingredients and knead well until the mixture is smooth.
  • Apply the mask on your hair. The composition was distributed evenly on hair, use a comb with rare teeth.
  • Wrap head with polyethylene and towel.
  • After an hour wash your hair with shampoo.
  • For the cumulative effect treat hair part every 14 days.
  • With gelatin and ether sandalwood

    You will need:

    • castor oil — a teaspoon;
    • gelatin — tablespoon;
    • the air sandalwood — two drops.

    How to do

  • Dissolve gelatin with water (or decoction of chamomile). The amount of liquid is determined by the instructions on the product packaging.
  • When the granules swell, add in a container of castor oil and ester, and send the composition in a water bath.
  • When the mixture is homogeneous, allow to cool slightly.
  • On clean wet hair spread composition. Begin to apply the remedy, taking three to four centimeters from the roots.
  • Wrap the head with foil, wrap with a warm towel and warm up with a hair dryer for ten minutes.
  • After half an hour wash your head.
  • Castor laminating a mask at home you need to use this product for two months. For period and carry out the procedure every ten days. After a month break, repeat the course.

    As a rinse: 5 rules

    Some of the components of castor oil are not destroyed under the action of water and even detergent. Therefore, the remover of the mask turns into a long and painful process. To make things easier, follow the five rules.

  • Additional impurities. To weaken the molecular bonds between the components of castor oil, before applying oil to hair is add to it the yolk of one egg or a few drops of any air. It will also increase the healing properties.
  • The contrast of temperatures. Washing away the mask, alternate rinsing with hot and cold water. Such “shock therapy” will allow not only quicker to wash away from your strands, but will also contribute to the smoothing scales.
  • A suitable shampoo. To remove oil mask, use a shampoo designed for oily hair.
  • The right water. Judging by the reviews, the hard chlorinated water gets a film of oil on the skin. To uninstall the tool without a remainder, use boiled or pooled water.
  • Tools of the smell. Castor oil has a specific odor that can remain on the hair after removal of the mask. To hair fragrant, rinse them with water and vinegar or a flavored air conditioning.
  • During the time of the dictator Mussolini, castor oil was a tool of the death penalty. In South America, the means used to combat moths and rodents. But let these facts do not scare me. Castor oil from the local pharmacy are absolutely safe for people who have not observed individual intolerance. Mask with castor oil for hair with regular use works wonders.

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