Cats do not cause allergies: choosing a pet for Allergy

Allergies, according to the who, exposed to about one third of the world’s population. And one of the most common allergens – pet dander, especially cats. But many do want to, despite illness, to have a home fluffy ball. Are there any cats that do not cause allergies? try to understand this question.

What makes a cat non-allergenic?

Hypoallergenic cats – animals that have a smaller amount of the allergen. The key word here is “less.”

Hypoallergenic does not mean not allergic, and do not exist completely non-allergenic cats.

The view that long-haired cats are the most allergenic is wrong. The main cat allergen is a protein contained in saliva. The cat licks the fur, the protein gets on it with dry wool in the air and from the air in the sinuses. Some breeds of cats this protein less, which makes them hypoallergenic.

Balinese cat

A few facts about cat allergen

  • In the saliva of cats allergen more than in the saliva of cats;
  • In castrated animals, the amount of the allergen are reduced.
  • Cats with a darker color the more allergenic than light-colored cats;
  • In kittens less allergen than adult cats.

On this basis, the women’s website “” believes that spayed female cat with blonde hair is most suited to allergies than others.

Oriental cat

Cats do not cause allergies

While no one breed can not be called strictly non-allergenic, there are seven breeds of cats, the amount of the allergen which have the lowest. But the following list should not be the only criterion for choosing a pet. So before you start a hypoallergenic breed of cat, you need to consider other characteristics of the breed and choose the one most suited to you and your family.

Cat breeds that do not cause allergies

So what cats don’t cause allergies?

Three of the seven species belong to the Oriental. This is a Balinese, Oriental Shorthair and Javanese (Javanese) breed. They are a good choice for Allergy sufferers-lovers of Siamese cats.

1. Balinese breed

This breed is often called the longhaired Siamese, so at first glance, and according to popular opinion, it is not particularly suitable for Allergy sufferers. In fact, cats of this breed produced the lowest amount of protein is the allergen, so the Balinese are some of the most non allergic cats.

2. Oriental (Oriental) Shorthair

Besides the fact that the breed is hypoallergenic, it is simple to care for. On brushing the short coat regularly and bathing the cat, you will reduce the risk of developing allergic reactions to a minimum.

Javanese cat

3. Javanese (Javanese)

Like the Balinese, wool Avanesov medium length. But due to the lack of undercoat the coat first, do not clump, secondly, holds a smaller amount of the allergen.

The list also included two Rex — the Devon and Cornish. They are a little fade, which is certainly good for people with allergies.

4. The Devon Rex

The Devon Rex coat is short and sparse. They are easy to care for – they need to regularly clean the ears and paw pads from the accumulated secretions, but it is not necessary to bathe as often as sphinxes.

Devon Rex

5. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cats are a little harder to care for than the Devon Rex. They need to be washed regularly to clear the skin from the eye-catching secret.

And the last two rocks opposite each other: hairless and long-haired.

6. Sphinx

The hairless Sphinx is the first breed that comes to mind at the mention of non-allergenic cats. These cats are, indeed, most often do not cause allergies. However, in the care of the Sphynx is quite complicated. Cat need frequent baths to remove the sticky secret from the skin. Due to skin trauma tongue while licking, sphinxes reluctant to deal with the grooming, and this duty will fall entirely on your shoulders.

Cornish Rex

7. Siberian breed

The Siberian cats is quite long and fluffy hair, but the amount of allergenic enzyme are very low. It is believed that up to 75% of Allergy sufferers are not allergic to this breed.

What kind of cat to have?

Once you have decided to have the cat not allergic, do not rush immediately to buy a kitten. First, try to spend some time with him to understand that you really don’t have allergies.

Buying a cat, make sure the breeder in case of allergic reactions, you will be able to get it back. Any normal breeder will agree to it.


What else to do

The choice of the breed of cats does not cause allergies – not all. Talk about additional measures that you should take in order to minimize the risk of Allergy.

  • Frequent bathing and grooming

If you suffer from allergies, just in case entrust these procedures to other members of the family.

It is proved that regular baths (3-4 times a week) allow you to remove up to 84% of the selected allergens.

  • Wash bedding and wash the toys

Regular washing and washing toys will also reduce the amount of allergen in the air, so do it at least once a week.

  • Groping and stroking

After you patted the cat, wash your hands and face. Never touch eyes or face with unwashed hands.

Siberian cat

Now you know what cats don’t cause allergies and that Allergy is not an absolute ban on keeping pet at home. Choose the most appropriate breed, follow the described above simple tips and you will be able to fully get pleasure from this cozy and affectionate animals.

The author – Svetlana Feldshera practicing veterinarian, specifically for your website –

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