Caution – the job: what to pay attention to the ad

When you have to urgently look for a new job, you cannot afford to waste a lot of time wasted – sure If the account goes almost to the day, in such a situation, all means of job search – Newspapers, Internet, personal connections. If you were suddenly left without a job, catch on everything and send a summary of all the more or less appropriate suggestions, this article will help you to save a lot of time.

You are doing everything right: the more proposals, communication channels and contacts, the more opportunities open before you.

But sometimes it’s worth to slow down and more carefully consider the informationset out in the vacancy. It’s a shame because for a long time to prepare for the interview, spend time on the road, and during the interview to discover what is offered absolutely not what was discussed in the ad. will help to identify obviously false information, “disguised” by the employer.

Insidious vacancy

As a rule, the text of job consists of several items:

  • age of the candidate
  • education and experience
  • responsibilities
  • working conditions
  • wages

Consider each item separately.

Age requirements

This “option” in the text of the announcement can be expressed implicitly, as employers lately are cautious and don’t want to be accused of some form of discrimination. But in General style to the requirement for experience and other circumstantial evidence it is possible to form an adequate idea of how truthful information.

First of all, to relate the requirements of the education age “limit”.

For example, if a senior position in the company required the man from 20 till 35 years with higher education, it is easy to calculate that the UNIVERSITY graduate at least 21 years old. From which we conclude that the necessary man to take on the work, perhaps even without a diploma, and that means that salaries will not correspond to a certain average level.

If you are looking for a responsible, well-paid position and have significant experience in their field, recommends that you do not waste time on this kind of jobs – big companies formulate their proposals as clearly as possibleto initially cut off unsuitable candidates.

Requirements experience

Experts believe this requirement is a mandatory parameter in the evaluation of jobs.

And this is true because a prestigious position related to the adoption of real solutions that will hardly take a man without enough experience in this field (at least without connections).

In addition, pay close attention to the skills, which should have a future employee of the company. If the list includes too many “related” and “non-core” duties, most likely, the company is looking for “universal soldier”.

This means that the company is not going to trust this employee, key decisions that require deep specialization in this field, and, more than likely just going to save on multiple employees at once.

It’s very convenient when in charge of, say, the HR Manager is also to answer calls at reception or disassemble the mail Manager and answer emails.

The wage offered

Too high a level of income, especially in conjunction with the first two “blurred” points that can be a bright marker that the job is not quite true.

To the choice of jobs was rational, try from various sources with maximum accuracy to find out the average market salary level for the position for which you are applying. And navigate searching on this financial “corridor”, preferably at its upper end.

If jobs is specified probationary period, the wage level in this period should not be too different from the main s/p. Also, find out in advance whether offer the candidate to formalize the test period.

Special bonuses and additional terms

Many major vacancies recorded as a separate item bonuses, such as compensation for travel, mobile phone costs, free gym, etc.

According to experts in the field of employment, it is generally a separate issue, which concerns not only jobs, but, primarily, most of the corporate culture.

Therefore, for proper evaluation of the topic of bonuses recorded in the attractive job, you should gather information about the rules and traditions accepted within the company, read testimonials from former/current employees on the Internet.

The benefit of such resources in the last time there was in excess, and workers, protected by anonymity, reveal the many secrets and undercurrents in the corporate life of your company.

Whether bonuses are just a promise, you can find out asking initially prescribed is this paragraph in the basic agreement.

If the company representative offers you take his word for it, the most that you can expect – a bonus during the first month of work. After that, the company may be financial difficulties and will be put on the saving mode.

Comparing all the listed items with the text of the vacancy, and the time reveal a well-disguised trap, you will save time, nerves and money.

Good luck searching and only honest offers!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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