Cellulite diet: diet against cellulite

“ToKnow365.top“, foreseeing the consequences of autumn depression and melancholy pop for most of its readers today presents an extraordinary article on the fight against the most blatant and harmful enemy of the beautiful half of humanity – the cellulite.

After the fall – this is not a reason to relax, indulge in a beauty doing nothing and unjustified bursting cake (as they say, 2 minutes in a language your whole life on the back). And therefore, we meet: cellulite dietor anything you wanted to know about anti-cellulite diet!

Cellulite: the main mistakes

But before we proceed to discuss the intricacies of the anti-cellulite diet, wants to dispel the most common myths associated with the hated cellulite, and to point out the main errors of women leading to unequal (yet!) the fight with him.

Ladies, do not believe commercials, what would be sweet is the promise they were given. Understand that cellulite is not a problem of local nature, it is not “obscure” cream (even if that feature cherished massage roller or just three “magic” active substances), it is not smooth with a wrap (even if you sit in cellophane 3 or more hours!), it won’t break massage (even if you massage the best massage with the most skilled hands ? ), if you eat as before — haphazard, irregular and not thinking about the consequences, throwing into his mouth all in a row, with that “everything” a coke, or worse – alcohol, lighting a cigarette and looking nervous from the extra weight, broken personal life (all because of this cellulite!) and problems at work.

You wantto cream and wraps made your skin really velvety and firm, and the money for the massage course was not thrown in vain (month, “beautiful butts” after graduation not considered)?

Understand that cellulite is a problem, not born out of nowhere and not to punish you for “beautiful eyes” (just because you’re a woman!). No, its emergence is facilitated by a number of factors, causes and triggers (was fidgety at work? abused with pizza, beer and chips? walking preferred 5-minute taxi ride? instead of the legal 8 hours, slept 5, and then intermittently? And so within a year or two?!). This is the response of your body to disregard it and to “do away” with it, the serious, verified and, most importantly, an integrated approach.

And if on a special anti-cellulite exercises, treatments and creams we have written many times, the diet and the principles of anti-cellulite nutrition talk today. So…

The principles of the anti-cellulite diet

Immediately say, in this article you will find classic guides on diet with a detailed menu for Breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner. After all, as experience shows, few people in a number of practical circumstances (in the corner not found the right ingredient, in the dining room all the salads dressed with mayonnaise and celery I have a General Allergy) takes him at 100. Yes and no radical diet eliminate cellulite, on the contrary, they only aggravate the situation, causing sagging and stretching of the skin (rapid fat burning free radicals are released, deteriorating the quality of the connective tissue).

Therefore, we will not bother describing magical “recipes weight loss”, that you after an unsuccessful test them myself, with a bitter sense of disappointment, not gave up all attempts to “improve” your ass.

We try to instill in you the love to a special regime. After the Foundation of the struggle for a beautiful ass, thighs and feet should not be placed weekly diet (which would be correct as it may be), and a whole worldview, a whole way of life and special – anti-cellulite – nutrition ?

Only changing your eating habits, just focus on the gradual (note that word!) “recovery” from the cellulite, only by combining proper diet with a range of Wellness procedures (massages, wraps, scrubs, baths, etc.) you will be able to emerge victorious from the battle with the enemy of all women a number of times and get smooth, supple and taut skin.

Note: the title of the article “anti-cellulite” diet we urgently change to a “Mediterranean lifestyle” ?

Anti-cellulite diet: General strategies

To outline a common line of conduct on the fight against cellulite, let’s go over the main reasons that contribute to its appearance.

Causes of cellulite:

  • the shortage of bile,
  • the slags (fast food, stimulating drinks, alcohol,etc.)
  • fluid retention in the body (bad food and drinking regime),
  • a sedentary lifestyle,
  • stress.

That is why cellulite diet (or diet, if you want ? ) should be directed primarily to the withdrawal of toxins from the body, improving bile secretion and normalization of water-salt balance. In addition, you must create a calorie deficit, due to which the body will switch to consumption mode for the internal energy and thus get rid of the hated fat, flavored with cellulite.

And this will help you in the following principles:

1. Exclusion from the diet of harmful products, the load on the liver and kidneys, promotes the formation of free radicals in the body and fluid retention:

  • fats of animal origin,
  • fried and fatty meats (especially cooked on the grill using fat),
  • smoked meats and sausages
  • semi-finished products and canned food (fish, meat, vegetables),
  • fatty dairy products and milk,
  • caffeinated products,
  • artificial sweeteners
  • sweets and baked goods that contain refined flour,
  • hydrogenated fats (margarine),
  • pickles and marinades,
  • foods, artificial additives, stock cubes, seasoning with the addition of flavor enhancers (sodium glutamate and others),
  • drinks, check the fluid in the body (black tea, coffee, alcohol),
  • juices from packages, carbonated water.

2. Enrichment of the diet with special foodsthat promote bile secretion, detoxification, restoration of water-salt balance:

  • clean drinking water (removes fluid from the body),
  • herbal and green teas, fruit drinks, fruit drinks without added sugar (you can substitute honey)
  • freshly squeezed juices and fresh fruit (fiber and potassium, contained therein, eliminates toxins, restores water-salt balance, speed up the metabolism) – they must be at least 2/3 of the total diet, vary,
  • dried fruits,
  • fresh or steamed/ boiled vegetables,
  • legumes (contain gluten),
  • whole grains (wild/brown rice, barley, buckwheat),
  • black radish, grapefruit, barberry (berries), rose hips, dandelion flowers, celandine, mint leaves transverse, chicory (improve liver function, promote bile secretion).

3. As a tasty variety allowed to consume in small amounts:

  • low-fat dairy products (protein),
  • vegetable oils, nuts and seeds (preferably raw) is contained in these unsaturated fatty acids will help the body to operate stably,
  • lean meat, fish, seafood (protein).

4. Try not to overdo the food, ideally — keep salt intake to a minimum.

5. Eat seasonal foods, it’s healthy, delicious, accessible and cheap.

6. Salad fill with lemon juice or olive oil.

7. Often drink water – about 6-8 glasses a day: this will save you from stagnation in the body. And if you drink 1-2 glasses of pure water a half hour before Breakfast will help bowel movement, blunt the feeling of hunger.

And finally

Remembering the basic principles of the anti-cellulite food, you consequently will be able to choose those products and a regime that suits you. This will allow, at least, to eat tasty, healthy and varied, and as a maximum – to lose those extra kilos and win has cellulite. When the faithful adherence to our recommendations is the fundamental changing of food guidelines and focus on success, of course ?

Well, to inspire you to feats, “ToKnow365.top” the official declares the cold war to cellulite!

Down with sedentary lifestyle, tight clothing, stress about, and without, common and poor diet, fast food, instant coffee and Cola! Give fruit, clean water, healthy foods, sports, beautiful posture, nice cosmetic protsedurki, 8-mechovoi healthy sleep, a playful gleam in his eyes and confidence ? (the author wrote the article: “anti-Cellulite diet”, munching the delicious green Apple and running fast with a springy step to the next massage to the best massage with the most skilled hands ? )

Author – Yulia Maximenko, website www.sympaty.net – ToKnow365.top


Cellulite diet: diet against cellulite

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