Cervical erosion in pregnancy: how and what to treat it?

The website “ToKnow365.top” continues the theme of women’s health today speaks to this issue, as the cervical erosion during pregnancy. Many women heard from the doctor this diagnosis, scared because they do not understand how erosion threat to the unborn child, as it will affect the course of pregnancy, can it be treated and, if possible, how to do it right.

All doubts can be dispelled completely after a conversation with a physician and a full examination from a qualified physician. However, some myths to debunk and to help our today’s article.

The impact of erosion on pregnancy

According to many experts, the erosion of carrying pregnancy and giving birth almost 50% of women. While on light there are healthy children without any pathologies.

From this we can draw the main conclusion: cervical erosion when constant monitoring by the doctor of pregnancy will not hurt. As a rule, during the whole period of carrying a child, the disease does not manifest itself by any symptoms and does not cause discomfort. Erosion does not impact on the process of childbirth.

However, it is worth to make a reservation. Sometimes there are cases when pathology is still making itself felt, causing the formation of bad discharge, sometimes bloody.

The appearance of blood in the secretions is a signal of many diseases. During pregnancy, for example, it may be a symptom of the detachment of the placenta or even miscarriage started. Blood may also ooze out from erosion on the cervix, especially if the size of the pathological focus is quite large.

When erosion starts to bleed, leave it without treatment, is dangerous. In this case, doctors prescribe a specific treatment.

Cervical erosion in pregnancy: features of therapy

I must say that pregnant women doctors always prescribe very careful treatment, which is mainly to prevent aggravation. The set of drugs whose use is permitted in pregnant women, is severely limited.

Many of the tools are strictly contraindicated, most not recommended. Prohibited and the traditional method of treatment – cauterization. That is why competent expert always advises her patients to get rid of erosion before the onset of pregnancy.

However, if the treatment is necessary to appoint in connection with the appearance of itching, discomfort or bleeding, experts can advise the following:

  • Candles with methyluracil – can be assigned when bleeding erosion. This drug is used most often to treat lesions of the rectum, including in pregnant women. Many experts say that methyluracil completely harmless to the fetus, and its use in pregnant women is justified.
  • Sea buckthorn candles – the oldest folk remedy that is used for the treatment of erosion most often in folk medicine. Sea buckthorn has healing properties, and its application often brings good effect.
  • In that case, if erosion is accompanied by inflammatory processes are assigned to the anti-viral drugs or antibiotics.
  • Some gynecologists recommend to go to traditional medicine. However, the herbal treatment should be conducted under the supervision of a physician.

    Many women believe that herbal medicine is absolutely harmless to the child. In fact, herbal treatment of cervical erosion without prior consultation with a qualified doctor can have very unpleasant consequences, especially if we are talking about pregnancy.

    People’s treatment of erosion and pregnancy

    Most often folk medicine recommends to treat the erosion on the mucosa of the cervix in pregnancy with the help of picocanoa, ointments, douches, and drink the decoction.

    In the network, including on the website sympaty.net and on the pages of various magazines, you can find a huge variety of recipes that helps to treat erosion. Folk herbalists recommend the use of pumpkin pulp, celandine, aloe, oak bark, calendula, chamomile, St. Johns wort, yarrow, propolis, honey, Shilajit.

    The list of tools that can be used for treatment of erosion, goes not on the same page. However, each of them has at least one contraindication. Even seemingly innocuous chamomile, banned for use in people with hypersensitivity to it.

    Is undesirable during pregnancy apply St. John’s wort, as this herb has a very strong effect and has no side effects.

    Not entirely harmless aloe, which is widely used in the nation. In order to choose the right tool, the expectant mother must consult a doctor. Only a specialist can determine if she can use a particular plant.

    Most physicians have a negative attitude to the treatment of erosion on the mucosa of the cervix with the help of picocanoa it during pregnancy. Perhaps their advice should be heeded.

    As for douches, decoctions or infusions of herbs, here opinions differ.

    Some experts in the field of gynecology believe that douche can not do, not only during pregnancy. Many people tend to assume that douching is quite acceptable for the treatment of certain diseases. Most doctors are inclined to think that, if necessary, to douche you to all women who suffer from unpleasant discharge, itching, burning, and other symptoms of diseases that for certain reasons at the moment, medicine can not be cured. The same applies to the treatment of cervical erosion in nulliparous girls and during pregnancy.

    However, to carry out irrigation should be strictly according to the rules.

    Treatment of erosion douches during pregnancy

    For the treatment of erosion in pregnant you can use all the same decoctions of calendula, chamomile, oak bark. In the treatment of disease should be borne in mind the following points:

  • The duration of treatment using douches should not exceed five days.
  • Use for douching should pear with soft rubber or silicone tip.
  • Before each treatment bag must be sterilized, rinsing it with boiling water.
  • The temperature of the liquid for douching should be comfortable.
  • Pour the liquid carefully, a small trickle. The tip of the pear should not penetrate too deep.
  • If you fulfill all the rules and to observe the dynamics of the disease the doctor even bleeding erosion can be kept under control during the entire prenatal period.

    Cervical erosion during pregnancy is not a serious danger. If the disease causes any discomfort, be sure to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms will help some of the above recipes.

    To get rid of this disease permanently can only be made after birth. About how to do it, you can read the article “Causes of cervical erosion”, recently published on our website.

    Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top.

    Cervical erosion in pregnancy: how and what to treat it?

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