Cervical erosion, treatment at home: effective recipes

For any woman at any age, the most expensive value in life is health. Respect for yourself, the timely treatment of various ailments is the first guarantee of a long, full and peaceful life. That is why women’s website “ToKnow365.top” speaking to your readers to discuss very sensitive, but at the same time, relevant to all women, topic – erosion of the cervix and home treatment of this disease.

Unfortunately, such a diagnosis today put 50% of women. To treat erosion lightly in any case it is impossible, even if the disease does not manifest itself with any symptoms.

What is erosion and how it is dangerous

Under the erosion refers to the presence of uterine mucosa small ulcers, violating the integrity of the mucosa or changing its appearance. These changes are not harbingers of Oncology, but it was on the untreated erosion after some time, may form a cancerous tumor.

Often the woman is unaware that she is erosion, to visit a gynecologist.

However, it is not uncommon, there are cases when the symptoms of erosion are simply ignored by the fairer sex.

Witness the formations changes in the mucosa may be discomfort during urination, feeling of itching or burning after sexual intercourse, pain in the genital area prolonged standing or enhanced physical exercise, are more abundant than normal allocation.

Causes of erosion the mucous membrane of the cervix are most often mechanical damage. The appearance of erosion contribute to various inflammatory processes, including those that come from the sexually transmitted diseases.

Cause erosion capable of thrush.

Cervical erosion: home treatment

That female trouble known to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity for quite some time. Folk medicine knows many effective recipes to help with erosion.

The website sympaty.net recommends its readers to pay attention to the following tools.

  • Sea buckthorn oilwith regenerating means, use and to deal with injuries or changes in cervical mucus. To do this, use tampons soaked in oil. A tampon placed in the vagina all night before going to sleep. In the morning it should be removed. The procedure is performed daily for 10 days.
  • As claimed by traditional healers, with cervical erosion in the process of home treatment it is best to deal with the pulp of the pumpkin. For this the pulp of ripe vegetables must be cleaned of seeds, a little stretch and wrap a small layer of gauze or bandage, having prepared thus the tampon. This swab is introduced at night into the vagina and leave there until morning.
  • Widely used for the treatment of diseases such as erosion of the mucous membrane of the cervix, at home Flaxseed. From flax seeds should be cooked to a jelly, Bay two pinches of raw Cup of water and Povarov on a slow fire until thick. The resulting tool need to soak a gauze pad and insert it overnight in the vagina. To start this type of treatment is necessary in the beginning of the menstrual cycle, will disappear as soon as spotting. Treat erosion jelly should for fourteen days. Then you need to make ten-day break and continue treatment again at the beginning of the menstrual cycle.
  • Helps to treat ulcers on the mucosal surface of the cervix aqueous solution mumie. To find this tool, fortunately, can at any pharmacy. Shilajit is diluted at the rate of 2.5 g of product 0.1 liter of water. Means is impregnated swabs that lay at night. The procedure is performed daily for three weeks. Then make a ten-day break and repeat the course.
  • Douching against erosion

    For the treatment of erosion on the mucosa of the cervix and inflammation of the vaginal mucosa at home often use douching decoction of herbs.

    Popular herbal teas prepared according to the following recipes:

  • The crushed bark of oak (about 15 g) was placed in a clean container, mix with half a liter of water, boil, cool, strain. Used for douching in the form of heat twice a day for ten to fourteen days.
  • Erosion on the cervix can be cured with home treatment using douches calendula. This plant has many properties, one of which is healing. For douching, you can use an infusion of marigold flowers (two pinches of dry raw pour 0.4 l of boiling water, heat a quarter of an hour, then chill) and an aqueous solution of an alcohol tincture of the plant (a teaspoon of tincture in a glass of water).
  • Treat erosion also recommend using the decoction of Hypericum. The grass plants (two pinches), pour water (one liter) and bring to a boil. Then the broth is filtered and leave to cool. Apply for douching before bedtime for three weeks.
  • When erosion also gives a good effect of propolis tincture. Tablespoon of alcohol tinctures should be diluted in 300 ml of warm water. To use the tool, you for two weeks, and then ten-day break.
  • Grass from erosion.

    Treatment of cervical erosion, especially in the home environment also involves the internal acceptance of herbal extracts.

    • From Maryina root, peony, prepare infusion: 40 g of plant pour half a liter of vodka, put the dishes in the dark, insist month. The resulting tool, take thirty drops for reception. To drink means you need a triple 30 minutes before a meal. Treated with tincture of peony for forty days, then do a two-week break and repeat the course again.
    • Widely used extract of bergenia. For its preparation three tablespoons minced root pour cold water (200 ml) and boil on low heat. The water should boil away half, then the remedy can be considered ready to eat. Take 30 drops of extract which is diluted in a spoon of boiled water. The reception three times before eating.

    Treatment of erosion of the building: conditions of effectiveness

    To get rid finally from erosion on the cervix only if home treatment is possible only under certain conditions.

    • It is impossible to self-medicate and experiment with a particular technique of traditional medicine. The fact that herbs, like other drugs, have many side effects and have contraindications. Only a doctor can recommend certain funds.
    • Treatment of diseases using traditional medicine always lasts a long time. In order to completely get rid of the disease, it is necessary to pass not one, not two courses.
    • To achieve a better result, it is necessary to combine several methods of treatment. For example, after douching to introduce a medicinal swab. Or in parallel with using tampons make herbal teas and extracts inside.

    As proven by the abundance of recipes, at-home treatment of cervical erosion is very common. This is proof of the effectiveness of traditional medicine against this disease.

    Therefore, women, who for some reason cannot resort to modern means of erosion control, do not despair, as needed, consultation with a specialist as soon as possible to address the experience of famous herbalists.

    Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top.

    Cervical erosion, treatment at home: effective recipes

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