Chicken: the benefits and harms to the body

Do you like chicken? Do you often cook it? You know, how useful a favorite of many white meat? Today on the website “” — “chicken” question. More precisely, we are interested in the topic of “Chicken: the benefits and harms”.

The composition of chicken meat

Know what explains the dietary properties of chicken?

  • First, the white meat is quite a lot of protein and amino acids (about 92%).
  • Second, the calorie content is not so great – about 190 kcal, depending on the part of the carcass.

That’s why chicken is a common ingredient of different dietary dishes.

Also, chicken is rich in:

  • iron;
  • zinc;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus;
  • selenium;
  • magnesium;
  • vitamin a, b, C, E, PP.

Consider the benefits and harms of chicken grown under normal home conditions.

Domesticus: the benefits and harms of chicken meat

First, the chicken very useful for our immune system. Trace elements provide excellent protective barrier against negative environmental influences. It is not surprising that those who regularly eat boiled chicken, get sick far less often than fans of pork, beef and carbohydrate food.

Even the chicken is an excellent tool for recovery. Remember what liquid is often recommended to drink in diseases, physical exhaustion and impotence? Of course, talking about chicken broth.

Thanks to a rich set of vitamins chicken useful for different metabolic processes in the body. And in General vital processes in the body are correct. For example, thanks to the vitamins significantly improves the process of hematopoiesis.

Also chicken, combined with “live” foods (vegetables, greens) significantly improves activity of the digestive tract.

B vitamins are very helpful for our appearance, or rather, for the health and beauty of hair, nails and skin.

Protein is one of the most important and useful components in chicken. And you know why?

  • First, it is a great building material for muscles and bones.
  • Secondly, protein is good for brain development.

Not surprisingly, chicken is often included in the diet of children and the elderly.

Another important property of the chicken – this is the correct effect on the nervous system. Rich in vitamins and beneficial elements for the functioning of nerve cells. It is especially useful to include chicken in the diet for insomnia, depression and other unpleasant “nervous” conditions.

Finally, thanks to the acids chicken meat is an excellent preventive measure from coronary heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

We also note the enjoyment that many people get when they eat the chicken, due to its delicate taste, aroma and easy assimilation.

As you can see, the benefits of eating chicken quite a lot. But the most useful part of the carcass is breast boiled.

Harmful than chicken?

Fortunately, the human body chicken does more good than harm.

But nevertheless, harmful chicken meat can also be.

The greatest harm to the body can cause the use of leather and dark parts of chicken meat. It is in the skin of accumulated harmful substances that entered the body of chicken for her life. Therefore, before boiling a piece of chicken, it is recommended to remove the skin.

Also pretty harmful to eat different parts of the chicken in smoked, fried and grilled. The high level of cholesterol that may trigger this unhealthy habit website already told you.

Insufficiently cooked chicken meat may cause putrefaction and harmful bacteria in the colon. As a result, could be poison the entire body. And it is not excluded aggravation of diseases of gastrointestinal tract.

To chicken to bring benefit, not harm the body and the above-described trouble, it is necessary to observe following rules:

  • Carefully carry out the heat treatment of the chicken often to cook and bake than to fry.
  • To eat chicken combined with vegetables for better digestion.
  • Don’t overeat chicken (as, indeed, any other product).

During the life of the chickens could get salmonellosis, which during the transmission can cause problems in the human body. If the chicken was not careful heat treatment, it is a very real risk.

Store-bought chicken: a risky combination of benefit and harm

Again, that describes useful properties are mostly typical for village chickens that eat well, grow naturally and not get sick. Unfortunately, for many people chickens are difficult.

But almost any store you can buy meat “industrial” chickens in chilled or frozen form. And most of the shops chicken the products come from poultry farms where the chickens life is hardly happy.

You’ve probably heard that in the factories for the accelerated weight gain and prevention of diseases to feed the chickens add antibiotics, hormones and other components.

If this is true, then eating chicken, we receive a certain dose of drugs and hormones, for example estrogen.

It is clear that no good, what harm can be from chicken, Packed with estrogen?

This chicken can provoke hormonal imbalance and a number of diseases, including the reproductive system.

In the male body of excess estrogens may in time adversely affect the potency.

Also, the benefits and harms of store-bought chicken depend on:

  • conditions of hens at the poultry farm;
  • water quality;
  • illness;
  • conditions of transportation;
  • storage conditions in the store.

How to cook chicken?

To get from eating chicken more good than harm, please note the following recommendations:

  • buy chicken products only from trusted manufacturers and good shops;
  • when choosing, pay attention to shelf life, colour, smell and shape of a chicken. The carcass should be without flaws. And the skin should be white;
  • try to cook the chicken yourself. The most useful hour you – this breast, boiled in clean drinking water;
  • do not store the chicken after cooking for a long time;
  • try for one meal not to eat too much chicken. Everything is good in moderation!

If you often fried, baked or cooked grilled chicken, create a maximally safe conditions while cooking. For example, use useful vegetable oil. Watch the temperature and cooking time.

And the garnish light vegetables will help you better digest the chicken.

The website “” very much hopes that our information about the chicken, the benefits and harms of consuming chicken meat is useful to you. And properly selecting a chicken, you will get only pleasure from your beloved product and health benefits.

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