Child and strangers – how to protect the baby

The child and the strangers – today this issue does not sleep at night loving parents and causes them to worry and a day if the child is not in sight. Tell me how you can try to solve this problem, the women’s website ““.

Parents behave differently: some simply tell the child that he should not do, and, as a rule, children these teachings are just not taken seriously.

Other intentionally scaring the children that in case of disobedience come a stranger uncle or aunt to take them away. This leads to the fear of a child by strangers.

But is it right? Which option is the best?

What to do to make sure that at the meeting of the child with strangers, he will behave appropriately and do the right thing?

When to start working on this problem?

To solve this problem you need to get even when your baby is only 3-4 years.

A feature of this age is the confidence and openness of the child to the outside world. He reaches out to everything that seems interesting to him.

But with this age and you need to start working on the problem of the child’s behavior with unfamiliar people.

Three-year-old baby ought to explain that he has nothing to fear and if your presence spoke to him a stranger, he may answer his questions, but it never has to keep the conversation going, if you are not near, because if you hurt him, you help no one.

This is the approach to this problem is the most optimal because the child will have the practice of communicating with strangers in the presence of parents and if he stays single, then go numb from fear, when he talks to a stranger.

As to the intimidation of children of other uncles and aunts, this method is generally not acceptable, because in this case, if the child is a stranger grabs arm and starts dragging, it from fear may lose the gift of speech and will not be able to resist.

Child and strangers – instructions for parents

If your child is already more than four years, then this problem can be approached more seriously. We should read him lectures about not to sit in the car or open the door to strangers, the good of it still will not.

Children this age are better able to absorb material in the form of a game. So just play different situations, recommends For example, take the toys and act out possible scenarios.

And what a situation it is necessary to consider, we’ll talk further.

  • The first is the meeting of a child with unfamiliar people on the street. Encourage your child to think of what he would say if he offered to go to the store where you supposedly buy him chocolates or ask for help to catch the runaway kitten, puppy. I can also offer to go watch cartoons or a new collection of toys. During the game, if the child selects behaviors that are not correct, gently offer him the correct option. The result of these games should be a complete understanding that it is better not to engage in conversation with strangers, and if you avoid the conversation fails, then we need to show that the child is not interested and he hurries, because his parents are waiting.
  • Situation two – your child is inviting strangers to ride a very nice car. Suppose that on this occasion he left will be a few phrases like: “I’m Sorry, but I’m in a hurry, my mom is expecting me”, “my dad has the same car and he can ride me” or “I don’t want to talk to you.”
  • In a situation when a child is home alone and the door annoying call, teach him to respond in a similar way: “Wait a moment, Papa in the bathroom, I’ll go get him”, but this time let the child call to any of the neighbors, who can come out and deal with the situation.
  • Well, if the worst should happen, your child grab the hand of strangers and start to drag to the car, and teach him that he needs to fight, scratch, bite, make every attempt to break free and scream, but not “Help,” and “It’s not my dad (mom), it’s strangers, call the police, my name is…”. That is, the child should know his name, and even better the phone number of the parents.

Play often the above situation with the children and you will be assured that the child will be able to respond adequately to the circumstances.

Child and strangers: the rules of conduct that you need to know kids

If your child is already big and is able to read, just show him the rules and tell me what this part of the article is written specifically for children.

  • It is impossible to get in the car to strangers.
  • Do not believe the words of strangers adults if they promise anything to show, buy, donate.
  • Not allowed to go anywhere with a stranger, whatever he reasons were not announced.
  • You cannot open the door to strangers, and if the person does not leave, call the neighbors and ask for help.
  • You can’t let strangers touch you, otherwise loud scream and try to escape.
  • It is not necessary to linger on the street until late, but if you have to go home alone in the dark, it is best to call parents to meet, or to walk on well-lit streets, preferably where there are people.

Adhering to these simple recommendations, and teach kids to exercise caution when dealing with strangers. This way you will protect your children and thoughts on the theme “my child and strangers” will not bother you so much.

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