Child smokes: what to do?

About the dangers of Smoking, dead horses, and unattractive from an aesthetic point of view the lungs of a smoker now you know everything. Including trust – children and adolescents. But still, no parent is immune from the fact that in one not very fine day to discover that their child smokes!

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What to do if a child started to smoke?

Of course, to discourage child interest in cigarettes the easier it is, the sooner parents noticed it. What to do if you catch a child “on hot” — at first smoked a cigarette?

For a start no illusions that this is seen (or unohana) you cigarette do first. If Teens are “relaxed” so much so that she made every effort to hide the fact that Smoking means smoke it for some time, and he was simply broke to hide, to mask the smell etc.

In this situation, may serve as small consolation to the parents?

First, your child is unlikely to become tobacco depend – this requires a fairly long experience of regular Smoking. If some dependency is something more psychological. The second “consolation” — hardly the family’s fault that the child lit up. This can happen to a child of any, even quite successful, friendly and non-poor families.

Why teenagers try Smoking? Don’t look for deep reasons, because the answer is simple – because it’s fun! It is quite normal inquisitive, active teenager will sooner or later try to do something that makes half of the adults around him!

One may criticize our Smoking society, loyal to the smokers mentality, etc. – but all this will remain “hot air” and not give an answer to the question of what to do if a child smokes.

And yet, if the mother learned that the child smokes – what to do? To blame, to shame, to deny, to explain is useless, can not even start!!! Because:

  • The teenager knows that Smoking is harmful, and even knows exactly what the consequences can be. This is written on every cigarette pack, this information children from the first grade “stuffed” in school, it’s written in the Internet, etc. Another thing is that the child may sincerely believe that all of these horror stories will pass it by, get sick and die, and he will stay healthy, etc. However, exactly the same thinks most adult smokers, so this unbelief cannot be attributed to peculiarities of children’s perception.
  • The child knows that adult Smoking on the head not Pat!
  • He will still find ways to circumvent the ban get cigarette smoke in a secret place, weathered smell from clothes and hair, etc.
  • What is forbidden is interesting. Teenagers love to rebel against adults and Smoking becomes a form of “silent protest”!

What to do if a child started to smoke? There is no single recipe for how to discourage child’s desire to smoke once and for all. Even if you do it right educationally, there is no guarantee that your child will not grow up to be adult smokers.

But there are some steps that you should try to apply!

“” I would venture to give one is not very ethical, but, as practice shows, is quite effective advice on what to do. Having learned that the child smokes, do not shout and do not skandalte. Say “Oh, so you smoke, I’ll know.” Tell them to not hiding in the bushes, and quietly smoke in your home – you have to promise not to abuse.

Tell us about the varieties of cigarettes and their differences – there can be emotional stress that availability of cheap brands – it’s bullshit that Smoking chavs and “normal” cigarettes are not the lowest price category.

The first time a teenager will just not himself so happy that he has such a loyal and understanding “ancestors”. Seeing that the child smokes – what to do: keep his promise not to criticize and not read notations!

But in parallel you’ll need something to do. Tell your son that cigarette money you allocated to him can’t, and especially won’t buy him smokes – it’s his life and his problems. May he invested with his new hobby in the usual amount of “pocket” that you allocate to him, and he invents how to circumvent the law banning the sale of tobacco products to minors. At the same time he will feel that we have to for cigarettes to abandon the purchase of something else.

After some time do this: let, for any reason, you are forced to cut his “pocket” (the reasons must be sufficiently objective – for example, you need to save for a bigger purchase for the family or you start to save money for a child’s education in the University, which he likes, etc.).

But since you are “ancestors” to understand and do not want to create a child’s financial problems, offer him an alternative – to get a part time job (on weekends or after school). Help him to find a job, talk to employer, in General, strongly contribute to a child beginning to earn their entertainment and incidentals on their own. In no way tell my son that so he is punished for Smoking!

Best of all, do not mention Smoking and less attention is paid to the fact that the child smokes!

Thus, you achieve two results:

  • Smoking ceases to be for a teenager alluring “forbidden fruit” and becomes commonplace, which is still to be spent from your pocket account.
  • Your hard-earned money he will appreciate much more than outstanding parents. Perhaps he will be sorry just “prokurivat” their first income.
  • What to do if a child started to smoke?

    If a family has an adult Smoking – that would be really great if this person decides to quit. Not “so as not to be a bad example my love”, and “Oh, something lately I feel lousy, shortness of breath is terrible, my head hurts often, you probably need to throw…”. Well, if the member of the family enjoys the teenager sufficient authority – for example, big brother.

    Ultimate demand “So you’re going to leave with me!” impossible in any case! But from time to time is to say something like, “you Know, at work today so I wanted to smoke, and ate half a chocolate bar – and nothing was released, now with a bar of chocolate instead of cigarettes to wear”.

    In addition, even sometimes the thrower tells how to improve health without Smoking and some interesting prospects he sees for himself in this regard – was the “fly” walk on the fifth floor, thinking to start going to the gym, summer decided to go Hiking in the mountains, etc.

    If the child is interested in any sport, then give it to the appropriate section.

    First, among athletes Smoking is not in Vogue, and teen Smoking look “uncool” — and this is the best motivation. Second, the Smoking will stop him to achieve the best results, and it is also a strong incentive. However, if the son has no interest in sport, then “push” it to the section force, in order that he threw the useless – he by all means will avoid the hated classes, but cigarettes for him, certainly will become a way of protest.

    Another option, what if the child smokes – send him to spend time in one of the countries where Smoking among young people is no longer fashionable, and the government is very strict about smokers. For example, such a country is United States. Think of a summer “language camp”, look for interesting exchange programs for high school students, etc. Perhaps such a trip and communicating with foreign peers will change the interests and priorities of your child.

    Of course there are barbaric people’s methods, what to do with the baby if he smokes, for example, get to smoke many cigarettes in a row make him feel bad, or give cigarettes mixed with any substance that gives tobacco a nasty taste and cause nausea, etc.

    Yes, maybe it will work, and the child for a very long time will acquire an aversion to Smoking, but it could be deep psychological trauma as a teenager will no longer trust parents will hate them for such a cruel punishment…

    What to do if a child smokes for a long time, and you think he has and he is not averse to throwing in a trusting conversation, offer your support – tell us what are the methods to quit Smoking what drugs are used for this purpose, etc. and don’t scold – it’s as useless as curses and bans to force-quit the adult smoker!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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