Child stutters what parents, the causes of stuttering

Every mother looks forward to when her baby starts to talk, and loves each new word crumbs. Babble baby – the best music for your ears, and any defect of speech is a cause for anxiety and frustration.

Women’s website “” dedicates this page to the issue of children’s stuttering. In this article our readers will learn about the reasons why usually, the child stutters, what to do if the disease for a long time can not be treatment, and how not to despair in the fight against disease.

The cause of the children of stuttering

Neurologists distinguish several main factors that cause such a violation of the speech:

  • Weakened Central nervous system that are responsive to different stresses. In children with a weak nervous system convulsions articulatory organs can cause fright, quarrel parents ‘ excessive demands on them by mom and dad.
  • Weak vocal apparatus.
  • A birth injury. In this case, the stuttering appears in the background of other neurological diseases.
  • Lesions of the brain, which became the consequences of a childhood disease.
  • Many parents who have come for help with the question of what to do if a child starts to stutter at 3 years, neuroscientists suggest just to wait, give the child to outgrow the problem. Experience shows that children’s stuttering with age, often goes away on its own, if the parents, unwittingly, begin to aggravate the problem.

    The child began to stutter: what not to do

    It is often very active mothers who see meaning in their lives in regular educational classes with your child, begin to “treat” the little stutterer yourself. They choose methods they feel is right. But in fact, these measures only aggravate the problem. These include:

    • Endless repetition the repetition of words that the kid can’t pronounce on the first try. So mom wants to teach the kid the skill of free pronunciation, but the child, realizing what was expected of him that he can’t get nervous and start to stutter even more.
    • Download of child jobs to work on it. In the result of a child’s brain is overloaded, the child begins to become more difficult even in those cases, which earlier easily coped.
    • Reading baby books, which he is not yet able to understand.
    • Frequent viewing of TV. Many modern moms trust the upbringing of their child TV. For his crumbs they pick up a series of educational cartoons, which he watches for hours, and make a serious mistake. The first thing to do if a child stutters for 3-4 years, is to limit his communication with the TV, tablet or computer. This kid needed most colorful moving images, and my mother’s warmth, attention, understanding. Baby-stutterer need to talk a lot, and it is very important to choose the right pace of speech, intonation, words.

    Often for the correction of stuttering is enough only to correct mistakes in dealing with the baby.

    A small child stutters: what should parents do?

    If the baby had no birth trauma, no serious infections or traumatic brain injuries, starts to experience difficulties in speech, the reasons for these difficulties, rather, lie in his parents. Mom and dad little stutterer in this case, you should take the following steps to help your child:

  • To find a common language among themselves, to learn to avoid conflict, to try to protect the baby from any discomfort: he needs to start feeling comfortable with your parents and not have to worry about them fighting.
  • Cease to demand from the baby too much. Psychologists have noticed that very often stuttering in children appears overly demanding mom. Allow the child to develop at his natural pace, and perhaps a speech impediment will disappear without any extra effort.
  • What you need to do if the child began to stutter, is to begin to talk to him calmly, smoothly, slowly, clearly. Kids suffering from various speech defects, need to hear the examples of how to speak properly.
  • If the child is 5 years of stutters, which makes the problem serious enough, you need to show the child neurologist. The doctor will be able to determine the exact cause of logoneurosis and prescribe treatment.
  • In General, parents of children who suffer from speech defects, it is not necessary to wait until the problem will resolve itself in 3-4 years. The website recommends: if the kid stutters during the year, you need to look for a good doctor specializing in this problem.

    Child stutters: what can a neurologist?

    Any expert in child neurology will tell you that stuttering is a disease, which in children are much easier to cure than adults. Even if the root of the problem lies in brain disorders, have little Zaika is a great chance to start talking smoothly and clearly.

    Treatment of stuttering in children, usually performed in the following exemplary scheme:

  • The study of the characteristics of the nervous system of the baby, detection of abnormalities, leading to stuttering.
  • To create a comfortable emotional environment within the family that the baby had ceased to feel insecure.
  • Work on emotional stability of the baby. What to do if a child stutters, is to teach him how to believe in yourself, in your abilities, in its significance. The stutterer is very important to get rid of this factor of the disease, as excessive shyness. A good doctor will be able to help him.
  • Work with a speech therapist. A specialist in the field of correct pronunciation of sounds and words will carry with the baby a number of sessions which the basic defects of speech will be eliminated.
  • Mention that you need to do if a child stutters, it is important to emphasize that the leading role in solving this problem belongs to the parents. They should be with him maximum patient, gentle and attentive. Mom and dad Zaika must cooperate with the doctor who deals with their child, fully trust him, follow all his recommendations. Then the disease is probably recede and she’ll begin to talk perfectly normal.

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