Children’s room design for a teenager: the child will be satisfied!

Adolescents are a special people. No longer children but not yet adults. They suddenly change character, tastes, habits. They become unpredictable and often give rise to tension in the family. On the website “” we’ll show you how to create a baby room design for teenager, to all the family members were satisfied.

If one day your grown up child said that he was tired of the interior with bears, ducks and baby furniture, and he wants everything to change, then it’s time to sit down at the negotiating table.

The fact that the interior design, though still a child’s room, but for a teenager more than others depending on the desires of its owner. And these desires often shocking to parents, and new interior becomes a stumbling block and a reason for quarrels.

Though actually implement the ideas of the child is not so difficult, and they can be quite acceptable to parents if they treat them creatively and slightly adapted to your taste.

Before embarking on a radical alteration should be remembered that what is today Chad seems to be “cool”, tomorrow may well be “full of fluff”. So all his (or her) creativity should be translated only in that it would be easy to redo or remove.

This means that the design will only apply to the walls and end fittings. As for the furniture – it undoubtedly needs to be replaced. But new furniture is better to choose from the “adult” and together with the child.

The design of the walls

Consider the “peak” offer – teen want black walls with skulls. No need to faint is not the problem, it is an opportunity to introduce the child to creative collective work.

Besides, these walls will look like a harmless “black peas”.

The task of parents is to buy Wallpaper for painting, black paint and tools. And then you can together Wallpaper paste and offer your child to paint.

Let them create your child’s room design for a teenager with his own hands.

When the General background is completed, you can begin decorating the walls with skulls. This can be a paint stencil or applique. Let’s make a family, play, pleasant joint pastime. Teenager like, what his idea was taken seriously, and that to realize it is not difficult, but fun and “cool.”

In the baby room design for teenage girls is also appropriate black. But it is desirable that it was only one wall. Black is a great background for printing and appliqués of different colors.

A more gentle alternative option to design the walls – posters. This is the most “teenage” of the invention. Someone from the visitors of the site being a teenager is not cut out from magazines pictures with their favorite characters and not them to adorn the walls of his room?

Today posters are of considerable size and may contain any plot, as initially generated on the computer. They are able to realize the most daring ideas.

For example, a child interested in graffiti and wants to have a wall painted this way. Not a problem. Let him find in the Internet the picture and take it to any company involved in advertising or providing printing services. Better yet, let them draw myself on paper or use a graphics program (a good motivation for the development of such a program).

The finished poster with own picture will be a nice decoration of the room and to take pride in not only the artist, but also his parents.

Decorative elements in the design of teenage rooms

All the latest innovations in the field of printing and advertising can be successfully used to implement any child’s room design for a teenager.

The facades of furniture or the headboard can be decorated with stickers – all subsequently deleted without a trace. Using a variety of adhesive tape on a frame of plywood , you can create interesting collages or paintings according to your taste.

It will look much more impressive than a clipping from a magazine.

The theme of light – another teenage “trick”. They like to have glowing parts in the room.

Often just a light bulb Christmas light hanging on the walls. But much more interesting and “cooler” will look like the picture with lights, like the lightbox. It can be ordered or made from translucent Plex. It’s a box with low sides, inside of which is a light source, and pasted on the outside of the translucent film with the plot of your choice.

Many Teens are certainly delighted to accept the glowing paintings on the walls of his room.

To implement the idea of a glowing child’s room design for a teenager need luminous paint or stickers. You can find them in the free market. They are easily applied on any surface, even Wallpaper with a pattern. These paints glow only in the dark, in the daylight they fade and become invisible.

It is also important that the paint is washed off with water and exude noxious fumes. By using luminous paints, you can create a starry sky or the whole universe or to any fantastic landscape. Stickers are made of fluorescent films, and also glow in the dark. Making paints or stickers, you can also trust the young designer.

Girls not such a wild imagination, boys, and not so strong rebellious spirit, but they like unusual solutions for your room. For example, a special “organizer” for accessories and footwear in the form of a rod on the hooks.

Why not arrange exhibition of things that I want to brag to your girlfriends? But at the same time to avoid the boring unfolding on the shelves.

Creating kid’s room design for a teenager, you can not only avoid conflicts, but also to make friends with their own grown children. It is only important to be able to listen and strive to find a common language. Hope some of the tips contained in the article will be useful.

Author Marina Panaeva, site

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