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Do you think the title of the article a mistake?! No, you are right-the mistake many years that you felt like a woman. Today I Alena Wormwood rightly mothers will tell you about your special capabilities. First, you are born zhenchiny, and therefore, have a rank, and is Power. Here’s a vicious but enjoyable circle. I want to teach you how to use this Power, to understand and feel it. I’m not talking about women’s training and their counterparts, a lot of water they created, I mean, that was hidden until now and I only recently, more specifically in this karmic 2016, said all uslyshane Zhenchiny, it is God, in essence, in nature. You are still in doubt, then you to my website. For today, namely, on the November 2016 website Rank zhenchiny the only on the Internet which kills all the women and speaks openly about who you really are. And you are jenshinami. Obuvnitsu, women, guards, Charmer it’s all about you, why still you are in the Rank, and therefore not in his Power, and how to be a Goddess, without her to be happy?! One answer in any way. Everything from birth to the creation of a family is based on special opportunities zhenchiny, zhenchiny mother, sister… all of it zhenchiny, but they were not in life, not of one generation, alas, but it’s true. We were afraid to talk about the enormous Power we were silent who through ignorance of the majority who fear, and who I picked up when you’re ready for it. Today I’m talking about female Strength with due respect and again and again I remind you that all of you girls and zhenchiny Goddess. I want to share with you a very beautiful ritual for beauty and youth. Purchase Friday a piece of white cloth and a piece of green, both pieces must be made of natural fabric, it needs to buy to fix it, that is paying more than it’s worth or leave some money somewhere in the store. Now, rinse and drying with a white cloth tell. “Old age from the face is gone, fabric gone. Let it be so.” Burn it, and ashes develop (see, so it won’t fall on you) then put on the face of the green fabric and tell. “Green is young, I look younger by the day, all younger than me. True.” Remember, the ceremony is on Friday, preferably in a good mood. On my website you can subscribe to the rituals that are not found neither in the Internet nor in books. For they are all either my clan or I have created, but their Strength will help you in many issues. I’m waiting for you on the site Rank Zhenchiny, which is a living knowledge of the most unique Goddess Zręcin.

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